Purple Tinted Glasses for Reading

Purple Tinted Glasses for Reading

Purple Tinted Glasses for Reading can be fantastic to both motivate you to read more and extend your reading sessions. Purple is another popular Color Therapy Choice that ALL Readers use to read longer. Color keeps the brain active and alert.

Using Reading Aids, like Color Therapy all readers do.
MANY People appreciate purple tinted glasses for reading!

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Each Product Selection Below has Purple Tinted Lenses version of glasses:
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Color Therapy is Fantastic for ALL Readers – Color Therapy is Fantastic for Dyslexia Readers! – BOTH
Red in Every Language MEANS Stop! Red is a very specific focus.

This Purple Tinted Glasses are great for reading fiction or action!

We can all benefit from utilizing the addition of color during our reading processes. There are three ways to achieve color therapy in reading.

  1. Color Overlay Sheets
  2. Color Tint Glasses
  3. Multi-Color Lights

The issue with Color Overlay Sheets is that they can have rough edges that can paper cut during reading sessions. Finding the exact color overlay sheet for your specific reading desires can also be difficult. Color Overlay Sheets, although great reading aids can also get dirty.

Purple Tinted Glasses for Reading are easier to clean that Color Overlay Sheets. The lenses can be clearer to see the pages and words through glasses.

Multi-Color Lights are fantastic options for Reading. Setting the Mood to relax or excitement based on color can help with attention span and reading function. The issue to know about with Multi-Color Lights is that they often are not bright enough for reading. It takes a very bright color in order to achieve a properly lit page or book with a certain color. Multi-Color Lights are great additions for mood stabilizers even based on topics of interest.

Dyslexia Color Tinted Glasses

yELLOWPinkBlue – Use Color Tints To Read for Longer! – GreeNPurpleRED

Different Colors for Different Subjects

There are active readers who will read certain books in certain places. Reading one set of materials in one environment and another set of reading materials in another set environment is the idea of how to use different colors for different subjects.

You may find that you want to set the mood reading a romance novel in the color pink. Multi-Color Lights are great mood lights. You may find that you set the mood reading action novels in the color red.

Whatever you can do to achieve the ability to improve your reading environments can lead to great achievements.

HOW To Utilize Purple Tinted Glasses for Reading?

There are a couple simple steps to reading with yellow tints.

  1. First, have clean lenses.
  2. Make sure you have bright enough lighting for reading
  3. Fit the glasses so they are worn comfortably

Polarized Lenses Tints

Polarized Lenses are fantastic additions to color tints. Some very well-read people swear by the use of Polarized Lenses for reading (with color therapy colors of course).

There are options in this store for “Polarized Color Therapy Glasses

Explore YOUR differences to of how you see best during reading. Find that special color that works for you, and then try that same color in polarized versions. Glasses are fairly cheap to start exploring the uses of Color Therapy. The more you can figure out your own reading habits the more you will be able to achieve in reading.

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DySLeXiA ACTORS use Colored Lenses to read scripts longer
Using Dyslexia Fonts and Color Therapy!
AND, Look Cool Doing IT! 🙂

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Purple Tinted Glasses for Reading
Purple Tinted Glasses for Reading!

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