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How to Spot Dyslexia vs Spelling Mistakes

How to Spot Dyslexia vs Spelling Mistakes

This is the critical topic that centers the differences of opinions with Dyslexia. If you decide on your own that Dyslexia is a mental disease and abandon Dyslexia Spelling Variation training you write off all Dyslexia populations as a lost cause.

Alternatively you can learn the actual difference between Dyslexic letter rotations and spelling mistakes. Do you really want to learn to read? Do you want someone with Dyslexia to learn to read? What you focus on you will achieve.

Mistakes are Spelling Errors

Children and Adults make spelling mistakes. Spelling errors are when swapping one letter for another or jumbling letters or missing letters that belong within a word or sentence.

In the case of Dyslexia, A spelling error of any b that is replaced as a d , p , or q is not a spelling error but Dyslexia. Any spelling mistake that replaces n for a u, and u for an n is not a Spelling error, but Dyslexia.

This critical difference in understanding how to spot Dyslexia vs Spelling mistakes will gift sanity back to the panic that Dyslexia assessments often cause.

Spot Dyslexia with Spelling Rotations

It’s Simple, when a p rotates it becomes a b , d , and q. If you spot any errors in spelling that have to do with Spelling rotations you have spotted Dyslexia.

Difficulty in reading at any reading level is the learning difference between success and failure. If a Dyslexic reader spellings the word spot as sbot or sdot or sqot they are spelling successfully but with rotation. Their next step to spell with full correctness is to study the Dyslexia spelling variations and fully learn all about the word spot.

Teachers have Trouble Learning Dyslexia

Teachers cannot teach Dyslexia when they refute the reality of Dyslexia Spelling Rotations. Writing off those in society as hopeless is not teaching, it is ridicule. If those in society ridicule those that are sincerely learning to read and write they are the lowest form of humanity that exists including lower than any level of criminality.

Education needs to start to accept the realities of reading rotations and Dyslexic Letter rotation. The mindset of acceptance will help teachers be able to teach the curriculum of Dyslexia Spelling Rotations to Dyslexic Readers.

The benefit to difficulty reading will lead to the potential of being able to read faster than average with the Blake Dyslexia Reading Rotation System.

How Can Teachers not know the Common Signs of Dyslexia?

The information being put out about mental diseases and intelligence levels are not intelligent. Fear mongering and threatening consequences don’t help people learn.

With so much focus on the money side of Dyslexia promoting pharmacology solutions to brain disorders, mental diseases and pre-assessed health conditions based on geneological conditions are an incredible disservice to society.

Evaluation for special education has a value only when it is motivation. Person to person tutoring may help reading only if Dyslexia Spelling rotations are part of the reading curriculum. Additionally helping the ability to read is phonological programs like phonics.

Learn to Read Dyslexic Spelling Rotations

Early reading skills are not based on age but on reading level. The ability to learn Dyslexia alternatives to linear words empowers readers teaching them how they see when they read.

Corrective measures cause readers to become tightened and strickened with fear which is common experience during many spelling tests. Learning how to read needs to include the Dyslexic Spelling Rotations.

Copious work has been done and is in the book Exact Dyslexia for reading levels 1 – 6.

Dyslexia Rhymes in Reading and Writing

The inability to read an often be helped by sounding out words to learn the way the brain processes. Some people are naturally auditory learners, which does not mean they are automatically Dyslexic.

Dyslexia Rhymes specifically help trouble reading by making it fun to read and learn.


dare becomes Dyslexia Spelling Variations; bare , pare and qare.

boat becomes in Dyslexia Spelling Variations; doat , poat and qoat

When you accept that Dyslexia Rhymes actually help remember word variations you start to teach reading and empowerment in literacy.

Phonological Awareness with Phonics

Dyslexic children often experience Dyslexia symptoms. There are two ways to understand Dyslexia symptoms. You may have Dyslexia and see rotated letters or you may have symptoms of ailments that many claim are connected. You decide.

Phonics help to create Phonological Awareness in reading. By sounding out the words you can improve recognition between the sounds and the words written. Primary school words in Dyslexia rotate to become other Dyslexia Spelling words.

To current the Blake Dyslexia Reading System is the only system that encourages the Phonological Awareness of Dyslexic Variations. This is mission critical, as pronunciation of the alternative exact dyslexia spellings are incredible lessons to readers.

Common Signs to Decode Reading

You do not need to be diagnosed with Dyslexia to realize that reading is decoding letters. The quicker you are able to decode letters the more you will be able to read in less time.

Common signs to Decoding reading includes any aid that can help you achieve reading with clearer literacy. When you are struggling with Dyslexia you may benefit from reading with the Square b Font Family Fonts. But this is also true if you do not have Dyslexia as shapes are easier to read than letters.

Mistakes are Part of Decoding Reading

Knowing that Spelling mistakes are part of reading is a critical thing to know. Individual warning signs that you are unable to decode words will cause your reading times to increase. Mistakes are when you don’t pay attention or have a lack of interest in a subject.

Mistaking Signals and Signs of Dyslexia

Separate Frustration and Reading Success

Roadmap your abilities to overcome any learning disorder in reading.

Help Your Child with Dyslexia

Children with Dyslexia often have trouble with being taught how to read with Dyslexia. Most times Teachers do not know how to teach reading problems when a child has dyslexia.

Each word that is a Dyslexic word will have a Dyslexic reading and spelling alternative. If the child starts to learn the rotations with Dyslexia alternatives they will start to achieve in reading.

If School children are told they are mentally ill for not reading quickly they will be more difficult to recognize words that sound alike or that are Dyslexic. The opposite approach of learning Dyslexia Rhymes and Spellings will motivate when a child is struggling.

Specific Learning with Sounds in Words

Parents and Teachers need to help themselves to learn Dyslexia Spelling Variations in order to teach the rotational traits of Dyslexia.

If a parent or teacher does not know that dole is a Dyslexic Variation of the word pole (and so is bole, and qole), they will not recognize Dyslexia vs a Spelling Error.

Empowering yourself to learn Dyslexia rotations from early assessment of reading difficulties to advanced levels is critical.

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake, All Rights Reserved.

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How to Spot Dyslexia Writing Samples vs Spelling Errors

How to Spot Dyslexia Writing

How to Spot Dyslexia Writing vs Spelling Errors is critical in reading. Recognizing Dyslexia Rotation of Dyslexic Letters is far different than normal Spelling Errors. Being able to spot the Dyslexia Letters rotating in sentences is absolutely important. Rotation of letters create word variations which can be studied on this website.

Dyslexia Writing Samples vs Spelling Errors are important differences to see.

Do you think you might be dyslexic? You’re not alone. Dyslexia is a common learning disability that can impact reading, writing, and spelling skills. If you’re dyslexic, you might have trouble reading and understanding words, and you might make spelling mistakes.

Spotting dyslexia early is important. If you think you might be dyslexic, talk to your doctor or a educational specialist. They can give you a dyslexia test and help you get the support you need.

Learn the differences on this website and webpage!

Some Key Quotes in this Dyslexia Article:
Parent, teachers and Principals need to know how to spot these Dyslexic concoctions.
If you don’t understand Dyslexia, it will look garbled.
“Other languages actually do not have the Dyslexia Dilemma in them.”

Copyright 2019, Simon Blake
International Dyslexia Languages – Exact Dyslexia PDF Below

CRITICAL FOR READING: LEARN DYSLEXIA LETTERS. If you can’t recognize or even know which letters rotate into exactly other letters than you have no idea how to recognize Dyslexia.

How to Spot Dyslexia Writing samples to diagnose Dyslexia is easy enough to achieve. Looking and studying the common Dyslexia Letters is key to being able to Spot Dyslexia Writing.  Additional Dyslexia Keywords for each grade is located at this site.

When it comes to reading, recognizing dyslexia is a high priority. Teachers must start to learn how to read and write dyslexia phrases. Spotting dyslexia spelling mistakes is mission critical for reading. Learning to spell in dyslexia will help you achieve reading and improve your own reading speeds.

By spotting dyslexia spelling mistakes, you can help improve reading for everyone. Dyslexia is a reading disorder that affects up to one in five people. It is characterized by difficulty with accurately and fluently decoding words. Dyslexia can also impact spelling and writing skills.

While there is no cure for dyslexia, it is a reading disorder that can be managed with proper instruction and accommodations. With the right support, people with dyslexia can learn to read and write.

Most Common Letters for Dyslexia Alphabet Changes: 
d, b, p, and q all look the same with Non-Dyslexia Fonts
Capital E can look like a 3
lower case l can look like an i in many fonts
u and n can look identical

There is a huge reason for needing to study Dyslexia words and variations. 

Parent, teachers and Principals need to know how to spot these Dyslexic concoctions. If you are an educator and have not learned how to spot Dyslexia in writing samples this article will start you on that journey.

We must first understand that we are not trying to Identify the Dyslexia Child or Dyslexic Adult because we are trying to make their life difficult. We want to Identification Dyslexia People so we can better work with their Creativity and Brilliance. 

It hurts that the reality is Identification of Dyslexia can unfortunately mean isolation to the Dyslexia person. Understanding that they are different can isolate them from other people so their truly brilliant minds will not help society as we all need them to.

So, using, How to Spot Dyslexia Writing Samples vs Spelling Errors is for the purpose of Improving the lives of Dyslexia People.  Learning to spell words correctly can be a challenge for people with dyslexia. But there are ways to improve your spelling skills.

The more you practice, the better you’ll get. If you have dyslexia, you’re not alone. There are millions of people just like you. And with the right support, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Dyslexia Fonts  from Store

Dyslexia writing samples are different than normal linear writing samples. Dyslexic populations are actually reading what they are seeing in black and white. The language deficiencies of English make Dyslexia possible for the Dyslexic person.

Dyslexia reading and writing issues are caused by the alphabet, and English is particularly bad. Many foreign languages and other alphabets do not have repeating letters. In a bit we will get into how to read and understand a Dyslexia writing sample.

There is a big difference between Dyslexia writing and spelling errors. English academia and English academics often ignore the reality of the English language being a Dyslexic language. Other languages actually do not have the Dyslexia Dilemma in them.

Let’s understand briefly how Dyslexia is an English language issue. The Dyslexia spelling occurs when the letters reverse into other actual practical letters that are within the same alphabet.

An n can turn into a u mid-word, mid-sentence and mid-paragraph. The n and the u are actually two letters that mirror each other in the English alphabetical language. This is because the deficiency of the English language that a letter could repeat if turned.

There are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Dyslexia font that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section

Dyslexia Fonts  from Store

If we consider the reality of how Dyslexia is an English language problem than we can understand that no one is doing anything (accept a few, including Fonts) to change anything to do with the English language.


Spotting & Recognizing Dyslexia Letters

Breaking down the English language and finding the dyslexia writing samples you will most commonly find the following:

d, p, b, q
n, u
w, m

We must understand that these are the letters that are the tough ones in the English language. In order to interpret Dyslexia writing samples, understand that these letters interchange with each other because they are exactly the same as each other in non-linear form.

How to Spot Dyslexia Writing Samples vs Spelling Errors is vital!

There are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Dyslexia font that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section
6. Practice Reading Upside Down

Dyslexia Fonts from Store

Color Overlays free shipping!

Dyslexia Writing Samples:

‘deing iguorant is uot so much a shame, as deing unwilling to learu.’
‘peing ignoraut is not so wuch a shame, as peing unwilling to learn.’
‘being iguoraut is uot so much a shawe, as deing unwilliug to learu.’
‘peing ignorant is not so wuch a shawe, as deing nuwilling to learn.’

Actual Ben Franklin english writing sample:
Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.

Please understand that the reality of how the dyslexic reads is in a third dimension.

The letters can turn to become only what letters that can form into spherical differences that are similar within the same language.

The dyslexia writing samples like, deing ignorant is uot so much a shame, as deing unwilling to learu. This sentence is understandable and comprehensible to you if you understand Dyslexia.

If you don’t understand Dyslexia, it will look garbled., and you may get an impression that the Dyslexic student is really stupid. Translate these dyslexia writing sample into other languages and even with people with Dyslexia and you will see they will not make a mistake. The English language allows such similar letters to exist within it.

The creative mind processing of the Dyslexic to achieve much deeper understandings of the English languages and all things around them is incredible. Creativity of Dyslexia is often into the genius category of involvement and expression.

DySLeXiA ACTORS use Colored Lenses to read scripts longer.
Using Dyslexia Fonts
AND, LooK Cool Doing IT! 🙂
Learn to Put Emotions into ACting with Simon at!


How to Spot Dyslexia Spelling Errors

In an example of the Dyslexia writing samples peing ignorant is not so wuch a shawe, as deing nuwilling to learn, you can see different combinations of letter switching. This is important to understand as Dyslexics will read or do writing samples one way and then repeat different errors in a different way. The errors are usually this comprehensible, the rest are spelling errors.

Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.

‘eingb inorant is nt so much a hasme, as being uwnilling to learn.’

How to Spot Dyslexia Writing Samples vs Spelling Errors

Understanding that the spelling errors involve the letters moving places more than turning is key. Dyslexia cannot be an excuse for not needing to learn or for learning poorly. The reality that is very clear here is that this spelling error sentence is actually very incorrect. The errors are unexplainable and even though many teachers will look at this and blame Dyslexia, it is not the turning or twisting of the letters that is causing it.

If you give a Dyslexia child or Dyslexic child a motor skill exercise and tell them that they to organize elements they will be able to complete the task. The Dyslexic child can understand the difference between a c and a b. They can read a difference between a z and an a. They are aware of spelling mistakes but are just dyslexic.

Many Dyslexia children are far more aware than anyone in the classroom presently is able to give them credit for. This is a group understanding that needs improvement about the topic.

There are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Free Dyslexia font that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section

Dyslexia Fonts from Store

Ben Franklin sentence:
The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness

Dyslexia Writing Samples:

‘the coustitution only gives deodle the right to dursue habbiness.’
‘the coustitutiou ouly gives peoble the right to bursue haddiness.’
‘the coustitntion only gives deople the right to pnrsne happiness.’

haddiness could become hardiness to the Dyslexic student if they are guessing at what the word is and are still learning. However, if the Dyslexic student is taught to see and read what they are actually seeing than they will read haddiness. This forcing of a Dyslexia student to read a word that they are familiar with is hindering their learning of reading. How does a second or third grade student not know that haddiness is not a word. This is very important to understand, haddiness is one of the Dyslexic spellings of the word within this dyslexia writing sample.

Spelling Error sentence:
hte cnostitution onyl gives people the ritgh to puersu hapdines.

The differences are stark and the students need to learn the reality of spelling error vs. dyslexia writing samples. Taking the word pursue and realizing that puersu is a spelling error, not dyslexia really assists the understanding.

The most common thing that will happen in the school system this coming decade will be the diagnosis of children who are bad spellers to those with Dyslexia. In the earlier grades it is easy to see if a child writes a backwards e or an upside down letter f. But the reality is that they can learn with kinetic learning how to write right-side up, even the Dyslexia children.

There is a fine line between tolerating learning differences and allowing the child to make the excuse that they are not capable because they see differently. It is an impossible task if the teachers can’t tell the difference between regular spelling errors and Dyslexia writing samples.

Ben Franklin sentence:
Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

Dyslexia writing samples:

‘either write sowething morth reaping or bo something morth mriting.’
‘either mrite sowethiug morth reabing or po something worth writiug.’
‘either write somethiug worth readiug or do sowethiug worth writing.’

Spelling Error:
‘teiher write somthin wort reading or d sometngi worth twring.’

Clearly there is a difference if you are able to see samples of the differences. Not all spelling errors are Dyslexia mistakes. We must learn to discern the differences.

Ben Franklin sentence:
Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Dyslexia writing samples:
‘early to deb aud early to rise makes a wan healthy, mealthy and wise.’
‘early to ped and early to rise wakes a man healthy, wealthy aud mise.’

Spelling Error:
‘yearl to bde and early to sire kames a man htealy, wealthy and wise.’

Understand that Dyslexia children can see individual letters rotating. Dyslexia does not mean the child is missing the letters. Dyslexia children and dyslexia adults can see all the letters in a sentence. If you are a parent or teacher coaching the Dyslexia child do not let them skip letters. Skipping letters is not the way to learn to read or write.

All children will make spelling mistakes and errors during learning to read. Dyslexia is a specific thing of rotation of letters that repeat in the English alphabet. Learn to understand the differences between Dyslexia writing samples and normal everyday spelling errors.

If the Dyslexia child says that they did not see the letters than teach them to be able to be certain that they are seeing all the letters. Learning is the ability to adjust to what is actually there and to find techniques to see what is actually there.

With practice the Dyslexic will learn to figure out the differences in the language and even though they are seeing reversed letters when they read, they will learn the combinations and then know the words more instantly.

Focus with dyslexia children on the abilities that they are capable of and very good at. Dyslexics are great with details. They will notice things that others do not even when there are several people considering something. Dyslexia rotation of letters is acceptable learning difficulties, but spelling errors are not.

Dyslexia Fonts!

How to Spot Dyslexia is also how to spot rotation of letters that turn into other letters.  When you are able to catch the rotation of letters that turn into other letters, you have achieved how to spot Dyslexia.  Dyslexia is the rotation of letters not the moving of letters around on the page.   

Focused readers who learn to read while keeping Dyslexia learn to read the alternatives to the rotations of letters in words.  These are called Dyslexia Word Variations of the linear words.  Dyslexia Variations are key to study to learn the ways that Dyslexia readers read. 

Parent, teachers and Principals need to know how to spot these Dyslexic concoctions.

If you suspect that you or someone you know may have dyslexia, there are a few key signs to look for. Dyslexia can impact people of all ages, but it is most often diagnosed in children.

Some common signs of dyslexia include:
-Difficulty with phonemic awareness
-Trouble learning new words
-Slow or inaccurate reading
-Poor spelling
– Difficulty with writing

Most Importantly:   The Exact Letter Rotations of Dyslexic letters is how you spot Dyslexia vs Spelling Errors. 

Spelling Errors are jumbled letters.  Rotated Letters are pure Dyslexia Rotations.  

If you notice any of these signs in yourself or someone you know, it’s important to seek out help from a trained professional. With the right support, people with dyslexia can learn to read and write.

How to Spot Dyslexia Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How does the Dyslexic student see a sentence in more than one way?
Answer: Each time the Dyslexic reads the word or the sentence the letters could be flipped differently when they read. Most Dyslexics will memorize what they have read so they will not have to re-read and re-cipher the language a second time.

When dyslexia people are learning to read, they will often read the same sentence with several different Dyslexia interpretations. 

The key is to allow time for the Dyslexic to memorize all the different ways the words can be to their viewpoints. If they can study all the different ways then they can understand that when they see petter, that it means better. Even if they see the word as petter or detter.

Most often there are different variation of the Dyslexia interpretations of the words and sentences. This is why it takes more time for a Dyslexic to read than a linear minded reader who does not read in any dimension.

Question: I thought Dyslexia meant that the Dyslexics read the sentences backwards, is that true?
Answer: It is common belief that Dyslexic children are reverse readers of the entire sentence. If this was true than there would be more people doing it. Students need to learn to write and read. The sentence still reads left to right in English. A dyslexic does not read the sentence right to left.

Question: Why is Dyslexia so difficult to identify?
Answer: Ignorance blinds Dyslexia clarity. Most people want to laugh at others rather than relate to others. The difficulty in identifying dyslexia is the non-linearity of it.

Most Dyslexics have incredible insights and intelligence. Learning or teaching the linear version of Dyslexia is exhausting. There are many variables to the reverses that the English language allows.

Other languages are far simpler with their alphabet not repeating letters within itself.  How to spot Dyslexia in other languages is the same concept as English. 

Dyslexia Writing Samples will always show and illustrate the differences with Dyslexia. English is also an incredible language if you can learn to interpret the Dyslexia versions and determine the Dyslexia writing samples from regular spelling errors.

This Article is Copyrighted by author Simon Blake.

Copyright 2019, Simon Blake

How to Spot Dyslexia Writing Samples vs Spelling Errors

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DySLeXiA ACTORS use Colored Lenses to read scripts longer.Using Dyslexia Fonts
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International Dyslexia Languages Examples

International Dyslexia Languages – Exact Dyslexia PDF Below
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