Desk Christmas Tree

If you are looking for a desk Christmas tree that will add contrast during reading, then you need to check out the selection at Contrast makes reading easier, and the desk Christmas trees at are tinted with colors that will help to improve contrast.

Whether you are looking for a traditional green Christmas tree or a more unique color, you will find the perfect desk Christmas tree at

We’ve all seen them, those colorful plastic glasses with different colored lenses. They’re called “color tinted glasses” and they’re becoming increasingly popular among people with dyslexia and other reading issues. The reason is simple: color tinted glasses can improve contrast, and better contrast means better reading.

If you have dyslexia, you know that one of the main challenges is that words on a page can appear to “swim” or move around. This can make it very difficult to track your place and to read accurately.

But with color tinted glasses, the different colors of the lenses can help to cancel out some of that movement, making it easier to focus on the words and to stay on track.

There are a few different brands of color tinted glasses on the market, but one of the most popular is’s glasses are available in a variety of different lens colors, so you can experiment to see which ones work best for you. And they’re also reasonably priced, so they won’t break the bank.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your reading, color tinted glasses are definitely worth a try. Who knows, they just might be the key to unlocking your reading potential!

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Showing all 2 results