Dysfontia Font for Dyslexia


Dysfontia Font has Unique Letter Characters
for each alphabet letter.

For Non-Dyslexia Readers it can quicken the reading because it reduces the letter rotations of d , p , b + q, n + u


Dysfontia Font for Dyslexia Readers!

Dysfontia is a fantastic option for reading with , with ,  Distinct Letters.

Many Different Types of Readers see Letters rotate while reading.  Dysfontia Reduces the rotation of letters by off setting the letters to be each distinct from one another.

What does this mean, Letters are the Same?

It is an absolute fact that Letters rotate to become other Letters.
Letter b rotates to become exactly letter d, letter p, and letter q. HOWEVER, – THE SOLUTION IS THIS AND DYSLEXIA FONTS!

“Dyslexia Fonts will help to reduce the ‘grey’ variables during reading.”

Successful reading is easily and quickly being able to pick up the words off the page.  If you have the word boat and you read it as poat, you have some degree of Dyslexia. OR you are reading with a font that is not Dyslexia Friendly.

Dyslexia Variations:
boat =  doat +  poat  +  qoat

When Dyslexia Letters ( d , p, b, + q ) are identical in format they can more easily rotate to become another letter.   This is the magic of Unique Letters that is part of this font structure.  If extremely Dyslexic you may still read upside down letters but you will more readily see and recognize an upside down b because it is different than a p , d, and q.

Each Letter is crafted not to turn or rotate to be identical to one another.
THAT makes a Difference! HUGE Difference!

Dysfontia Font has unique letters that if rotated do not become Identical to other letters!   This is an absolute key for readers with Dyslexia and for many other types of reading.

Technique and Technical Journals are often very different to read because of the letter alignments of the n and u rotations.   This font distinguishes the differences between n and u.  Which is huge in Literacy.


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