Retro Tinted Street Glasses


Retro Tinted Street Sunglasses

Retro Tinted Street Sunglasses are fantastic to use Tinted Lenses.  Use the Tinted Lenses to look cool, see the world different or extend your own reading times using Color Therapy Techniques.

Use Color!”


Retro Tinted Street Glasses

    Color  Contrast 4Dyslexia Tinted Glasses R practical.

    Release Your Art and Interests! Find your Passion and Creativities!
    Help Yourself, Help Your Reading! :)
    Glasses + LINK:Backlit Reading Drawing Board = Fantastic!
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    Color Dyslexia Tinted Glasses R fantastic for Reading or just seeing the world a bit differently. Color Therapy 2 relax the brain
    + Extend Reading Sessions! or shop by lens color:

Tinted Glasses can be a great asset to help reading.

Actors use Colored Lenses to increase reading times. BRIGHT COLORS ARE GREAT FOR READING!

retro tinted street glasses

There are MANY great options for Color Lenses in this Store!

Retro Tinted Street Glasses

Tinted Glasses can also help Actors with reading during script reads. Color can help concentrate on Dialogue during table readings. Great Reviews! Full Examples of Grade One Dyslexia Common Words Instant Dyslexia Downloads and Resources Dyslexia vs. Spelling Errors article 15 Examples of Dyslexia Reading

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Reading is KEY in Acting. 
Improving your reading as an Actor is a Required TASK of ANY Actor!

Using Colored Lenses is a smart choice. Reading using Color Therapy techniques is a smart way to lesson tired eyes. Retro Tinted Street Glasses

  • Exact Dyslexia Paperback Book
    legal notice: There are no claims to results for either glasses or book. However, many people benefit from
    Colored Tinted Glasses and Learning Dyslexia Variations of Linear words.


Blake Dyslexia Variations Course.  Dyslexia Course breaks down each Level 1-6 Linear Words into Dyslexia Variations!


Simon Blake has studied over 30,000 – 40,000 acting exercises and studied over 8-10++ thousand acting students work in acting. Studying their Emotional Preparation to their Spoon River Work. Studying every area of Acting training work with well over 30 Teachers including himself. “Learning Emotional Preparation for Musicians, Artists, Creator and Actors is incredible.  Applying Activated Emotion prior to doing is key!”

Simon Blake runs and operates the website EmotionalPreparation.com which teaches Actors how to add Emotion to their acting.   Using improved acting techniques for Actors and Music. Don’t Miss the Acting Lists ! Over 900 Meisner Independent Activities 900 + Emotions for Acting List Acting Exercises List Great Reviews Below! Glasses come in many color options of Tint!
Shipping 🙂 7-15 days in United States 1-4 weeks Internationally

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What is an Independent Activity for Acting

Understanding How to use Independent Activities in Acting Exercises can really make a difference.  Learning acting using Meisner Activities that can help increase Actor Concentration expands the Actor’s Talent.  Finding Activities that you really want to do like this product is key.  Adding Motivation To Independent Activities! is also important. Reading is a fantastic classroom activity and acting exercise. Retro Tinted Street Glasses is a great item for your acting classes. What is Emotional Preparation for Actors and Artists.

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Choosing Independent Activities for your Drama Class that you want to do and are important. Find your concentration in Meisner activities and getter done! Use Color Lenses to help yourself. Achieve results being genuinely motivated, add your meaning, and expand your acting talent! Retro Tinted Street Glasses

Why Use Retro Tinted Street Glasses?

Tinted Sunglasses are the colored lenses.  Tinted Glasses with Colored Lenses will achieve an awakening effect on the brain and help readers to achieve more alertness and clarity during reading.  Many people can read longer using Color Tinted Glasses. Retro Tinted Street Glasses.
What are Meisner Independent activities used for in acting?
“I use Colored Lenses to Read for Acting Scripts!”
Tinted Dyslexia Glasses for Actors Reading Scripts

Let’s Learn Together. This LONG Page has over 500 Meisner Activities! Hundreds!
“ADD Your own Motivations!, Reasons!, Measurability!, Meanings! and Urgencies!”
Check out the:

Buy Retro Tinted Street Glasses!

Find me on You Tube Simon Blake, Dyslexic Acting Teacher
Dyslexia Friendly

DySLeXiA ACTORS use Colored Lenses to read scripts longer Using Dyslexia Fonts with Color Therapy! AND, LooK Cool Doing IT! 🙂 ________________________________ Learn to Put Emotions into ACting with Simon at EmotionalPreparation.com!

retro tinted street glasses

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Weight 56.00 oz
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 100 in

Yellow, Blue, Purple, Leopard print, Red


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