Free Font for Dyslexia called Dyslandia


Dyslandia Dyslexia Font

Dyslandia Dyslexia Font by Simon Blake.  Improve Dyslexia Reading and writing using Dyslexia font which helps to see letters even when they are in rotated form.

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Dyslandia Dyslexia Font

Dyslandia Dyslexia Font shows differences between Dyslexia Letters. 

There are differences with b, d, p, q u, n and other letters.  This way if you see the Letter rotate from b to d, you will be able to read the difference between those two letters. Dyslexia Fonts for Free help distinguish Dyslexia Letters.

u and n rotate to read.  Almost all fonts have exact u, n in their font syntax.  

This Font has differences between all the Dyslexia Letters making reading easier.

It will also help to use Color Therapy Glasses.

Dyslandia Dyslexia Font will help to be able to see Dyslexia Letters, even if they rotate!”

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake

Dyslexia Easy Font License

These are single Font Licenses for each individual purpose.  However, you can download the font after purchase up to 3 times. 
SO, you can put it on different Computers. 🙂

Help improve Dyslexia Reading with font comparisons to Dyslexia Easy Font! Give the gift of reading using Dyslexia Fonts. This Dyslexia Easy Font is designed with a squared b, a p with a loop and an oblong d. This makes each letter distinct while reading with Dyslexic tendencies.

Dyslexia Dyslandia Font (Individual License)


                                                                           THE BLAKE
                                                             DYSLEXIA VARIATIONS COURSE
                                                    Learn, Share, + Care EXACT Dyslexia Rotations!
                                                               Exact Dyslexia – Levels 1 – 6

Free Font for Dyslexia called Dyslandia

Free font for Dyslexia called Dyslandia helps Dyslexic reading.  Understanding the rotation of letters occur which change words to look like other words is key.  Realizing that there is a Free Font for Dyslexia and sharing it can really help yourself as well as others. This free font for Dyslexia has unique letters that when turned still remain unique.  An upside-down b will still look different than a p, d, and a q when upside down, rotated or in linear regular writing.  This gifts the Dyslexia reader to be able to read because the letters are unique enough to be able to read. Rated 5 stars by Teachers! “I love this font! Especially for math questions.”

Why we can’t change Dyslexia

We can’t change that Dyslexia exists but we can develop typeface that helps the reader see the letters even if they see them upside down. Dyslexia is a wonderful creative condition that often attaches tests of most intelligent people. 

Reading with Dyslexia you are usually able to see more than one combination of words as the letters positioned in different rotations turn into different words.   Early on in the training of Dyslexia reading many will claim that the letters are moving on the page but in fact they are usually only rotating. Studying the rotation of letters that change word combinations is on this website and are called Dyslexia Variations.

Dyslexia Variations are the examples of words if used with non friendly Dyslexia fonts that will occur in Dyslexic reading.he English Dyslexia Alphabet has 43 letters

The Dyslexia Alphabet has more than the linear alphabet.  Unless the English alphabet is used with distinct letters that if upside down or rotated do not turn into other identical letters, there are more letters in the English alphabet. It is important to recognize that fonts that have identical b, d, p, and q are harder to read for Dyslexia Readers.  This Free font for Dyslexia called Dyslandia has distinct b, d, p and q letters.  This assists in reading at regular paces.

Copyright 2021, Simon Blake

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