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Adult Dyslexia Reading

Adult Dyslexia Reading

Adult Dyslexia Reading is an ability to creatively read the words with rotations and Dyslexia Variations.

Additionally, use of Color Therapy and color therapy glasses can help to extend reading sessions.  Consider allowing yourself to utilize color therapy as a Dyslexia reading technique. 

Some Main Dyslexia Quotes of this Dyslexia Article:
“Lower case b’s turn into d’s if you just flip them around or invert them.”
“Many Dyslexic adults are easy to get along with and fascinating people to meet.”

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International Dyslexia Languages – Exact Dyslexia PDF Below


Having Adult Dyslexia can be very different than not having it. The best thing to realize when you have Dyslexia is that there are limits with linear thinking as well.  Dyslexics often are very creative in different ways.

There is the sense of creativity that is inherent or intrinsic in the Adult Dyslexia Reading person. It is a non-linear thinking capability that the Dyslexic Adult has that other may not have. Adult Dyslexics consistently have creative contributions to projects, ideas and situations.

Most often in many cases Adult Dyslexia Reading populations think differently in non-linear ways compared to those without Adult Dyslexia. There is a 3-dimensional thinking pattern that is present in most with Adult Dyslexia. There are incredible advantages to reading in nonlinear manners.  Being able to conceptualize inverted reading patterns is key to intelligence. 

When an adult has Dyslexia, they are often either adjusted Dyslexics or unadjusted. They have either dealt with the frustration of reading and found ways not to read functioning with others or they are held back by the foible of Dyslexia.

Free Dyslexia Fonts


They likely do not have any jobs that involve heavy reading and if they do, they have found solutions like accurate alphabetical typefaces to solve their solutions and make reading easier. Yes, typefaces and fonts can actually make the difference between whether a Dyslexic adult can read and write and if they cannot read and write.

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    How an Adult Dyslexia Individual Operates

The Dyslexic adult back engineers’ concepts and ideas with ease or a simplicity that others do not even see. It is common for an adult Dyslexic to find solutions to back engineer or solve problematic ailments to the systems that they are using or the physical things that need solved. There is a systematic mindset that many adult dyslexics have after they learn to trust themselves and their instincts.

If you work with an idea with someone with adult dyslexia, you will likely find that they are whole-minded in the solutions to solve the issues or problems. They will look at the issues with at different angles and not only one single linear perspective.

Often times adult Dyslexics enjoy considering all the different angles to a problem or solution. It is also fascinating for them to understand different people’s opinions on subjects or topics. Many times, they will make great friends with many different people and not only a certain type of person based on how well they like to consider multiple perspectives.

Some Dyslexics are super shy for some parts of their life while they are in school but then as adults, they become more outgoing. Other Dyslexics are outgoing from before adulthood. It is interesting for them to meet people and although they read differently, they are capable listeners who are able to appreciate friends outside opinions and perspectives.

As Adult being Dyslexic means that you have a bit of a hidden secret that some people will understand, and some people will never understand

. Adult Dyslexia Reading can be a very congenial quality that can improve your life and well-being. Adult Dyslexia can open your mind into viewing things different than other people which can be an absolute strength in engineering, creative arts and many other adult functions in life.

Dealing with the differences and stereotypes of Dyslexia is an individual thing for adult Dyslexics. Many people in society will make fun of Dyslexics with Dyslexics jokes about how they are stupid similar to blonde jokes within society. The truth is that many people want to hang out with Dyslexics because they are generally fun, similar to how many people want to hang out with blondes in society because they have a stereotype of having fun and being relaxed.

There are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Free Dyslexia font that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section

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    Many Dyslexic adults are easy to get along with and fascinating people to meet.

Some Dyslexics as adults will have numbers Dyslexia, which is called Dysgraphia. They will confuse numbers in math with letter in the alphabet because the numbers and letters are so similar to each other if they are reversed. One example of this is the Capital E, which when turned can become a 3. Another example is the number 7, when reading sloppy handwriting is very similar to the Capital letter L.

Handwriting is very important for Adult Dyslexics to be able to be particular with. Often times it could be that many mechanics are mixed up with the bad handwriting of invoices and get the part numbers or invoices mixed up. Usually this will be understood before a mistake is made to the customer.

Many businesses have invoices and numerical dilemmas to solve for an adult with numbers Dyslexia, or Dysgraphia.

When an adult is Dyslexic, they often will listen to audio tapes or audio materials to continue their learning as they can develop themselves to have a great memory even though they are Dyslexic. Many adult Dyslexia persons are very intelligent and are able of memorizing things at a great speed, like Albert Einstein.

When reading and the effects of Dyslexia are apparent to the reader, adult Dyslexics are able to memorize combinations of words in sentences within the typeface of font, or within their own handwriting. Often an adult Dyslexic will develop their own handwriting skills to do small cheats to their writing so that each letter in their own handwriting is an individual letter that if turned will not become other letters.


Adult Handwriting teaches these handwriting cheats to the public and also has font solutions for Dyslexic readers and writers. It is important to understand that if the unique English alphabet letters are unique and not turning into each other when a Dyslexic reads, that the effect of their Dyslexia goes away.

If you unique each English alphabetical letter so when it is turned it does not become other letters than you can solve your own Dyslexia problems. One way that adult Dyslexics can achieve solving their own Dyslexia is by extending their p’s in the lower case to be longer than their d’s and their b’s. They can shorten their b’s and bend the top of their d’s. They will make each letter distinct the way that the fonts do on the site and solve their own solutions to their Dyslexia.

Learning to overcome your Adult Dyslexia Reading is often easier to do than when you are a child because the peer pressure is different to when you were a child. It is very possible for an adult Dyslexic to enjoy the benefits of their creative thinking and still be able to read and write using a slightly different typeface then most people will use.

If you are working in an environment doing your own handwriting, you can improve your handwriting by adjusting your own handwritten typeface. Developing your own letters that allow you to make unique each alphabetical character.

Without the pressures of childhood classrooms adult Dyslexics can overcome their own remaining fears and become literate while staying Dyslexic. Adult Dyslexia Reading needs to focus more on concepts than reading. Reading workarounds are possible by understanding concepts and ideals of motions with regards to worldly things.

    Linear Creators don’t observe the Alphabet, including many teachers

Adult Dyslexia individuals will understand the differences and oddities with the English alphabet.

It is very interesting that we are graded as people in school to be linear creators yet no one in the education system seems to notice that the d, can turn into the b in the alphabet if you just turn it around. When children try to point this out many times in classrooms, they are told that they are being disobedient or trying to be smart with the teacher. The truth about the alphabet is not going to change. Lower case b’s turn into d’s if you just flip them around or invert them. Lower case b’s turn into p’s if you vertically revert.

As an adult you are capable of taking control of your Dyslexia and overcoming what has been haunting your education. The Dyslexic Fonts that some are coming out with, including will assist in being able to read and find the different ways that you are Dyslexic.

There is no reason why the creative Dyslexic needs to stop being Dyslexic if they have alphabetical letters that are unique from each other if they are reversed or flipped. When the adult Dyslexic makes jagged the w and rounds the m, both in lower case and upper case they can become proficient in telling the difference between the two letters. This is the solution to Dyslexia that in many cases they are prevented from doing as children in the classroom environment.

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    The Reality of Reading and creating

The reality to reading as an adult is often the reality of allowing yourself to create your own handwriting and allowing yourself to overcome the fear of having slightly different handwriting. Most people will accept that you write your d’s with a bent top to the d if you let them know that you are Dyslexic and that in English alphabet there are more known Dyslexics than in any other languages or alphabets.

Adult Dyslexia Reading can recreate perceptions from what is actually there and from things in their own lives. Learning to express the reality of the difficulties of the English alphabet by expressing what Adult Dyslexia perceptions are actually based upon is the ideal. Realizing that Dyslexia is not the made-up illusion of what is not there is key.

Rather than accepting that society thinks Adult Dyslexia is a creative genius’s dilemma, allow them to realize the strengths. Most linear adult thinking’s struggle with Adult Dyslexia concepts. The differences between non-intelligent linear concepts and Adult Dyslexia non-linear concepts can be stark. Non-linear thinkers are often the out of the box thinkers that society needs to constantly be recreating themselves and learning to improve.


Dyslexic Questions and Dyslexic Answers:

    Question: Can someone with Adult Dyslexia Reading, learn to read fast?

Answer: Adult Dyslexia individuals are very quick thinkers and quick learners in many cases. Many Dyslexics are mentally photographic which means that if they are going through images they may speed through or gain details about the images that others may not.
When it comes to reading fast Dyslexics are capable readers if the font typeface is abling them to be able to tell each of the 26 lower case and 26 upper-case letter from each other. When the rotation of each of the letters occur the typeface needs to be unique from all the angles of which it can be turned.
It is believed by this site that we are going to see with the typeface changes to the English alphabet Dyslexics that are capable of reading faster than sometimes non-Dyslexics by using the proper fonts.
Some Dyslexics are programmers and can’t read a book at all but can program at incredibly fast speeds. The speed of which they are able to read code is because they are using their photographic minds to memorize similarities in code structures, which is the same thing that all readers do when they are reading books or materials.
If the font patterns are unique enough there will be less equations to solve during the Dyslexics reading time and thus, they will be able to read faster.

    Question: Can you get rid of Adult Dyslexia?

Answer: Adult Dyslexia is a reading condition, which arguably can be gotten rid of by proper typeface. However, the Dyslexic mind is the mind of the person and their ability to see different perspectives of what they are seeing. The Dyslexic mind see’s inverse images nearly at the same times as they see normal linear images. Often times they can invert to see the different perspectives of images before anyone could even blink or even turn their head to see an alternate angle.

It is important to distinguish that Dyslexics are born Dyslexic, yet Dyslexia is not a disease as some popular medical opinions may state. It is not a disease to be able to invert, rotate or be creative with text on a page that happens to be an alphabetical problem by nature.
Dyslexics can’t get rid of the fact that they are Dyslexic. If the Dyslexic is not there or there less because of a typeface by definition you might be able to say that they have partially gotten rid of their Adult Dyslexia.

    Question: How can an adult overcome Dyslexia.

Answer: The best way for an adult to overcome Dyslexia is to overcome the English alphabet. There is a very good reason why there is not as much Dyslexia in other languages. Many languages do not allow for the concept of Dyslexia because they do not have repeating letters of or within their alphabet. Other alphabets have very close but not identical replication within their alphabet.

An adult can overcome the affect in their life of being Dyslexic by overcoming the effect of Dyslexia while reading. Adults can overcome Dyslexia by using audible solutions, memorizing to their mind solutions and facts that they would otherwise have to read. Dyslexics can overcome Dyslexia by listening to others well and having interesting dialogue with others. Dyslexia is not a disease and does not have to be a hinderance to living a full and abundant life. In many cases having Adult Dyslexia can help create an interesting life and a life that has a lot of variances.

Additionally, use of Color Therapy and color therapy glasses can help to extend reading sessions.  Consider allowing yourself to utilize color therapy as a Dyslexia reading technique. 


Adult Dyslexia

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Adult Dyslexia Reading

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International Dyslexia Languages Examples

International Dyslexia Languages – Exact Dyslexia PDF Below
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