How to Teach Dyslexic Student to Read

How to Teach Dyslexic Student to Read

How to Teach Dyslexic Student to Read is very important. Learning to read when a Dyslexic takes a lot of patience to achieve. The Dyslexic Alphabet has over 43 letters compared to linear alphabet 26 letters.

There are specific reading techniques that require Dyslexic Learning. Instead of teaching the Dyslexic to learn only 26 English letters they must instead be taught all 43 Dyslexia Alphabet Letters.

If we forget while educating Dyslexic Readers that they see more variations when they read we may hinder their progress in reading. We must encourage them to read by educating them about how they actually have reading tendencies.

Let’s go through How to Teach a Dyslexic Student to Read.

The Dyslexic Alphabet

The Dyslexic b.

The Dyslexic b turns to become d, p, and sometimes q. Each time the letter is read individually it could turn, twist or rotate into the other combinations of the exact letter rotated. This is why Dyslexia Fonts are so important because if you can differ in the b from the d, p, and q then you can start to lesson the letters seen while reading.

The Dyslexic d.

The Dyslexic d is exact as the letter b, p, and sometimes q.

The Dyslexic g

How to teach a Dyslexic student to read The Dyslexic g is important. The g if written wrong can look like a 6 upside down. This would be the g rotated and flipped vertically turning the g into a 6. This can also turn into a 9 pending upon the Dyslexia Fonts used on linear non-Dyslexic Font used.
When teaching the letter g, it is important to teach the alternative numbers of 6, and 9. IF you teach a g to be written identical to a g upside down or rotated you will find that you will create more issues for the Dyslexic Student.

The Dyslexic m

The Dyslexic n

The Dyslexic p

How to Teach Dyslexic Student to Read The Dyslexic q

Sometimes in reading a q if written exactly like an upside down d can be read like a d. If the q and the d are identical when inverted upside down this spelling and reading error will occur frequently.

Additionally with the letter q. If the q is rotated and/or read upside down in more advanced stages of Dyslexia the q can be read as a b or as a p. This creates the realities of how the word question could look like buestion, and why a student may think of a word question being a person’s name bastein.

How to teach a Dyslexic student to read the letter q is tricky if the font is identical with the letter b, d, and p. This is why Dyslexia Fonts exist to help differ the letter more to create easier reading.

The Dyslexic u

When a Dyslexic Reader reads the letter u, it can look like a u or like an n. The letter n in the word new, can look like uew. Other letters within the same word can also rotated or go upside down. Even though the e could go upside down the letter would not change into another letter. It would remain an upside down e and it would still be readable.

How to Teach Dyslexic Student to Read

How to Teach Dyslexic Student to Read the Dyslexic w.

The Dyslexic w is a tricky letter which will turn upside down into an m. The m rounded top vs. rectangle top will distinguish the two different letters that otherwise look identical when inverted. The Dyslexia Fonts must differ these two letters in order to help Dyslexic Reading.

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