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Why Dyslexia is so Difficult

Why Dyslexia is so Difficult

Why Dyslexia is so difficult is explained here. The rotation of letters turn changing words into other viable possible words. The altered reading of word occurs because a d can read as a p or b or even a q.

Some Main Quotes of this Dyslexia Article:
“able, aple and able = the exact same in reading Dyslexia variations.”
“How words invert or are read upside down or backwards matter.”

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International Dyslexia Languages – Exact Dyslexia PDF Below

To make it simpler you can achieve recognition which goes into the subconscious that will not take effect until the needed moment which is why subliminal training was an accepted practice in Olympiad history as well as throughout the past 5000 years of literary history. Getting prepared and in the mindset to supersede the efforts that the body, spirit and mind were capable of.

ppp vs. ddd vs. bbb examples how recognition occurs in the brain. If you have a font that differentiates those letters than your brain is able to read the contrasting patterns.

This is part of, but not the complete part of what is intelligence or what is the intelligence of recognition from what one see’s and what one responds to.

Self-choice in reading is a step towards understanding oneself with all the variations or matrix of variations of words in reverse order or inverted letter combinations.

Dyslexia Readers have to choose bravery to be able to keep doing the task of reading.

Dyslexia Variation Training Letter Map

A b turns into multiple possibilities, such as a p, d, or a q.
An n turns into a u, a u turns into an n.
A g turns to a 6 or a 9
the w turns to an m, m can turn to a w.
the Number 2 can turn to become N or the letter Z

This is why Dyslexia Fonts are so important to prevent Dyslexia.


There are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Dyslexia fonts that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section
6. Practice Reading upside down for fun and improvements!

Dyslexia is one reason why Mensa testing often offers reverse letter order combinations which got confused with dyslexia reading patterns. It is true (rute) that being able to read letter confusions can assist Dyslexia Readers but not as much as being able to read letters upside down or inverted. Understanding Mensa training using the word “true” with “rute” starts to explain dictionary agreements. The truth is actually the root but not absolute truth of is own existence.

able, aple and able = the exact same in reading Dyslexia variations.

If a Dyslexia Reader is able to understand that able, aple, adle are all variations when they read any of these their brain needs to choose from themselves which of the variations are intended by the author. What is interesting about the word able, aple and adle is they are all accessories nouns which mean they function to improve.

Addressing why Dyslexia is so difficult would be able to use the variations to better understand the language. In English there may be more variations in Dyslexia than other languages which is an advantage to challenge the reader who is Dyslexic but also is Abling the reader to have a greater selection of choosing and interpreting what they are reading.

Let’s look at the other reasons why Dyslexia is so Difficult. We will further discuss can Heavy Metals cause Dyslexia and if Dyslexia in other Languages other than English. Heavy Metals have been thought to cause rotations of letters to occur during reading.

Dyslexia Variation Examples:
Kindergarten Grade One
Grade Two Dyslexia Variations
Grade Three Linear words vs. Dyslexia
Grade Four Linear words vs. Dyslexia.

Solutions for Dyslexia Reading requires studying Dyslexia Variation Samples.

Do or Can Heavy Metals Cause Dyslexia?

There has been very safe experimentation by Pharmacologists and science that test to see if different foods can affect or create the Dyslexia reading affect. Reasons why Dyslexia is so Difficult often can be broken down to spinal and neuron connections that affect or relate to the brain.

There have been rumors that are private research into Dyslexia that has attempted to for peaceful reasons correlate Dyslexia reading conditions to genetics.

The complication comes often when the movement of people from one region of the world move to another region of the world. They may not be Dyslexic in their own country of Origin or birthplace but when they move locations can become Dyslexic. Some have said that this occurred because the earth rotations are different causing the dyslexia. This of course is only a theory.

There are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Free Dyslexia font that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section
6. Practice Reading Upside Down!

Dyslexia Fonts from Store

Dyslexia in other Languages other than English

This will be upcoming research and documentation explaining Dyslexia in different languages. It is important to realize that Greece is a unique Hermitian Language which have Druid ancestry. Greece kept attempting to merge guteral languages in peace effort attempts going back in the B.c. Before Christ Olypiadic histories.

The different languages are inverted are also a governing system of symbolism which was the reason why the egg shape and squared circle were different regions of Roma, Rome and Italio, Italy. This explains why there were agreements between Greece and Romans which were contrasting safety standards to use sports as peace agreements instead of wars.

Why Dyslexia is so difficult is explainable by comparing linear or directive types of people with creative or abundant types of people. Many artists are in every category of these four selections. Math by itself could be considered to be an art form. Reading is the art form of Interpretation. This is a key that helps to open doors and not close them.

Also, the rotations of the tongue during speaking can affect brain functions. A temporary dyslexia could in therapy persist during the time of learning a new second or third language.

Olympiad Historia Relating to agreements between Cultures

Reasons why Dyslexia is so Difficult includes international travel and agreements that link Olympics. How this relates is a larger topic and a wider turn you could say. This wide turn connects how different people cooperate with each other even when Wars or conflicts were declared. This connecting to Dyslexia is the ability to interpret the literal reversal of letters vs. the decision based on what knowledge you have.

Dyslexia Readers are able to read the inverted and upside-down letter combinations often matching more closely the groups and contrasts with more peaceful order. This is very similar to the agreements from Amazonian all the way to Zambia warrior leaders that graced the Coliseum during Olympic histories.

In some legends it has been stated that color blind leaders were the ones with the biggest advantage due to being able to see shades of grey. In more modern days Dyslexia Readers are able to associate concepts very similarly as well as the incredible and complex letter swapping systems of Mensa Organizations. This trifecta can be leaders in the world of communications both having intellectual and instinctual collectives.

The Reasons why Dyslexia is so Difficult is because of the incredible possibilities that open up as resolving conflicts to dictionary definitions to practical reading exercises. This is a similar system as to B.C. and B.c. Histories prior to the Christ time period. This was part of why the Egyptian peace corp warriors were so interested in being included in peaceful ways in Olympiad Histories as upside down symbolism and Dyslexia inverted reading were actually peace patterns training exercises within the Coliseum circumstances which was part of the Indian and Native American’s and Alexandra empire agreements.

Reasons why Dyslexia is so Difficult is the complacent understandings of reverse logic which is actually a merge of language syntaxes. It is incredible how all cultures are different yet similar. In almost all cases peace rather than hostility, sharing rather than strife has been chosen over the ages. With the realization of how Dyslexia is capable of mediating thousands of years of world conflict by ciphering the languages reversals and inverts many things are more possible than not.

Dyslexia Letter Variations

Summary to Dyslexia

Words matter. How words invert or are read upside down or backwards matter. In life everything that communicates matters. Why Dyslexia is so Difficult matters as it is a melting pot of cultures and agreements of more than 5000 years, more like 8000 years of English Dyslexia Language mergers.

If you have or do read upside downs or if you have or are capable of being Dyslexic, you will notice variations to words that will cross over the language barriers if you stay at your Dyslexia outlook and keep the courage not to think that you are weird for having Dyslexia. Many cultures have had Dyslexia at some point throughout the ages although for many different reasons.

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Why Dyslexia is so Difficult

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International Dyslexia Languages – Exact Dyslexia PDF Below
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