Blake Dyslexia Variation Course – w Handouts and Interactive PDF’s


Blake Dyslexia Variations Course

The Dyslexia Variations METHOD to Improving Reading!  The Goal is to be able to recognize Dyslexia and Non-Dyslexia words.  THEN, Study the Dyslexia Variations of Each Linear word.

KEY:  Learn Dyslexia Variations – then recognize words quicker reading with Dyslexia.


The Blake Dyslexia Variations Course

The Blake Dyslexia Variations Course helps to train TO be a better reader.  This fantastic Dyslexia Reading course helps you achieve comprehension of your own Reading Habits.

Some Readers consistently read the word ‘ people ‘ as ‘ deople ‘.  If you learn the 15 Dyslexia Variations for the word ‘people’, you will improve your own reading.

Handouts Challenge you to recognize EXACT Dyslexia.

This COURSE is No Joke!
Nearly 150 Pages of Hand-outs that are Fill-In Format to achieve improving reading.

What is EXACT Dyslexia?
Exact Dyslexia is when Dyslexia Letters rotate to become other Letters.
Not Every Letter can rotate to become another letter.
Some Languages, like Greek, have no Dyslexia Letters in their alphabets.

1.  Study the Dyslexia Variables – Learn which Letters are Dyslexic.
2.  Recognize which words are NON-Dyslexic
3.  Learn the Dyslexia Variations for Each Linear Word.

You can achieve learning the EASIEST words to improve your reading, which are the Non-Dyslexic words.  You can achieve reading by working with the Dyslexia Variations of the Linear words.  When Dyslexia Letters rotate within a linear word they create Dyslexia Variations.  Learn the Variations = Improving your reading Speeds!!

Each Course is a Personal Individual Set.  The Copyright is for Individual Use Only.
For Mass Permission simply contact for a package deal.  Thx.

YOU Can Improve YOUR Reading!,  I did!

International Dyslexia Languages – Exact Dyslexia PDF Below
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Copyright 2022 Simon Blake

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