Grade Six Dyslexia Examples Improve Dyslexia dot com Reading Letter d

Grade Six Dyslexia Examples

Grade Six Dyslexia Examples

Grade Six Dyslexia Examples are Exact Dyslexia Letter Rotations. Learning from Exact Dyslexia Variations is how you overcome reading with Dyslexia! Improve your own reading by studying and learning the Dyslexia Variations. Dyslexia Letters turn to become identical to other letters.

Are you looking for ADHD Grade Six Dyslexia Examples? Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects many students in the classroom, from kindergarten to college. It can cause difficulty with reading, writing, and spelling. It can also cause difficulty with spoken language, including speaking and understanding. For many students with Dyslexia, reading can be a challenge. Letters can appear to be upside down, backwards, or jumbled. This can make it difficult to remember the correct spelling of words.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies and tools to help students with Dyslexia more easily read and spell words. At, we offer a variety of resources to help students with Dyslexia. The Blake Dyslexia Reading System is designed to help improve reading comprehension by allowing students to learn the spelling alternatives of words with Dyslexia variations. This system helps students learn to recognize and remember the spelling of words that are often difficult to read.

Learn, Share and Care to Improve Dyslexia!

Some Main Quotes about this Dyslexia Lesson:
“A b turns into multiple possibilities, such as a p, d, or a q.”
“nucleus = nuclens, unclens, nncleus, uucleus, nnclens, uuclens”
– 6 Dyslexia Rotations!

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake
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Grade Six Dyslexia examples are in attached links and product links. Learn the Blake Dyslexia Variations Course to improve your reading. These are short Examples of the Full Dyslexia Course.

There are many Dyslexia Translations and Comparison sentences on this website to see exactly how a Dyslexic Reader Reads.

Grade Six Dyslexia Examples

honest = houest
nucleus = nuclens, unclens, nncleus, uucleus, nnclens, uuclens – 6 Dyslexia Rotations!
scent = sceut

typhoon = typhoou, tybhoon tybhoou, tydhoon, tydoou, tybhoon, tyqhoon, tyqhoou
secondary = seconbary, seconpary, seconqary, secoudary, secoubary, secoupary, secouqary
sword = sworb, sworp, sworq, smord, smord, smorb, smorp, smorq

Dyslexia Variation Training Letter Map

A b turns into multiple possibilities, such as a p, d, or a q.
An n turns into a u, a u turns into an n.
A g turns to a 6 or a 9
the w turns to an m, m can turn to a w.
the Number 2 can turn to become N or the letter Z

This is why Dyslexia Fonts are so important to prevent Dyslexia.

NOTE: Only some Dyslexics get w confused with m, mostly with handwriting.


Dyslexia is a real situation that can make spelling very difficult, especially in grade six. Dyslexia occurs when the brain has difficulty processing written language. This can make reading more difficult and can lead to problems with spelling. Most people with dyslexia are not diagnosed until grade six, when the spelling demands of the curriculum become more challenging. Dyslexia can be diagnosed through a simple test that assesses reading skills.

Grade Six Dyslexia Examples Improve Dyslexia dot com Reading

Dyslexia can impact reading in a number of ways. One common symptom is letter rotation, where letters appear to be rotated or flipped. This can make reading and spelling very difficult. If you suspect that you or your child may have dyslexia, it is important to seek out a diagnosis.

Dyslexia is a very real condition that can impact school performance and quality of life. There are many resources available to help people with dyslexia succeed.

Grade Six Dyslexia Examples

auction = auctiou, anction, anctiou
national = natioual, uatioual, uational – 3 Dyslexia Rotations!
financial = fiuancial, finaucial, fiuaucial
inflation = inflatiou, iuflation, iuflatiou

intestine = intestiue, iutestine, iutestiue
century = centnry, ceutury, ceutury

presentation =bresentation, dresentation, qresentation, preseutation, breseutation, dresautation, qresautation, preseutatiou, breseutatiou, dreseutatiou, qreseutatiou, presentatiou, bresentatiou, dresentatiou, qresentatiou = 15 Dyslexia Variations!

Grade Six Dyslexia Examples show exact Dyslexia Rotations so you can improve your own reading.  You want to achieve being able to read words upside down without getting confused during reading. 

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake

There are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Dyslexia fonts that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section
6. Practice Reading Upside Down for fun and improvements!

The video series below is linked to training that helps Dyslexia Readers achieve reading. Coming Soon. It is complicated by the Grade Six to translate Dyslexia Words. Please pass on to others if you could help share. Helping others to read better most would appreciate.

Copyright 2021, Simon Blake

Grade Six w/m Dyslexia Factor Examples

The w/m Dyslexia Factor is when the w/m and m/w rotate with each other.  

Most Dyslexia Readers do not read with the rotating m/w or w/m.  However, In University or hand-written reports w/m and m/w can be an active Dyslexia Rotation. 

wrestle = mrestle
material = waterial

stomach = stowach
worthless = morthless
mayor = wayor

Color tinted glasses can also help with reading. The tinted lenses can add contrast to the words on the page, making them easier to read. This can help reduce the strain that is often associated with reading for those with Dyslexia. These are just a few of the many strategies and tools available to help students with Dyslexia improve their reading skills. If you or your child is struggling with reading, it is important to find the resources and strategies that work best for them. At, we are here to help you find the perfect solution for you or your child.

Grade 6 Dyslexia Spelling Words, Month #1:

Non-Dyslexia Words

crochet, oral, scissors

Dyslexia Words

sophomore, wrinkle, wildfire, solution, scientific, typhoon, wrestle, senior, secondary, sword, tornado, natural, nucleus, molecules, solemn, presentation, sign, hurricane, flooding, scent, evacuation, method, numb, junior, material, hypothesis, graduation, knowledge, emergency, earthquake, knob, excelled, hydrogen, explain, drought, knitting, elementary, diploma, kneel, disaster, experiment, elements, college, knack, debris, damage, honest, attendance, discovered, academic, although, avalanche, biology, determine, cyclone, fought, assignment, admission, category, compound

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)
wrestle, material,

wrestle = mrestle
material = waterial

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
(words with only n or u Dyslexia)
solution, scientific, senior, natural, hurricane, knack, honest,
nucleus, scent, junior, avalanche, cyclone, evacuation,

solution = solutiou, solntion, solntiou
scientific =sceutific
senior = seuior
natural = uatural, uatnral, natnral
hurricane = hurricaue, hnrrcane, hurricaue
knack = kuack
kneel = kueel
honest = houest
nucleus = nuclens, unclens, nncleus, uucleus, nnclens, uuclens
scent = sceut
junior = jnuior, jnnior, juuior
avalanche = avaluche
cyclone = cycloue
evacuation = evacuatiou, evacnation, evacnatiou

Grade 6 Dyslexia Variations – Month 1

sophomore =  sobhomore, sodhomore, soqhomore
wrinkle = wriukle, mrinkle, mriukle
wildfire = wilbfire, wilpfire, wilqfire, mildfire, milbfire, milpfire, milqfire
typhoon = typhoou, tybhoon tybhoou, tydhoon, tydoou, tybhoon, tyqhoon, tyqhoou
secondary = seconbary, seconpary, seconqary, secoudary, secoubary, secoupary, secouqary
sword = sworb, sworp, sworq, smord, smord, smorb, smorp, smorq
tornado = tornabo, tornapo, tornaqo, toruado, toruabo, toruapo, toruaqo
molecules = molecnles
solemn = solemu, solewn, solewu
presentation =bresentation, dresentation, qresentation, preseutation, breseutation, dresautation, qresautation, preseutatiou, breseutatiou, dreseutatiou, qreseutatiou, presentatiou, bresentatiou, dresentatiou, qresentatiou
sign = si6n, si9n, sigu, si6u, si9u
flooding = floobing, flooping, flooqing, floodiug, floobiug, floopiug, flooqing, floodin6, floobin6, floopin6, flooqin6, floodin9, floobin9, floopin9, flooqin9 
method = methob, methop, methoq, wethod, wethob, wethop, wethoq
numb = uumb, unmb, uuwb, wnmb, nuwb, unwd,  – too complicated,  every letter is dyslexic.  (numbed is even worse!)
hypothesis = hybothesis, hydothesis, hyqothesis
emergency = emergeucy, emer6ency, emer6eucy, emer9ency, emer9eucy, (ewergency, ewergeucy, ewer6ency, ewer6eucy, ewer9ency, ewer9eucy)
earthquake = earthbuake, earthduake, earthpuake, earthqnake, earthbnake, earthdnake, earthpnake
knob = knod, knop, knoq, kuob, kuod, kuop, kuoq
excelled = excelleb, excellep, excelleq
hydrogen = hybrogen, hyprogen, hyqrogen, hydrogeu, hybrogeu, hyprogeu, hyqrogeu
explain = exblain, exdlain, exqlain, explaiu, exblaiu, exdlaiu, exqlaiu
drought = dronght, drou6ht, dron6ht, drou9ht, dron9ht, brought, bronght, brou6ht, bron6ht, brou9ht, bron9ht. prought, pronght, prou6ht, pron6ht, prou9ht, pron9ht, qrought, qronght, qrou6ht, qron6ht, qrou9ht, qron9ht
knitting = kuitting, kuittiug, knittiug, knittin6, kuittin6, kuittiu6, knittiu6, knittin9, kuittin9, kuittiu9, knittiu9
elementary = elemeutary, (elewentary, elewentary)
diploma = dibloma, didloma, diqploma, biploma, bibloma, bidloma, biqploma, piploma, pibloma, pidloma, piqploma, qiploma, qibloma, qidloma, qiaploma
disaster = bisaster, pisaster, qisaster
experiment = exberiment, exderiment, exqeriment, experimeut, exberimeut, exderimeut, exqerimeut, (experiwent, exberiwent, exderiwent, exqeriwent, experiweut, exberiweut, exderiweut, exqeriweut)
elements = elemeuts, (elewents, eleweuts)
college = colle6ge, colle9e
debris = dedris, depris, deqris, bebris, bedris, bepris, beqris, pebris, pedris pepris, peqris, qebris, qedris, qepris, qeqris
damage = bamage, pamage, qamage, dama6e, bama6e, pama6e, qama6e, dama9e, bama9e, pama9e, qama9e
attendance = attenbance, attenpance, attenqance, attendauce, attenbauce, attenpauce, attenqauce, atteudance, atteubance, atteupance, atteuqance, atteudauce, atteubauce, atteupauce, atteuqauce
discovered = discovereb, discoverep, discovereq, biscovered, biscovereb, biscoverep, biscovereq, piscovered, piscovereb, piscoverep, piscovereq, qiscovered, qiscovereb, qiscoverep, qiscovereq
academic = acabemic, acapemic, acaqemic, (acadewic, acabewic, acapewic, acaqewic)
although = althongh, althou6h, althon6h, althou9h, althon9h
biology = diology, piology, qiology, biolo6y, diolo6y, piolo6y, qiolo6y, biolo9y, diolo9y, piolo9y, qiolo9y
determine = determiue, betermine, betermiue, petermine, petermiue, qetermine, qetermiue, (deterwine, deterwiue, betwewine, beterwieu, peterwine, peterwiue, qeterwine, qeterwiue)
fought = fonght, fou6ht, fon6ht, fou9ht, fon9ht
assignment = assignmeut, assi6nment, assi6nmeut, assi9nment, assi9nmeut, assigument, assigumeut, assi6ument, assi6umeut, assi9ument, assi9umeut, (assignwent, assignweut, assi6nwent, assi6nweut, assi9nwent, assi9nweut, assiguwent, assiguweut, assi6uwent, assi6uweut, assi9uwent, assi9uweut)
admission = abmission, apmission, aqmission, admissiou, abmissiou, apmissiou, aqmissou, (adwission, abwission, apwission, aqwission, adwissiou, abwissiou, apwissiou, aqwissou)
category = cate6ory, cate9ory
compound = combound, comdound, comqound, compouud, combouud, comdouud, comqouud, componud, combonud, comdonud, comqonud, componnd, combonnd, comdonnd, comqonnd, (cowpound = cowbound, cowdound, cowqound, cowpouud, cowbouud, cowdouud, cowqouud, cowponud, cowbonud, cowdonud, cowqonud, cowponnd, cowbonnd, cowdonnd, cowqonnd)
graduation =  grabuation, grapuation, graquation, graduatiou, grabuatiou, grapuatiou, graquatiou, gradnation, grabnation, grapnation, graqnation, gradnatiou, grabnatiou, grapnatiou, graqnatiou, 6raduation, 6rabuation, 6rapuation, 6raquation, 6raduatiou, 6rabuatiou, 6rapuatiou, 6raquatiou, 6radnation, 6rabnation, 6rapnation, 6raqnation, 6radnatiou, 6rabnatiou, 6rapnatiou, 6raqnatiou, 9raduation, 9rabuation, 9rapuation, 9raquation, 9raduatiou, 9rabuatiou, 9rapuatiou, 9raquatiou, 9radnation, 9rabnation, 9rapnation, 9raqnation, 9radnatiou, 9rabnatiou, 9rapnatiou, 9raqnatiou
knowledge = knowlebge, knowlepge, knowleqge, kuowledge, kuowlebge, kuowlepge, kuowleqge, knowled6e = knowleb6e, knowlep6e, knowleq6e, kuowled6e, kuowleb6e, kuowlep6e, kuowleq6e, knowled9e = knowleb9e, knowlep9e, knowleq9e, kuowled9e, kuowleb9e, kuowlep9e, kuowleq9e, (knomledge, knomlebge, knomlepge, knomleqge, kuomledge, kuomlebge, kuomlepge, kuomleqge, knomled6e, knomleb6e, knomlep6e, knomleq6e, kuomled6e, kuomleb6e, kuomlep6e, kuomleq6e, knomled9e, knomleb9e, knomlep9e, knomleq9e, kuomled9e, kuomleb9e, kuomlep9e, kuomleq9e)

Do you have a child in grade six with dyslexia or ADHD? If so, then you are not alone. Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are two very common learning disabilities that can make it difficult for children to succeed in school. At, we understand that it can be difficult to help your child succeed in school when they have dyslexia or ADHD. That’s why we offer a variety of resources to help you better understand your child’s learning disabilities and how to best support them in the classroom.

One of the biggest challenges for students with dyslexia or ADHD is reading. Many dyslexic students struggle to recognize and retain written words, and ADHD readers often see letters upside down while reading. It’s important to find resources that can help your child learn to read and comprehend written words.

The Blake Dyslexia Reading System, created by Simon Blake, is one such resource. It helps dyslexic readers learn the spelling alternatives so they can better understand what they are reading. With this system, students learn to sound out words, which can help them remember what they are reading.

Grade 6 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #2:

Non-Dyslexia Words

taxes, service, yearly

Dyslexia Words

tongue, stomach, suddenly, schedule, recently, skull, skeleton, oxygen, prior, nervous, nerves, millennium, indefinite, immediate, finally, lungs, intestine, esophagus, eventually, decade, dioxide, digestion, continued, century, centennial, breathe, carbon, breath, annual, already, brain, auction, ballot, audit, citizen, commission, decision, elected, compensation, contribute, election, worthless, voucher, senator, valuable, recession, result, remain , profit, inflation, promise, president, financial, finance, economy, politician, national, federal, debt, donate, mayor

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)
stomach, worthless, mayor

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
(words with only n or u Dyslexia)
recently, skeleton, nervous, finally, intestine, century, centennial, annual, auction, national, financial,
inflation, nerves, none, citizen, election, senator, finance,
voucher = voncher

Grade 6 Dyslexia Variations – Month 2

tongue = tougue, tougne, tongne, ton6ue, tou6ne, tou6ue
schedule = schebule, schepule, schequle, schednle, schebnle, schepnle, scheqnle
skull = sknll
oxygen = oxygeu, oxy6en, oxy6eu, oxy9en, oxy9eu
prior = brior, drior, qrior
millennium = millenninm, millenuium, millenuinm, milleunium, milluninm, milleuuium, milluuinm
(willenniuw, willenninw, willenuiuw, willenuinw, willeuniuw, willuninw, willeuuiuw, willuuinw
willennium, willenninm, willenuium, willenuinm, willeunium, willuninm, willeuuium, willuuinm
millenniuw, millenninw, millenuiuw)
indefinite = inbifinite, inpifinite, inqifinite, indifiuite, inbifiute, inpifiuite, inqifiuite, iudefinite, iubifinite, iupifinite, iuqifinite, iudifiuite, iubifiute, iupifiuite, iuqifiuite, iudifiuite, iubifiute, iupifiuite, iuqifiuite, indefinite, inbifinite, inpifinite, inqifinite
immediate = immebiate, immepiate, immeqiate, (iwwediate, iwwebiate, iwwepiate, iwweqiate, iwmediate, iwmebiate, iwmepiate, iwmeqiate, imwediate, imwebiate, imwepiate, imweqiate)
lungs = lnugs, luugs, lnngs, lun6s, lnu6s, luu6s, lnn6s, lun9s, lnu9s, luu9s, lnn9s
esophagus = esobhagus, esodhagus, esoqhagus, esophagns, esobhagns, esodhagns, esoqhagns, (esopha6us, esobha6us, esodha6us, esoqha6us, esopha6ns, esobha6ns, esodha6ns, esoqha6ns, esopha9us, esobha9us, esodha9us, esoqha9us, esopha9ns, esobha9ns, esodha9ns, esoqha9ns)
eventually = eventnally, eveutually, eveutnally, eventually
decade = decabe, decape, decaqe, becade, becabe, becape, becaqe, pecade, pecabe, pecape, pecaqe, qecade, qecaqe, pecaqe, pecaqe
dioxide = dioxibe, dioxipe, dioxiqe, bioxide, bioxibe, bioxipe, bioxiqe, pioxide, pioxibe, pioxipe, pioxiqe, qioxide, qioxibe, qioxipe, qioxiqe
digestion = bigestion, pigestion, qigestion, digestiou, bigestiou, pigestiou, qigestiou, di6estion, bi6estion, pi6estion, qi6estion, di6estiou, bi6estiou, pi6estiou, qi6estiou, di9estion, bi9estion, pi9estion, qi9estion, di9estiou, bi9estiou, pi9estiou, qi9estiou
continued = continueb, continuep, continueq, coutinued, coutinueb, coutinuep, coutinueq, contiuued, contiuueb, contiuuep, contiuueq, coutiuued, coutiuueb, coutiuuep, coutiuueq, contiuned, contiuneb, contiunep, contiuneq, coutiuned, coutiuneb, coutiunep, coutiuneq, continned, continneb, continnep, continneq, coutinned, coutinneb, coutinnep, coutinneq
breathe = dreathe, preathe, qreathe
carbon = cardon, carpon, carqon, carbou, cardou, carpou, carqou
breath = dreath, preath, qreath
already = alreaby, alreapy, alreaqy
brain = drain, prain, qrain, braiu, draiu, praiu, qraiu
ballot = dallot, pallot, qallot
audit = aubit, aupit, auqit, andit, anbit, anpit, anqit
commission = commissou, (cowmission, cowmissiou, comwission, comwissiou, cowwission, cowwissiou)
decision = becision, pecision, qecision, decisou, becisiou, pecisiou, qecisiou
elected = electeb, electep, electeq
compensation  = combensation, comdensation, comqensation, compeusation, combeusation, comdeusation, comqeusation, compensatiou, combensatiou, comdensatiou, comqensatiou, compeusatiou, combeusatiou, comdeusatiou, comqeusatiou, (cowpensation, cowbensation, cowdensation, cowqensation, cowpeusation, cowbeusation, cowdeusation, cowqeusation, cowpensatiou, cowbensatiou, cowdensatiou, cowqensatiou, cowpeusatiou, cowbeusatiou, cowdeusatiou, cowqeusatiou)
contribute = contridute, contripute, contriqute, coutribute, coutridute, coutripute, coutriqute, contribnte, contridnte, contripnte, contriqnte, coutribnte, coutridnte, coutripnte, coutrqnte
valuable = valuadle, valuaple, valuaqle, valnable, valnadle, valnaple, vanaqle
recession = recessiou
result = resnlt
remain = remaiu, (rewain, rewain)
profit = brofit, drofit, qrofit
promise = bromise, dromise, qromise, (prowise, browise, drowise, qrowise)
economy = ecouomy, (econowy, ecouowy)
politician = bolitician, dolitician, qolitician, politiciau, boliticiau, doliticiau, qoliticiau
federal = feberal, feperal, feqeral
debt =dedt, dept, deqt, bebt, bedt, bept, beqt, pebt, pedt, pept, peqt, qebt, qedt, qept, qeqt
donate = bonate, ponate, qonate, douate, bouate, pouate, qouate
president = presibent, presipent, presiqent, presideut, presibeut, presipeut, presiqeut, bresident, bresibent, bresipent, bresiqent, bresideut, bresibeut, bresipeut, bresiqeut, dresident, dresibent, dresipent, dresiqent, dresideut, dresibeut, dresipeut, dresiqeut, qresident, qresibent, qresipent, qresiqent, qresideut, qresibeut, qresipeut, qresiqeut
suddenly = snddenly, snddeuly, suddeuly, sudbenly, snbdenly, snbdeuly, subdeuly, subbenly, snbbenly, snbbeuly, subbeuly, subpenly, snbpenly, snbpeuly, subpeuly, subqenly, snbqenly, snbqeuly, subqeuly, sudbenly, sndbenly, sndbeuly, sudbeuly, sudpenly, sndpenly, sndpeuly, sudpeuly, sudqenly, sndqenly, sndqeuly, sudqeuly, supbenly, snpbenly, snpbeuly, supbeuly, supdenly, snpdenly, snpdeuly, supdeuly, suppenly, snppenly, snppeuly, suppeuly, supqenly, snpqenly, snpqeuly, supqeuly, suqbenly, snqbenly, snqbeuly, suqbeuly, suqdenly, snqdenly, snqdeuly, suqdeuly, suqqenly, snqqenly, snqqeuly, suqqeuly, suqpenly, snqpenly, snqpeuly, suqpeuly

Letter q Grade Six Dyslexia Examples Improve Dyslexia dot com Reading

In addition to the Blake Dyslexia Reading System, also offers helpful tools to support your child’s reading skills. Color tinted glasses can be especially helpful as they add contrast to help your child better recognize written words. At, we understand that supporting a child with dyslexia or ADHD in the classroom can be a challenge. That’s why we offer a variety of resources to help you better understand your child’s learning disabilities and how to best support them in the classroom. With our resources, you can help your child succeed in school and reach their full potential.

There are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Dyslexia fonts that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section
6. Practice Reading Upside Down for fun and improvements!

Grade 6 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #3:

would’ve, violence, thorough, should’ve, patients, patience, particular, mourning, interesting, expect, excellent, effect, difficult, dessert, affect, accept, text, television, telephone, technology, tablet, series, remote, newspaper, misunderstand, messsage, media, control, communication, channel, cable, audition, thrift, subtotal, purchase, products, payment, merchant, extravagent, expensive, exchange, department, customer, consumer, clearance, barter, bargain, afford, yield, weird, receive, neither, inefficient, grief, experience, deceive, conscience, conceive, chief, ceiling, believe, appreciate, ancient, achieve

Non-Dyslexia Words

effect, affect, text, series, thrift, receive, chief, achieve

Dyslexia Words

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)
remote = rewote

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
(words with only n or u Dyslexia)
violence = violeuce
television = televisiou
control = coutrol
channel = chauuel, chanuel, chaunel
clearance = clearauce
neither = ueither
inefficient = iuefficient, iuefficiut, inefficieut
conscience = couscience, couscieuce, conscieuce
conceive = couceive
ancient = ancieut, aucient, aucieut

Grade 6 Dyslexia Variations – Month 3

would’ve = woulb’ve, woulp’ve, woulq’ve, wonld’ve, wonlb’ve, wonlp’ve, wonlq’ve (mould’ve = moulb’ve, moulp’ve, moulq’ve, monld’ve, monlb’ve, monlp’ve, monlq’ve)
thorough = thorongh, thorou6h, thoron6h, thorou9h, thoron9h
should’ve = shoulb’ve, shoulp’ve, shoulq’ve, shonld’ve, shonlb’ve, shonlp’ve, shonlq’ve
patients = patieuts, batients, batieuts, datients, datieuts, qatients, qatieuts
patience = patieuce, batience, batieuce, datience, datieuce, qatience, qatience
particular = particnlar, barticular, barticnlar, darticular, darticnlar, qarticular, qarticnlar
interesting = iuteresting, iuterestiug, interestiug, interestin6, iuterestin6, iuterestiu6, interstiu6, interestin9, iuterestin9, iuterestiu9, interstiu9
expect = exbect, exdect, exqect
excellent = excelleut
difficult = difficnlt, bifficult, bifficnlt, pifficult, pifficnlt, qifficult, qifficnlt
dessert = bessert, pessert, qessert
accept = accebt, accedt, acceqt
telephone = telephoue, telebhone, telebhoue, teledhone, teledhoue, teleqhone, teleqoue
technology = techuology, technolo6y, techuolo6y, technolo9y, techuolo9y
tablet = tadlet, taplet, taqlet
message = messa6e, messa9e, (wessage, wessa6e, wessa9e)
media = mebia, mepia, meqia
cable = cadle, caple, caqle
audition = aubition, aupition, auqition, andition, anbition, anpition, anqition, auditiou, aubitiou, aupitoiu, auqitiou, anditiou, anbitiou, anpitiou, anqitiou
subtotal =sudtotal, suptotal, suqtotal, snbtotal, sndtotal, snptotal, snqtotal
payment = paymeut, bayment, baymeut, dayment, daymeut, qayment, qaymeut, (paywent, payweut, baywent, bayweut, daywent, dayweut, qaywent, qayweut)
merchant = merchaut, (werchant, werchaut)
extravagent = extravageut, extrava6ent, extrava6eut, extrava9ent, extravag9eut
expensive = exbensive, exdensive, exqensive, expeusive, exbeusive, exdeusive, exqeusive
exchange = exchauge, exchan6e, exchau6e, exchan9e, exchau9e
customer = cnstomer, (custower, cnstower)
consumer = consnmer, cousumer, cousnmer, (consuwer, consnwer, cousuwer, cousnwer)
barter = darter, parter, qarter
bargain = dargain, pargain, qargain, bargaiu, dargaiu, pargaiu, qargaiu, bar6ain, dar6ain, par6ain, qar6ain, bar6aiu, dar6aiu, par6aiu, qar6aiu, bar9ain, dar9ain, par9ain, qar9ain, bar9aiu, dar9aiu, par9aiu, qar9aiu 
afford = afforb, afforp, afforq
yield = yielb, yeilp, yeilq
weird = weirb, weirp, weirq, (meird, meirb, meirp, meirq)
grief = 6rief, 9rief
experience = exberience, exderience, exqerience, experieuce, exberieuce, exderieuce, exqerieuce
deceive = beceive, peceive, qeceive
ceiling = ceiliug, ceilin6, ceiliu6, ceilin9, ceiliu9
believe = delieve, pelieve, qelieve
appreciate =abbreciate, abdreciate, abdreciate, abpreciate, adbreciate, addreciate, adpreciate, adqreciate, apbreciate, apdreciate, apqreciate, aqbreciate, aqdreciate, aqpreciate, aqqreciate
newspaper = newspaber, newspader, newspaqer, newsbaper, newsbaber, newsbader, newsbaqer, newsdaper, newsdaber, newsdader, newsdaqer, newsqaper, newsqaber, newsqader, newsqaqer, (nespaper, nemspaber, nemspader, nemspaqer, nemsbaper, nemsbaber, nemsbader, nemsbaqer, nemsdaper, nemsdaber, nemsdader, nemsdaqer, nemsqaper, nemsqaber, nemsqader, nemsqaqer)
purchase = pnrchase, burchase, bnrchase, durchase, dnrchase, qurchase, qnrchase, products = probucts, propucts, proqucts, prodncts, probncts, propncts, proqncts, broducts, brobucts, bropucts, broqucts, brodncts, brobncts, bropncts, broqncts, droducts, drobucts, dropucts, droqucts, drodncts, drobncts, dropncts, droqncts, qroducts, qrobucts, qropucts, qroqucts, qrodncts, qrobncts, qropncts, qroqncts
mourning = mouruing, monrning, monruing, mourniug, mouruiug, monrniug, monruiug, mournin6, mouruin6, monrnin6, monruin6, mourniu6, mouruiu6, monrniu6, monruiu6, mournin9, mouruin9, monrnin9, monruin9, mourniu9, mouruiu9, monrniu9, monruiu9, (wourning = wouruing, wonrning, wonruing, wourniug, wouruiug, wonrniug, wonruiug, wournin6, wouruin6, wonrnin6, wonruin6, wourniu6, wouruiu6, wonrniu6, wonruiu6, wournin9, wouruin9, wonrnin9, wonruin9, wourniu9, wouruiu9, wonrniu9, wonruiu9)
communication = commnnication, communicatiou, commnnicatiou, commuuication, commnuication, commuuicatiou, commnuicatiou, (comwunication = comwnnication, comwunicatiou, comwnnicatiou, comwuuication, comwnuication, comwuuicatiou, comwnuicatiou, cowmunication = cowmnnication, cowmunicatiou, cowmnnicatiou, cowmuuication, cowmnuication, cowmuuicatiou, cowmnuicatiou, cowwunication = cowwnnication, cowwunicatiou, cowwnnicatiou, cowwuuication, cowwnuication, cowwuuicatiou, cowwnuicatiou)
department = debartment, dedartment, deqartment, departmeut, debartmeut, dedartmeut, deqartmeut, bepartment, bebartment, bedartment, beqartment, bepartmeut, bebartmeut, bedartmeut, beqartmeut, pepartment, pebartment, pedartment, peqartment, pepartmeut, pebartmeut, pedartmeut, peqartmeut, qepartment, qebartment, qedartment, qeqartment, qepartmeut, qebartmeut, qedartmeut, qeqartmeut, (departwent, debartwent, dedartwent, deqartwent, departweut, debartweut, dedartweut, deqartweut, bepartwent, bebartwent, bedartwent, beqartwent, bepartweut, bebartweut, bedartweut, beqartweut, pepartwent, pebartwent, pedartwent, peqartwent, pepartweut, pebartweut, pedartweut, peqartweut, qepartwent, qebartwent, qedartwent, qeqartwent, qepartweut, qebartweut, qedartweut, qeqartweut
misunderstand = misunberstand, misunperstand, misunqerstand, misunderstanb, misunberstanb, misunperstanb, misunqerstanb, misunderstanp, misunberstanp, misunperstanp, misunqerstanp, misunderstanq, misunberstanq, misunperstanq, misunqerstanq, misuuderstand, misuuberstand, misuuperstand, misuuqerstand, misuuderstanb, misuuberstanb, misuuperstanb, misuuqerstanb, misuuderstanp, misuuberstanp, misuuperstanp, misuuqerstanp, misuuderstanq, misuuberstanq, misuuperstanq, misuuqerstanq, misnuderstand, misnuberstand, misnuuperstand, misnuqerstand, misnuderstanb, misnuberstanb, misnuperstanb, misnuqerstanb, misnuderstanp, misnuberstanp, misnuperstanp, misnuqerstanp, misnuderstanq, misnuberstanq, misnuperstanq, misnuqerstanq, misnnderstaud, misnnberstaud, misnnperstaud, misnnqerstaud, misnnderstaub, misnnberstaub, misnnperstaub, misnnqerstaub, misnnderstaup, misnnberstaup, misnnperstaup, misnnqerstaup, misnnderstauq, misnnberstauq, misnnperstauq, misnnqerstauq, (wisunderstand, wisunberstand, wisunperstand, wisunqerstand, wisunderstanb, wisunberstanb, wisunperstanb, wisunqerstanb, wisunderstanp, wisunberstanp, wisunperstanp, wisunqerstanp, wisunderstanq, wisunberstanq, wisunperstanq, wisunqerstanq, wisuuderstand, wisuuberstand, wisuuperstand, wisuuqerstand, wisuuderstanb, wisuuberstanb, wisuuperstanb, wisuuqerstanb, wisuuderstanp, wisuuberstanp, wisuuperstanp, wisuuqerstanp, wisuuderstanq, wisuuberstanq, wisuuperstanq, wisuuqerstanq, wisnuderstand, wisnuberstand, wisnuuperstand, wisnuqerstand, wisnuderstanb, wisnuberstanb, wisnuperstanb, wisnuqerstanb, wisnuderstanp, wisnuberstanp, wisnuperstanp, wisnuqerstanp, wisnuderstanq, wisnuberstanq, wisnuperstanq, wisnuqerstanq, wisnnderstaud, wisnnberstaud, wisnnperstaud, wisnnqerstaud, wisnnderstaub, wisnnberstaub, wisnnperstaub, wisnnqerstaub, wisnnderstaup, wisnnberstaup, wisnnperstaup, wisnnqerstaup, wisnnderstauq, wisnnberstauq, wisnnperstauq, wisnnqerstauq)

Do you have a child in Grade Six struggling with ADHD and dyslexia? It can be a challenge to keep up with their learning needs, but there are resources available to help. At, we believe in providing support to dyslexic students. We understand that a traditional approach to education may not be the best fit for dyslexic students and we strive to create innovative solutions.

There are several strategies that can help dyslexic students in Grade Six with their reading. One of the most effective strategies is the use of the Blake Dyslexia Reading System. This system, created by Simon Blake, provides an alternative way of spelling words which allows the dyslexic reader to better comprehend the text. Another tool dyslexic students can use to improve their reading is color tinted glasses. Color tinted glasses provide increased contrast and can make reading much easier.

Grade 6 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #4:

vitamins, supply, spinach, salad, protein, parsley, nutritious, nutrients, lettuce, kale, herbs, healthy, ginger, exercise, carbohydrates, calories, walrus, squirrel, reptile, reindeer, porcupine, omnivore, lizard, leopard, herbivore, extinction, endangered, creature, cougar, carnivore, camouflage, amphibian, relatives, relationship, related, paternal, orphan, offspring, maternal, inheritance, heritage, granddaughter, genes, generation, descendant, custody, ancestor adoption, torrential, toboggan, thunderstorm, thermometer, temperature, slippery, sleigh, probably, prediction, overcast, hibernate, forecast, dangerous, covered, blizzard, barometer

Non-Dyslexia Words

kale, healthy, exercise, relatives, forecast, overcast, calories 

Dyslexia Words

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)
thermometer = thermoweter, therwometer, therwoweter

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
(words with only n or u Dyslexia)
nutritious = nutritions, uutritioius, uutritions, nntritioius, nntritions, untritious, untritions
nutrients = nutrieuts, untrients, untrieuts, uutrients, uutrieuts, nntrients, uutrieuts
lettuce = lettnce
extinction = extiuction, extiuctiou, extinctiou
creature = creatnre
inheritance = inheritauce, iuheritance, iuheritauce
ancestor = aucestor
carnivore = caruivore

Grade 6 Dyslexia Variations – Month 4

vitamins = vitamius, (vitawins, vitamius)
supply = snpply, subdly, snbdly, subbly, snbbly, subply, snbply, subqly, snbqly, sudbly, sndbly, sudply, sndply, sudqly, sndqly, supbly, snpbly, supdly, snpdly, supqly, snpqly, suqbly, snqbly, suqdly, snqdly, suqply, snqply, suqqly, snqqly
spinach = sbinach, sdinach, sqinach, spiuach, sbiuach, sdiuach, sqiuach
salad = salab, salap, salaq
protein = brotein, drotein, qrotein, proteiu, broteiu, droteiu, qroteiu
parsley = barsley, darsley, qarsley
herbs = herds, herps, herqs
ginger = giuger, gin6er, giu6er, gin9er, giu9er, 6inger, 6iuger, 6in6er, 6iu6er, 6in9er, 6iu9er, 9inger, 9iuger, 9in9er, 9iu9er, 9in9er, 9iu9er
carbohydrates = 

walrus = walrns, (malrus, malrns)
squirrel = sqnirrel, sbuirrel, sbnirrel, sduirrel, sdnirrel, spuirrel, spnirrel
reptile =rebtile, redtile, reqtile
reindeer = reinbeer, reinpeer, reinqeer, reiudeer, reiubeer, reiupeer, reiuqeer
omnivore = omuivore, (ownivore, owuivore)
lizard = lizarb, lizarp, lizarq
leopard = leobard, leodard, leoqard, leoparb, leobarb, leodarb, leoqarb, leoparp, leobarp, leodarp, leoqarp, leoparq, leobarq, leodarq, leoqarq
herbivore = herdivore, herpivore, herqivore
cougar = congar, cou6ar, con6ar, cou9ar, con9ar
camouflage = camonflage, camoufla6e, camonfla6e, camoufla9e, camonfla9e, (cawouflage, cawonflage, cawoufla6e, cawonfla6e, cawoufla9e, cawonfla9e)
relationship = relationshib, relationshid, relationshiq, relatiouship, relatioushib, relatioushid, relatioushiq
related = relatep, relateb, relateq
paternal = paterual, baternal, baterual, daternal, daterual, qaternal, qaterual
orphan = orbhan, ordhan, orqhan, orphau, orbhau, ordhau, orqhau
offspring = offsbring, offsdring, offsqring, offspriug, offsbriug, offsdring, offsqriug, offsprin6, offsbrin6, offsdrin6, offsqrin6, offspriu6, offsbriu6, offsdrin6, offsqriu6, offsprin9, offsbrin9, offsdrin9, offsqrin9, offspriu9, offsbriu9, offsdrin9, offsqriu9
maternal = materual, (waternal, waterual)
heritage = herita6e, herita9e
genes = geues, 6enes, 6eues, 9enes, 9eues
generation = geueration, geueratiou, generatiou, 6eneration, 6eueration, 6eueratiou, 6eneratiou, 9eneration, 9eueration, 9eueratiou, 9eneratiou
custody = custoby, custopy, custoqy, cnstody, cnstoby, cnstopy, cnstoqy
torrential = torreutial
temperature = temberature, temderature, temqerature, temperatnre, temberatnre, temderatnre, temqeratnre, (tewperature, tewberature, tewderature, tewqerature, tewperatnre, tewberatnre, tewderatnre, tewqeratnre)
slippery = slibbery, slibdery, slibpery, slibqery, slidbery, sliddery, slidpery, slidqery, slipbery, slipdery, slipqery, sliqbery, sliqdery, sliqpery, sliqqery
sleigh = slei6h, slei9h
probably = prodably, propably, proqably,
probadly, prodaply, “??

prediction = prebiction, prepiction, preqiction, predictiou, prebitiou, prepictiou, preqictiou, brediction, brebiction, brepiction, breqiction, bredictiou, brebitou, brepictiou, breqictiou, drediction, drebiction, drepiction, dreqiction, dredictiou, drebitou, drepictiou, dreqictiou, qrediction, qrebiction, qrepiction, qreqiction, qredictiou, qrebitiou, qrepictou, qreqictiou
hibernate = hidernate, hipernate, hiqernate, hiberuate, hideruate, hiperuate, hiqeruate
dangerous = daugerous, bangerous, baugerous, pangerous, paugerous, qangerous, qaugerous
covered = covereb, coverep, covereq
blizzard = blizzarb, blizzarp, blizzarq, dlizzard, dlizzarb, dlizzarp, dlizzarq
barometer = darometer, parometer, qarometer, baroweter, daroweter, paroweter, qaroweter
adoption = adobtion, adodtion, adoqtion, adoptiou, adobtiou, adodtiou, adoqtiou, aboption, abobtion, abodtion, aboqtion, aboptiou, abobtiou, abodtiou, aboqtiou, apoption, apobtion, apodtion, apoqtion, apoptiou, apobtiou, apodtiou, apoqtiou, aqoption, aqobtion, aqodtion, aqoqtion, aqoptiou, aqobtiou, aqodtiou, aqoqtiou
toboggan = todoggan, topoggan, toqoggan, toboggau, todoggau, topoggau, toqoggau, toba66an, todo66an, topo66an, toqo66an, tobo66au, todo66au, topo66au, toqo66au, toba69an, todo69an, topo69an, toqo69an, tobo69au, todo69au, topo69au, toqo69au, toba99an, todo99an, topo99an, toqo99an, tobo99au, todo99au, topo99au, toqo99au, toba96an, todo96an, topo96an, toqo96an, tobo96au, todo96au, topo96au, toqo96au
thunderstorm = thunberstorm, thunperstorm, thunqerstorm, thnuderstorm, thnuberstorm, thnuperstorm, thnuqerstorm, thuuderstorm, thuuberstorm, thuuperstorm, thuuqerstorm, thnnderstorm, thnnberstorm, thnnperstorm, thnnqerstorm, (thunderstorw, thunberstorw, thunperstorw, thunqerstorw, thnuderstorw, thnuberstorw, thnuperstorw, thnuqerstorw, thuuderstorw, thuuberstorw, thuuperstorw, thuuqerstorw, thnnderstorw, thnnberstorw, thnnperstorw, thnnqerstorw)
porcupine = porcubine, porcudine, porcuqine, porcnpine, porcnbine, prcndine, porcnqine, porupiue, porcubiue, porcudiue, porcuqiue, porcnpiue, porcnbiue, prcndiue, porcnqiue, borcupine, borcubine, borcudine, borcuqine, borcnpine, borcnbine, brcndine, borcnqine, borupiue, borcubiue, borcudiue, borcuqiue, borcnpiue, borcnbiue, brcndiue, borcnqiue, dorcupine = dorcubine, dorcudine, dorcuqine, dorcnpine, dorcnbine, drcndine, dorcnqine, dorupiue, dorcubiue, dorcudiue, dorcuqiue, dorcnpiue, dorcnbiue, drcndiue, dorcnqiue, qorcupine, qorcubine, qorcudine, qorcuqine, qorcnpine, qorcnbine, qrcndine, qorcnqine, qorupiue, qorcubiue, qorcudiue, qorcuqiue, qorcnpiue, qorcnbiue, qrcndiue, orcnqiue
amphibian = amphidian, amphipian, amphiqian, amphibiau, amphidiau, amphipiau, amphiqiau, ambhibian, ambhidian, ambhipian, ambhiqian, ambhibiau, ambhidiau, ambhipiau, ambhiqiau, amdhibian, amdhidian, amdhipian, amdhiqian, amdhibiau, amdhidiau, amdhipiau, amdhiqiau, amqhibian, amqhidian, amqhipian, amqhiqian, amqhibiau, amqhidiau, amqhipiau, amqhiqiau, (awphibian, awphidian, awphipian, awphiqian, awphibiau, awphidiau, awphipiau, awphiqiau, awbhibian, awbhidian, awbhipian, awbhiqian, awbhibiau, awbhidiau, awbhipiau, awbhiqiau, awdhibian, awdhidian, awdhipian, awdhiqian, awdhibiau, awdhidiau, awdhipiau, awdhiqiau, awqhibian, awqhidian, awqhipian, awqhiqian, awqhibiau, awqhidiau, awqhipiau, awqhiqiau)
descendant = descenbant, descenpant, descenqant, desceudant, desceubant, desceupant, descauqant, bescendant, bescenbant, bescenpant, bescenqant, besceudant, besceubant, besceupant, bescauqant, pescendant, pescenbant, pescenpant, pescenqant, pesceudant, pesceubant, pesceupant, pescauqant, qescendant, qescenbant, qescenpant, qescenqant, qesceudant, qesceubant, qesceupant, qescauqant, descendaut = descenbaut, descenpaut, descenqaut, desceudaut, desceubaut, desceupaut, descauqaut, bescendaut, bescenbaut, bescenpaut, bescenqaut, besceudaut, besceubaut, besceupaut, bescauqaut, pescendaut, pescenbaut, pescenpaut, pescenqaut, pesceudaut, pesceubaut, pesceupaut, pescauqaut, qescendaut, qescenbaut, qescenpaut, qescenqaut, qesceudaut, qesceubaut, qesceupaut, qescauqaut
granddaughter = granddanghter, grauddaughter, grauddanghter, 6randdaughter, 6randdanghter, 6rauddaughter, 6rauddanghter, 9randdaughter, 9randdanghter, 9rauddaughter, 9rauddanghter, granbbaughter, granbbanghter, graubbaughter, graubbanghter, 6ranbbaughter, 6ranbbanghter, 6raubbaughter, 6raubbanghter, 9ranbbaughter, 9ranbbanghter, 9raubbaughter, 9raubbanghter, granbdaughter, granbdanghter, graubdaughter, graubdanghter, 6ranbdaughter, 6ranbdanghter, 6raubdaughter, 6raubdanghter, 9ranbdaughter, 9ranbdanghter, 9raubdaughter, 9raubdanghter, granbpaughter, granbpanghter, graubpaughter, graubpanghter, 6ranbpaughter, 6ranbpanghter, 6raubpaughter, 6raubpanghter, 9ranbpaughter, 9ranbpanghter, 9raubpaughter, 9raubpanghter, granbqaughter, granbqanghter, graubqaughter, graubqanghter, 6ranbqaughter, 6ranbqanghter, 6raubqaughter, 6raubqanghter, 9ranbqaughter, 9ranbqanghter, 9raubqaughter, 9raubqanghter, grandbaughter, grandbanghter, graudbaughter, graudbanghter, 6randbaughter, 6randbanghter, 6raudbaughter, 6raudbanghter, 9randbaughter, 9randbanghter, 9raudbaughter, 9raudbanghter, grandpaughter, grandpanghter, graudpaughter, graudpanghter, 6randpaughter, 6randpanghter, 6raudpaughter, 6raudpanghter, 9randpaughter, 9randpanghter, 9raudpaughter, 9raudpanghter, grandqaughter, grandqanghter, graudqaughter, graudqanghter, 6randqaughter, 6randqanghter, 6raudqaughter, 6raudqanghter, 9randqaughter, 9randqanghter, 9raudqaughter, 9raudqanghter
endangered = enbangered, enpangered, enqangered, eudangered, eubangered, eupangered, auqangered, endaugered, enbaugered, enpaugered, enqaugered, eudaugered, eubaugered, eupaugered, auqaugered, endangereb, enbangereb, enpangereb, enqangereb, eudangereb, eubangereb, eupangereb, auqangereb, endaugereb, enbaugereb, enpaugereb, enqaugereb, eudaugereb, eubaugereb, eupaugereb, auqaugereb, endangerep, enbangerep, enpangerep, enqangerep, eudangerep, eubangerep, eupangerep, auqangerep, endaugerep, enbaugerep, enpaugerep, enqaugerep, eudaugerep, eubaugerep, eupaugerep, auqaugerep, endangereq, enbangereq, enpangereq, enqangereq, eudangereq, eubangereq, eupangereq, auqangereq, endaugereq, enbaugereq, enpaugereq, enqaugereq, eudaugereq, eubaugereq, eupaugereq, auqaugereq, endan6ered, enban6ered, enpan6ered, enqan6ered, eudan6ered, euban6ered, eupan6ered, auqan6ered, endau6ered, enbau6ered, enpau6ered, enqau6ered, eudau6ered, eubau6ered, eupau6ered, auqau6ered, endan6ereb, enban6ereb, enpan6ereb, enqan6ereb, eudan6ereb, euban6ereb, eupan6ereb, auqan6ereb, endau6ereb, enbau6ereb, enpau6ereb, enqau6ereb, eudau6ereb, eubau6ereb, eupau6ereb, auqau6ereb, endan6erep, enban6erep, enpan6erep, enqan6erep, eudan6erep, euban6erep, eupan6erep, auqan6erep, endau6erep, enbau6erep, enpau6erep, enqau6erep, eudau6erep, eubau6erep, eupau6erep, auqau6erep, endan6ereq, enban6ereq, enpan6ereq, enqan6ereq, eudan6ereq, euban6ereq, eupan6ereq, auqan6ereq, endau6ereq, enbau6ereq, enpau6ereq, enqau6ereq, eudau6ereq, eubau6ereq, eupau6ereq, auqau6ereq, endan9ered, enban9ered, enpan9ered, enqan9ered, eudan9ered, euban9ered, eupan9ered, auqan9ered, endau9ered, enbau9ered, enpau9ered, enqau9ered, eudau9ered, eubau9ered, eupau9ered, auqau9ered, endan9ereb, enban9ereb, enpan9ereb, enqan9ereb, eudan9ereb, euban9ereb, eupan9ereb, auqan9ereb, endau9ereb, enbau9ereb, enpau9ereb, enqau9ereb, eudau9ereb, eubau9ereb, eupau9ereb, auqau9ereb, endan9erep, enban9erep, enpan9erep, enqan9erep, eudan9erep, euban9erep, eupan9erep, auqan9erep, endau9erep, enbau9erep, enpau9erep, enqau9erep, eudau9erep, eubau9erep, eupau9erep, auqau9erep, endan9ereq, enban9ereq, enpan9ereq, enqan9ereq, eudan9ereq, euban9ereq, eupan9ereq, auqan9ereq, endau9ereq, enbau9ereq, enpau9ereq, enqau9ereq, eudau9ereq, eubau9ereq, eupau9ereq, auqau9ereq

Grade 6 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #5:

union, unemployment, satisfaction, promotion, photographer, opportunity, offer, manager, labor, interview, employer, employee, company, commute, apply, application, utensil, teaspoon, tablespoon, spaghetti, refrigerator, porridge, pantry, mustard, muffin, kitchen, hamburger, adible, cupboard, create, chocolate, apron, terrible, special, restaurant, prepared, perhaps, menu, item, instead, flavor, feast, fantastic, fabulous, diet, delicious, contain, buffet, trouble, themselves, suppose, someone, simple, rather, nothing, kept, itself, example, everybody, development, desperate, consider, become, apparently

Non-Dyslexia Words

offer, create, flavor, rather, itself, feast,

Dyslexia Words

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)
item = itew

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
(words with only n or u Dyslexia)
union = uniou, nuion, nuiou, uuion, uuiou, nnion, nniou
utensil = uteusil, ntensil, nteusil
kitchen = kitcheu
fantastic = fautastic
contain = coutain, coutaiu, contaiu

Grade 6 Dyslexia Variations – Month 5

unemployment, satisfaction, promotion, photographer, opportunity, manager, labor, interview, employer, employee, company, commute, apply, application, teaspoon, tablespoon, spaghetti, refrigerator, porridge, pantry, mustard, muffin, hamburger, adible, cupboard, chocolate, apron, terrible, special, restaurant, prepared, perhaps, menu, instead, fabulous, diet, delicious, buffet, trouble, themselves, suppose, someone, simple, nothing, kept, example, everybody, development, desperate, consider, become, apparently

Grade 6 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #6:

turquoise, pigment, neutral, neon, magenta, lavender, golden, fuscia, fluorescent, emerald, drawing, crayon, bronze, beige, artistic, aqua, vain, trait, stubborn, strong, responsible, jealous, insecure, genuine, curious, cruel, courageous, content, complaining, compassion, ashamed, approachable, vocabulary, understand, terminology, synonym, sentence, quote, proverb, preposition, plural, phrase, opposite, metaphor, expression, context, antonym, adverb, thus, substances, property, possible, physical, photosynthesis, invisible, information, fluid, estimation, density, concentration, chlorophyll, certain, capacity, buoyancy

Non-Dyslexia Words

artistic, trait, 

Dyslexia Words

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
(words with only n or u Dyslexia)
neutral = ueutral, uentral, nentral
neon = neou, ueou, ueon
fuscia = fnscia
fluorescent = flnorescent, flnoresceut, fluoresceut
crayon = crayou
vain = vaiu
jealous = jealons
insecure = insecnre, iusecure, iusecnre
genuine = genuiue, geuuine, geuuiue, geunine, geuniue, gennine, genniue, 6enuine, 6enuiue, 6euuine, 6euuiue, 6eunine, 6euniue, 6ennine, 6enniue, 9enuine, 9enuiue, 9euuine, 9euuiue, 9eunine, 9euniue, 9ennine, 9enniue
curious = curions, cnrions, cnrious
cruel = crnel
content = conteut, coutent, couteut
sentence = seutence, seuteuce, senteuce
context = coutext
thus = thns
concentration = coucentration, conceutration, couceutration, concentratiou, coucentratiou, conceutratiou, couceutratiou
certain = certaiu

Grade 6 Dyslexia Variations – Month 6

turquoise = turbuoise, turduoise, turpuoise, turqnoise, turbnoise, turdnoise, turpnoise, tnrquoise, tnrbuoise, tnrduoise, tnrpuoise, tnrqnoise, tnrbnoise, tnrdnoise, tnrpnoise
magenta = mageuta, ma6enta, ma6euta, ma9enta, ma9enta, (wagenta, wageuta, wa6enta, wa6euta, wa9enta, wa9enta
lavender = lavenber, lavenper, lavenqer, laveuder, laveuber, laveuper, laveuqer 
golden = golben, golpen, golqen, goldeu, golben, golpeu, golqeu, 6olden, 6olben, 6olpen, 6olqen, 6oldeu, 6olben, 6olpeu, 6olqeu, 9olden, 9olben, 9olpen, 9olqen, 9oldeu, 9olben, 9olpeu, 9olqeu
emerald = emeralb, emeralp, emeralq, (ewerald, eweralb, eweralp, eweralq)
drawing = drawiug, brawing, brawiug, prawing, prawiug, qrawing, qrawiug, drawin6, drawiu6, brawin6, brawiu6, prawin6, prawiu6, qrawin6, qrawiu6, drawin9, drawiu9, brawin9, brawiu9, prawin9, prawiu9, qrawin9, qrawiu9
(draming, dramiug, braming, bramiug, praming, pramiug, qraming, qrawiug, dramin6, dramiu6, bramin6, bramiu6, pramin6, pramiu6, qramin6, qrawiu6, dramin9, dramiu9, bramin9, bramiu9, pramin9, pramiu9, qramin9, qrawiu9)
bronze = brouze, dronze, drouze, pronze, prouze, qronze, qrouze
beige = deige, peige, qeige, bei6e, dei6e, pei6e, qei6e, bei9e, dei9e, pei9e, qei9e
aqua = aqna, abua, abna, adua, adua, apua, apna
strong = stroug, stron6, strou6, stron9, strou9
responsible = responsidle, responsiple, responsiqle, resbonsible, resdonsible, resqonsible, respousible, respousidle, respousiple, respousiqle, resbousible, resdousible, resqousible
courageous = conrageous, courageons, conrageons, coura6eous, conra6eous, coura6eons, conra6eons, coura9eous, conra9eous, coura9eons, conra9eons
compassion = combassion, comdassion, comqassion, compassiou, combassiou, comdassiou, comqassiou, (cowpassion, cowbassion, cowdassion, cowqassion, cowpassiou, cowbassiou, cowdassiou, cowqassiou)
ashamed = ashameb, ashamep, ashameq, (ashawed, ashaweb, ashawep, ashaweq)
vocabulary = vocadulary, vocapulary, vocaqulary, vocabnlary, vacadnlary, vocapnlary, vocaqnlary
terminology = termiuology, terminolo6y, termiuolo6y, terminolo9y, terminolo9y, (terwinology, terwiuology, terwinolo6y, terwiuolo6y, terwinolo9y, terwinolo9y)
synonym = synouym, syuonym, syuouym, (synonyw, synouyw, syuonyw, syuouyw)
quote = qnote, buote, bnote, duote, dnote, puote, pnote
proverb = proverd, proverd, proverq, broverb, broverd, broverd, broverq, droverb, droverd, droverd, droverq, proverb, proverd, proverd, proverq, qroverb, qroverd, qroverd, qroverq

Letter q Grade Six Dyslexia Examples Improve Dyslexia dot com Spelling
preposition = prebosition, predosition, preqosition, prepositiou, prebositiou, predositiou, preqositiou, breposition, brebosition, bredosition, breqosition, brepositiou, brebositiou, bredositiou, breqositiou, dreposition, drebosition, dredosition, dreqosition, drepositiou, drebositiou, dredositiou, dreqositiou, qreposition, qrebosition, qredosition, qreqosition, qrepositiou, qrebositiou, qredositiou, qreqositiou
plural = blural, dlural, qlural, plnral, blnral, dlnral, qlnral
phrase = bhrase, dhrase, qhrase
opposite = obbosite, obdosite, obposite, obqosite, odbosite, oddosite, odposite, odqosite, opbosite, opdosite, opqosite, oqbosite, oqdosite, oqposite, oqqosite
metaphor = metadhor, metabhor, metaqhor, (wetaphor, wetadhor, wetabhor, wetaqhor)
expression = expressiou, exbression, exbressiou, exdression, exdressiou, exqression, exqressiou
antonym = autonym, antouym, autouym, (antonyw, autonyw, antouyw, autouyw)
adverb = adverd, adverp, adverq, abverb, abverd, abverp, abverq, adverb, adverd, adverp, adverq, aqverb, aqverd, aqverp, aqverq, apverb, apverd, apverp, apverq
substances = sudstances, supstances, suqstances, substauces, sudstauces, supstauces, suqstauces, snbstances, sndstances, snpstances, snqstances, snbstauces, sndstauces, snpstauces, snqstauces
property = proberty, proderty, proqerty, broperty, broberty, broderty, broqerty, droperty, droberty, droderty, droqerty, qroperty, qroberty, qroderty, qroqerty
possible = possidle, possiple, possiqle, bossible, bossidle, bossiple, bossiqle, dossible, dossidle, dossiple, dossiqle, qossible, qossidle, qossiple, qossiqle
physical = bhysical, dhysical, qhysical
photosynthesis = photosyuthesis, bhotosynthesis, bhotosyuthesis, dhotosynthesis, dhotosyuthesis, qhotosynthesis, qhotosyuthesis
invisible = invisidle, invisiple, invisiqle, iuvisible, iuvisidle, iuvisiple, iuvisiqle
information = informatiou, iuformation, iuformatiou, (inforwation, inforwatiou, iuforwation, iuforwatiou)
fluid = fluib, fluip, fluiq, flnid, flnib, flnip, flniq
estimation = estimatiou, (estiwation, estiwatiou)
density = deusity, bensity, beusity, pensity, peusity, qensity, qeusity
chlorophyll = chlorobhyll, chlorodhyll, chloroqhyll
capacity = cabacity, cadacity, caqacity
buoyancy = buoyaucy, duoyancy, duoyauce, puoyance, puoyaucy, quoyancy, quoyaucy, bnoyancy, bnoyaucy, dnoyancy, dnoyauce, pnoyance, pnoyaucy, qnoyancy, qnoyaucy
pigment = pigmeut, bigment, bigmeut, digment, digmeut, qigment, qigmeut, pi6ment, pi6meut, bi6ment, bi6meut, di6ment, di6meut, qi6ment, qi6meut, pi9ment, pi9meut, bi9ment, bi9meut, di9ment, di9meut, qi9ment, qi9meut, (pigwent, pigweut, bigwent, bigweut, digwent, digweut, qigwent, qigweut, pi6went, pi6weut, bi6went, bi6weut, di6went, di6weut, qi6went, qi6weut, pi9went, pi9weut, bi9went, bi9weut, di9went, di9weut, qi9went, qi9weut
stubborn = stubboru, stnbborn, stnbboru, stubdorn, stubdoru, stnbdorn, stnbdoru, stubporn, stubporu, stnbporn, stnbporu, stubqorn, stubqorn, stnbqorn, stnbqoru, studborn, studboru, stndborn, stndboru, studdorn, studdoru, stnddorn, stnddoru, studporn, studporu, stndporn, stndporu, studqorn, studqorn, stndqorn, stndqoru, stupborn, stupboru, stnpborn, stnpboru, stupdorn, stupdoru, stnpdorn, stnpdoru, stupporn, stupporu, stnpporn, stnpporu, stupqorn, stupqorn, stnpqorn, stnpqoru, stuqborn, stuqboru, stnqborn, stnqboru, stuqdorn, stuqdoru, stnqdorn, stnqdoru, stuqporn, stuqporu, stnqporn, stnqporu, stuqqorn, stuqqorn, stnqqorn, stnqqoru
complaining = comblaining, comdlaining, comqlaining, complaiuing, comblaiuing, comdlaiuing, comqlaiuing, complainiug, comblainiug, comdlainiug, comqlainiug, complaiuiug, comblaiuiug, comdlaiuiug, comqlaiuiug, complainin6, comblainin6, comdlainin6, comqlainin6, complaiuin6, comblaiuin6, comdlaiuin6, comqlaiuin6, complainiu6, comblainiu6, comdlainiu6, comqlainiu6, complaiuiu6, comblaiuiu6, comdlaiuiu6, comqlaiuiu6, complainin9, comblainin9, comdlainin9, comqlainin9, complaiuin9, comblaiuin9, comdlaiuin9, comqlaiuin9, complainiu9, comblainiu9, comdlainiu9, comqlainiu9, complaiuiu9, comblaiuiu9, comdlaiuiu9, comqlaiuiu9
approachable = approachadle, approachaple, approachaqle, abbroachable, abbroachadle, abbroachaple, abbroachaqle, abdroachable, abdroachadle, abdroachaple, abdroachaqle, abproachable, abproachadle, abproachaple, abproachaqle, abqroachable, abqroachadle, abqroachaple, abqroachaqle, addroachable, addroachadle, addroachaple, addroachaqle, adbroachable, adbroachadle, adbroachaple, adbroachaqle, adproachable, adproachadle, adproachaple, adproachaqle, adqroachable, adqroachadle, adqroachaple, adqroachaqle, apbroachable, apbroachadle, apbroachaple, apbroachaqle, apdroachable, apdroachadle, apdroachaple, apdroachaqle, apqroachable, apqroachadle, apqroachaple, apqroachaqle, aqqroachable, aqqroachadle, aqqroachaple, aqqroachaqle, aqbroachable, aqbroachadle, aqbroachaple, aqbroachaqle, aqproachable, aqproachadle, aqproachaple, aqproachaqle, aqdroachable, aqdroachadle, aqdroachaple, aqdroachaqle
understand = unberstand, unperstand, unqerstand, understaud, unberstaud, unperstaud, unqerstaud, nuderstand, nuberstand, nuperstand, nuqerstand, nuderstaud, nuberstaud, nuperstaud, nuqerstaud, uuderstand, uuberstand, uuperstand, uuqerstand, uuderstaud, uuberstaud, uuperstaud, uuqerstaud, nnderstand, nnberstand, nnperstand, nnqerstand, nnderstaud, nnberstaud, nnperstaud, nnqerstaud, understanb, unberstanb, unperstanb, unqerstanb, understaub, unberstaub, unperstaub, unqerstaub, nuderstanb, nuberstanb, nuperstanb, nuqerstanb, nuderstaub, nuberstaub, nuperstaub, nuqerstaub, uuderstanb, uuberstanb, uuperstanb, uuqerstanb, uuderstaub, uuberstaub, uuperstaub, uuqerstaub, nnderstanb, nnberstanb, nnperstanb, nnqerstanb, nnderstaub, nnberstaub, nnperstaub, nnqerstaub, understanp, unberstanp, unperstanp, unqerstanp, understaup, unberstaup, unperstaup, unqerstaup, nuderstanp, nuberstanp, nuperstanp, nuqerstanp, nuderstaup, nuberstaup, nuperstaup, nuqerstaup, uuderstanp, uuberstanp, uuperstanp, uuqerstanp, uuderstaup, uuberstaup, uuperstaup, uuqerstaup, nnderstanp, nnberstanp, nnperstanp, nnqerstanp, nnderstaup, nnberstaup, nnperstaup, nnqerstaup, understanq, unberstanq, unperstanq, unqerstanq, understauq, unberstauq, unperstauq, unqerstauq, nuderstanq, nuberstanq, nuperstanq, nuqerstanq, nuderstauq, nuberstauq, nuperstauq, nuqerstauq, uuderstanq, uuberstanq, uuperstanq, uuqerstanq, uuderstauq, uuberstauq, uuperstauq, uuqerstauq, nnderstanq, nnberstanq, nnperstanq, nnqerstanq, nnderstauq, nnberstauq, nnperstauq, nnqerstauq

Finally, there are a number of online resources and programs available to help dyslexic students in Grade Six. At, we provide access to a variety of resources, such as our Dyslexia Reading Program, Dyslexia Screenings, and Dyslexia Tutoring, which can help dyslexic students improve their reading comprehension and become successful learners.

At, we believe that all students, including those with ADHD and dyslexia, can excel academically. With the right resources and support, dyslexic students can reach their full potential and become successful learners. If you have a child in Grade Six with ADHD and dyslexia, don’t hesitate to reach out to for support. Our team of experienced professionals are here to help you find the best learning solutions for your child.

Grade 6 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #7:

waste, reusable, reduce, recycle, process, pollution, pollute, plastic, metal, environment, empty, ecology, disposal, disposable, conservation, biodegradable, poet, poem, myth, magazine, literature, librarian, introduction, index, illiterate, folklore, encyclopedia, developed, conclusion, bookstore, autobiography, adventure, signature, survey, members, imagination, entered, elevator, dissatisfied, description, commercial, brilliant, autograph, authenticity, auditorium, audience, architecture, apprentice, vertex, symmetry, scale, ratio, radius, protractor, perpendicular, parallel, obtuse, intersecting, dimensional, diameter, degree, circumference, angle, acute

Non-Dyslexia Words
recycle, illiterate, folklore, elevator, vertex, scale, ratio,

Dyslexia Words

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)
waste = maste
metal = wetal
myth = wyth
symmetry = sywwetry, symwetry, sywmetry
commercial = cowwercial, cowmercial, comwercial

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
(words with only n or u Dyslexia)
literature = literatnre
conclusion = couclusion, conclnsion, couclnsion, conclusiou, couclusiou, conclnsiou, couclnsiou
survey = snrvey
architecture = architectnre
acute = acnte

Grade 6 Dyslexia Variations – Month 7

reusable = reusadle, reusaple, reusaqle, rensable, rensadle, rensaple, rensaqle
reduce = rebuce, repuce, requce, rednce, rebnce, repnce, reqnce
process = drocess, brocess, qrocess
pollution = pollntion, bollution, bollntion, dollution, dollntion, qollution, qollntion, pollutiou, pollntiou, bollutiou, bollntiou, dollutiou, dollntiou, qollutiou, qollntiou
pollute = bollute, dollute, qollute, pollnte, bollnte, dollnte, qollnte
plastic = bastic, dlastic, qlastic
environment = enviroument, euvironment, euviroument, environmeut, enviroumeut, euvironmeut, euviroumeut, (environwent, envirouwent, euvironwent, euvirouwent, environweut, envirouweut, euvirouweut, euvirouweut)
empty = embty, emdty, emqty, (ewpty, ewbty, ewdty, ewqty)
ecology = ecolo6y, ecolo9y
conservation = couservation, conservatiou, couservatiou

poet = boet, doet, qoet
poem = boem, doem, qoem, (poew, boew, doew, qoew)
magazine = magaziue, ma6azine, ma6aziue, ma9azine, ma9aziue, (wagazine, wagaziue, wa6azine, wa6aziue, wa9azine, wa9aziue)
librarian = lidrarian, liprarian, liqrarian, librariau, lidrariau, liprariau, liqrariau
introduction = introbuction, intropuction, introquction, introdnction, introbnction, intropnction, introqnction, iutroduction, iutrobuction, iutropunction, iutroquction, iutrodnction, iutrobnction, iutropnction, iutroqnction, introductiou, introbuctiou, intropuctiou, introquctiou, introdnctiou, introbnctiou, intropnctiou, introqnctiou, iutroductiou, iutrobuctiou, iutropunctiou, iutroquctiou, iutrodnctiou, iutrobnctiou, iutropnctiou, iutroqnctiou
index = inbex, inpex, inqex, iudex, iubex, iupex, iudex
encyclopedia = encyclobedia, encyclodedia, encycloqedia, eucyclopedia, eucyclobedia, eucyclodedia, eucycloqedia, encyclopebia = encyclobebia, encyclodebia, encycloqebia, eucyclopebia, eucyclobebia, eucyclodebia, eucycloqebia, encyclopepia = encyclobepia, encyclodepia, encycloqepia, eucyclopepia, eucyclobepia, eucyclodepia, eucycloqepia, encyclopeqia = encyclobeqia, encyclodeqia, encycloqeqia, eucyclopeqia, eucyclobeqia, eucyclodeqia, eucycloqeqia
developed = develobed, develoqed, develoded, 
bookstore = pookstore, dookstore, qookstore
adventure = adveuture, abventure, abveuture, apventure, apveuture, aqventure, aqveuture, adventnre, adveutnre, abventnre, abveutnre, apventnre, apveutnre, aqventnre, aqveutnre
signature = siguature, siguatnre, signatnre
si6nature, si6uature, si6uatnre, si6natnre, si9nature, si9uature, si9uatnre, si9natnre
members = memders, mempers, memqers, (wewbers, wewders, wewpers, wewqers, mewbers, mewders, mewpers, mewqers, wembers, wemders, wempers, wemqers)
imagination = imagiuation, imaginatiou, imagiuatiou, ima6ination, ima6iuation, ima6inatiou, ima6iuatiou, ima9ination ima9iuation, ima9inatiou, ima9iuatiou, (iwagination, iwagiuation, iwaginatiou, iwagiuatiou, iwa6ination, iwa6iuation, iwa6inatiou, iwa6iuatiou, iwa9ination iwa9iuation, iwa9inatiou, iwa9iuatiou)
entered = eutered, entereb, eutereb, enterep, euterep, entereq, iutereq
dissatisfied = bissatisfied, pissatisfied, qissatisfied, dissatisfieb, bissatisfieb, pissatisfieb, qissatisfieb, dissatisfiep, bissatisfiep, pissatisfiep, qissatisfiep, dissstisfieq, bissatisfieq, ppissatisfieq, qissatisfieq
description = describtion, descridtion, descriqtion, descriptiou, describtiou, descridtiou, descriqtiou, bescription, bescribtion, bescridtion, bescriqtion, bescriptiou, bescribtiou, bescridtiou, bescriqtiou, pescription, pescribtion, pescridtion, pescriqtion, pescriptiou, pescribtiou, pescridtiou, pescriqtiou, escription, qescribtion, qescridtion, qescriqtion, qescriptiou, qescribtiou, qescridtiou, qescriqtiou
brilliant = drilliant, prilliant, qrilliant, brilliaut, driliaut, prilliaut, qrilliaut
autograph = autograbh, autogradh, autograqh, antograph, antograbh, antogradh, antograqh, auto6raph, auto6rabh, auto6radh, auto6raqh, anto6raph, anto6rabh, anto6radh, anto6raqh, auto9raph, auto9rabh, auto9radh, auto9raqh, anto9raph, anto9rabh, anto9radh, anto9raqh
authenticity = autheuticity, antheuticity, anthenticity

Spelling Letter n Grade Six Dyslexia Examples Improve Dyslexia dot com
auditorium = aubitorium, aupitorium auqitorium, auditorinm, auditorinm, aupitorinm, auqitorinm, anditorium, anbitorium, anpitorium, anqitorium, anditornm, anditorinm, anpitorinm, anqitorinm, (auditoriuw, aubitoriuw, aupitoriuw, auqitoriuw, auditorinw, auditorinw, aupitorinw, auqitorinw, anditoriuw, anbitoriuw, anpitoriuw, anqitoriuw, anditornw, anditorinw, anpitorinw, anqitorinw)
audience = aubience, aupience, auqience, audieuce, aubieuce, aupieuce, auqieuce, andience, anbience, anpience, anqience, andieuce, anbieuce, anpieuce, anqieuce
apprentice = appreutice, abbrentice, abbreutice, abdrentice, abdreutice, abprentice, abpreutice, abqrentice, abqreutice, adbrentice, adbreutice, addrentice, addreutice, adprentice, adpreutice, adqrentice, adqreutice, apbrentice, apbreutice, apdrentice, apdreutice, apqrentice, apqreutice, aqbrentice, aqbreutice, aqdrentice, aqdreutice, aqprentice, aqpreutice, aqqrentice, aqqeutice
radius = rabius, rapius, raqius, radins, rabins, rapins, raqins
protractor = brotractor, drotractor, qrotractor
perpendicular = perpenbicular, perpenpicular, perpenqicular, perpendicnlar, perpenbicnlar, perpenpicnlar, perpenqecnlar, perpeudicular, perpeubicular, perpeupicular, perpeuqicular, perpeudicnlar, perpeubicnlar, perpeupicnlar, perpeuqecnlar, perbendicular, perbenbicular, perbenpicular, perbenqicular, perbendicnlar, perbenbicnlar, perbenpicnlar, perbenqecnlar, perbeudicular, perbeubicular, perbeupicular, perbeuqicular, perbeudicnlar, perbeubicnlar, perbeupicnlar, perbeuqecnlar, perdendicular, perdenbicular, perdenpicular, perdenqicular, perdendicnlar, perdenbicnlar, perdenpicnlar, perdenqecnlar, perdeudicular, perdeubicular, perdeupicular, perdeuqicular, perdeudicnlar, perdeubicnlar, perdeupicnlar, perdeuqecnlar, perqendicular, perqenbicular, perqenpicular, perqenqicular, perqendicnlar, perqenbicnlar, perqenpicnlar, perqenqecnlar, perqeudicular, perqeubicular, perqeupicular, perqeuqicular, perqeudicnlar, perqeubicnlar, perqeupicnlar, perqeuqecnlar, berpendicular, berpenbicular, berpenpicular, berpenqicular, berpendicnlar, berpenbicnlar, berpenpicnlar, berpenqecnlar, berpeudicular, berpeubicular, berpeupicular, berpeuqicular, berpeudicnlar, berpeubicnlar, berpeupicnlar, berpeuqecnlar, berbendicular, berbenbicular, berbenpicular, berbenqicular, berbendicnlar, berbenbicnlar, berbenpicnlar, berbenqecnlar, berbeudicular, berbeubicular, berbeupicular, berbeuqicular, berbeudicnlar, berbeubicnlar, berbeupicnlar, berbeuqecnlar, berdendicular, berdenbicular, berdenpicular, berdenqicular, berdendicnlar, berdenbicnlar, berdenpicnlar, berdenqecnlar, berdeudicular, berdeubicular, berdeupicular, berdeuqicular, berdeudicnlar, berdeubicnlar, berdeupicnlar, berdeuqecnlar, berqendicular, berqenbicular, berqenpicular, berqenqicular, berqendicnlar, berqenbicnlar, berqenpicnlar, berqenqecnlar, berqeudicular, berqeubicular, berqeupicular, berqeuqicular, berqeudicnlar, berqeubicnlar, berqeupicnlar, berqeuqecnlar, derpendicular, derpenbicular, derpenpicular, derpenqicular, derpendicnlar, derpenbicnlar, derpenpicnlar, derpenqecnlar, derpeudicular, derpeubicular, derpeupicular, derpeuqicular, derpeudicnlar, derpeubicnlar, derpeupicnlar, derpeuqecnlar, derbendicular, derbenbicular, derbenpicular, derbenqicular, derbendicnlar, derbenbicnlar, derbenpicnlar, derbenqecnlar, derbeudicular, derbeubicular, derbeupicular, derbeuqicular, derbeudicnlar, derbeubicnlar, derbeupicnlar, derbeuqecnlar, derdendicular, derdenbicular, derdenpicular, derdenqicular, derdendicnlar, derdenbicnlar, derdenpicnlar, derdenqecnlar, derdeudicular, derdeubicular, derdeupicular, derdeuqicular, derdeudicnlar, derdeubicnlar, derdeupicnlar, derdeuqecnlar, derqendicular, derqenbicular, derqenpicular, derqenqicular, derqendicnlar, derqenbicnlar, derqenpicnlar, derqenqecnlar, derqeudicular, derqeubicular, derqeupicular, derqeuqicular, derqeudicnlar, derqeubicnlar, derqeupicnlar, derqeuqecnlar, qerpendicular, qerpenbicular, qerpenpicular, qerpenqicular, qerpendicnlar, qerpenbicnlar, qerpenpicnlar, qerpenqecnlar, qerpeudicular, qerpeubicular, qerpeupicular, qerpeuqicular, qerpeudicnlar, qerpeubicnlar, qerpeupicnlar, qerpeuqecnlar, qerbendicular, qerbenbicular, qerbenpicular, qerbenqicular, qerbendicnlar, qerbenbicnlar, qerbenpicnlar, qerbenqecnlar, qerbeudicular, qerbeubicular, qerbeupicular, qerbeuqicular, qerbeudicnlar, qerbeubicnlar, qerbeupicnlar, qerbeuqecnlar, qerdendicular, qerdenbicular, qerdenpicular, qerdenqicular, qerdendicnlar, qerdenbicnlar, qerdenpicnlar, qerdenqecnlar, qerdeudicular, qerdeubicular, qerdeupicular, qerdeuqicular, qerdeudicnlar, qerdeubicnlar, qerdeupicnlar, qerdeuqecnlar, qerqendicular, qerqenbicular, qerqenpicular, qerqenqicular, qerqendicnlar, qerqenbicnlar, qerqenpicnlar, qerqenqecnlar, qerqeudicular, qerqeubicular, qerqeupicular, qerqeuqicular, qerqeudicnlar, qerqeubicnlar, qerqeupicnlar, qerqeuqecnlar

parallel = barallel, darallel, qarallel
obtuse = obtnse, odtuse, odtnse, optuse, optnse, oqtuse, oqtnse
intersecting = iutersecting, iutersectiug, intersectiug, intersectin6, iutersectin6, iutersectiu6, intersectiu6, intersectin9, iutersectin9, iutersectiu9, intersectiu9
diameter =biameter, piameter, qiameter, (diaweter, biaweter, piaweter, qiaweter)
degree = begree, pegree, qegree, de6ree, be6ree, pe6ree, qe6ree, de9ree, be9ree, pe9ree, qe9ree
circumference = circumfereuce, circnmference, circnmfereuce, (ciruwference, circuwfereuce, circnwference, circnwfereuce)
angle = augle, an6le, au6le, an9le, au9le
dimensional = dimeusional, dimeusioual, dimensioual, bimensional, bimeusional, bimeusioual, bimensioual, pimensional, pimeusional, pimeusioual, pimensioual, qimensional, qimeusional, qimeusioual, qimensioual, (diwensional, diweusional, diweusioual, diwensioual, biwensional, biweusional, biweusioual, biwensioual, piwensional, piweusional, piweusioual, piwensioual, qiwensional, qiweusional, qiweusioual, qiwensioual)
disposal = disbosal, disdosal, disqosal, bisposal, bisbosal, bisdosal, bisqosal, pisposal, pisbosal, pisdosal, pisqosal, qisposal, qisbosal, qisdosal, qisqosal, disposable, disbosable, disdosable, disposable, disqosable, bisposable, bisbosable, bisdosable, bisposable, bisqosable, pisposable, pisbosable, pisdosable, pisposable, pisqosable, qisposable, qisbosable, qisdosable, qisposable, qisqosable, disposadle, disbosadle, disdosadle, disposadle, disqosadle, bisposadle, bisbosadle, bisdosadle, bisposadle, bisqosadle, pisposadle, pisbosadle, pisdosadle, pisposadle, pisqosadle, qisposadle, qisbosadle, qisdosadle, qisposadle, qisqosadle, disposaple, disbosaple, disdosaple, disposaple, disqosaple, bisposaple, bisbosaple, bisdosaple, bisposaple, bisqosaple, pisposaple, pisbosaple, pisdosaple, pisposaple, pisqosaple, qisposaple, qisbosaple, qisdosaple, qisposaple, qisqosaple, disposaqle, disbosaqle, disdosaqle, disposaqle, disqosaqle, bisposaqle, bisbosaqle, bisdosaqle, bisposaqle, bisqosaqle, pisposaqle, pisbosaqle, pisdosaqle, pisposaqle, pisqosaqle, qisposaqle, qisbosaqle, qisdosaqle, qisposaqle, qisqosaqle
autobiography = autodiography, autopiography, autoqiography, antobiography, antodiography, antopiography, antoqiography, autobiograbhy, autodiograbhy, autopiograbhy, autoqiograbhy, antobiograbhy, antodiograbhy, antopiograbhy, antoqiograbhy, autobiogradhy, autodiogradhy, autopiogradhy, autoqiogradhy, antobiogradhy, antodiogradhy, antopiogradhy, antoqiogradhy, autobiograqhy, autodiograqhy, autopiograqhy, autoqiograqhy, antobiograqhy, antodiograqhy, antopiograqhy, antoqiograqhy, autobio6raphy, autodio6raphy, autopio6raphy, autoqio6raphy, antobio6raphy, antodio6raphy, antopio6raphy, antoqio6raphy, autobio6rabhy, autodio6rabhy, autopio6rabhy, autoqio6rabhy, antobio6rabhy, antodio6rabhy, antopio6rabhy, antoqio6rabhy, autobio6radhy, autodio6radhy, autopio6radhy, autoqio6radhy, antobio6radhy, antodio6radhy, antopio6radhy, antoqio6radhy, autobio6raqhy, autodio6raqhy, autopio6raqhy, autoqio6raqhy, antobio6raqhy, antodio6raqhy, antopio6raqhy, antoqio6raqhy, autobio9raphy, autodio9raphy, autopio9raphy, autoqio9raphy, antobio9raphy, antodio9ra6hy, antopio9raphy, antoqio9raphy, autobio9rabhy, autodio9rabhy, autopio9rabhy, autoqio9rabhy, antobio9rabhy, antodio9rabhy, antopio9rabhy, antoqio9rabhy, autobio9radhy, autodio9radhy, autopio9radhy, autoqio9radhy, antobio9radhy, antodio9radhy, antopio9radhy, antoqio9radhy, autobio9raqhy, autodio9raqhy, autopio9raqhy, autoqio9raqhy, antobio9raqhy, antodio9raqhy, antopio9raqhy, antoqio9raqhy

Grade 6 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #8:

winning, victory, track, sprint, protection, proper, penalty, opponent, medal, league, golf, champion, bounce, athlete, amateur, active, verdict, reached, police, officer, legal, lawyer, judicial, judge, innocent, guilty, evidence, defendant, court, confession, appear, adjourn, within, technique, smiled, shown, serious, section, scheme, reason, pessimism, permission, notice, miniature, license, figure, arithmetic, accompany, visible, universe, spacecraft, satellite, rocket, meteor, launch, horizon, exploration, constellation, comet, axis, atmosphere, astronomy, astronaut, across

Non-Dyslexia Words

victory, track, officer, athlete, active, axis, across, satellite, rocket,

Dyslexia Words

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)
lawyer = lamyer
scheme = schewe
meteor = weteor
comet = cowet
arithmetic = arthwetic

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
(words with only n or u Dyslexia)
serious = serious
section = sectiou
reason = reasou


Grade 6 Dyslexia Variations – Month 8
sprint = spriut, sbrint, sbriut, sdrint, sdriut, sqriut, sqrint
protection = protectiou, brotection, brotectiou, drotection, drotectiou, qrotection, qrotectiou
proper = prober, proder, proqer, broper, brober, broder, broqer, droper, drober, droder, droqer, qroper, qrober, qroder, qroqer
penalty = benalty, denalty, qenalty, peualty, beualty, deualty, qeualty
medal = mebal, mepal, meqal
league = leagne, lea6ue,lea6ne, lea9ue, lea9ne
golf = 6olf, 9olf
champion = chambion, chamdion, chamqion, champiou, chambiou, chamdiou, chamqiou
bounce = dounce, pounce, qounce, bonuce, donuce, ponuce, qonuce, bouuce, douuce, pouuce, qouuce, bonnce, donnce, ponnce qonnce
amateur = amatenr, (awateur, awatenr)
verdict = verbict, verpict, verqict
reached = reacheb, reacheq, reachep
police = bolice, dolice, qolice
legal = le6al, le9al
judicial = jubicial, jupicial, juqicial, jndicial, jnbicial, jnpicial, jnqicial
judge = jubge, jupge, juqge, jndge, jnbge, jnpge, jnqge, jud6e, jub6e, jup6e, juq6e, jnd6e, jnb6e, jnp6e, jnq6e, jud9e, jub9e, jup9e, juq9e, jnd9e, jnb9e, jnp9e, jnq9e
guilty = gnilty, 6uilty, 6niilty, 9uilty, 9nilty
evidence = evibence, evipence, eviqence, evideuce, evibeuce, evipeuce, eviqeuce
court = conrt
confession = confessiou, coufession, coufessiou
appear, abbear, abdear, abpear, abqear, adbear, addear, adpear, adqear, apbear, apdear, apqear, aqbear, aqdear, aqdear, aqpear
adjourn = abjourn, apjourn, aqjourn, adjonrn, abjonrn, apjonrn, aqjonrn, adjouru, abjouru, apjouru, aqjouru, adjonru, abjonru, apjonru, aqjonru
within = withiu, (mithin, mithiu)
technique = technibue, technidue, technipue, techuique, techuibue, techuidue, techuipue, techniqne, technibne, technidne, technipne, techuiqne, techuibne, techuidne, techuipne
smiled = smileb, smilep, smileq, (swiled, swileb, swilep, swileq)
shown = showu, (shomn, shomu)
pessimism = bessimism, dessimism, qessimism, (pessiwism, bessiwism, dessiwism, qessiwism, pessiwisw, bessiwisw, dessiwisw, qessiwisw, pessimisw, bessimisw, dessimisw, qessimisw)
permission = bermission, dermission, qermission, permissiou, bermissiou, dermissiou, qermissiou
miniature = miuiature, miniatnre, miuiatnre, (winiature, wiuiature, winiatnre, wiuiatnre)
figure = fignre, fi6ure, fi6nre, fi9ure, fi9nre
accompany = accombany, accomdany, accomqany, accompauy, accombauy, accomdauy, accomqauy, (accowpany accowbany, accowdany, accowqany, accowpauy, accowbauy, accowdauy, accowqay)
visible = visidle, visiple, visiqle
spacecraft = sbacecraft, sdacecraft, sqacecraft
launch = lanuch, lauuch, lannch
exploration = exbloration, exdloration, exqloration, exploratiou, exbloratiou, exdloratiou, exqloratiou
constellation = coustellation, coustellatiou, constellatiou
atmosphere = atmosbhere, atmosdhere, atmosqhere, (atwosphere, atwosbhere, atwosdhere, atwosqhere)
astronomy = astroumy (astronowy, astrouwy)
astronaut = astrouaut, astronant, astrouant
winning = winniug, wiuuing, wiuuiug, winuing, winuiug, wiuning, wiuniug, winnin6, winniu6, wiuuin6, wiuuiu6, winuin6, winuiu6, wiunin6, wiuniu6, winnin9, winniu9, wiuuin9, wiuuiu9, winuin9, winuiu9, wiunin9, wiuniu9, (minning, minniug, miuuing, miuuiug, minuing, minuiug, miuning, miuniug, minnin6, minniu6, miuuin6, miuuiu6, minuin6, minuiu6, miunin6, miuniu6, minnin9, minniu9, miuuin9, miuuiu9, minuin9, minuiu9, miunin9, miuniu9)
defendant = befendant, pefendant, qefendant, defeudant, befeudant, pefeudant, qefeudant, defendaut, befendaut, pefendaut, qefendaut, defenbant, befenbant, pefenbant, qefenbant, defeubant, befeubant, pefeubant, qefeubant, defenbaut, befenbaut, pefenbaut, qefenbaut, defenpant, befenpant, pefenpant, qefenpant, defeupant, befeupant, pefeupant, qefeupant, defenpaut, befenpaut, pefenpaut, qefenpaut, defenqant, befenqant, pefenqant, qefenqant, defeuqant, befeuqant, pefeuqant, qefeuqant, defenqaut, befenqaut, penfenqaut, qefenqaut
opponent = oppouent, oppoueut, opponeut, obdonent, obdouent, obdoueut, obdoneut, obbonent, obbouent, obboueut, obboneut, obponent, obpouent, obpoueut, obponeut, obqonent, obqouent, obqoueut, obqoneut, odbonent, odbouent, odboueut, odboneut, oddonent, oddouent, oddoueut, oddoneut, odbonent, odbouent, odboueut, odboneut, odponent, odpouent, odpoueut, odponeut, odqonent, odqouent, odqoueut, odqoneut, opbonent, opbouent, opboueut, opboneut, opdonent, opdouent, opdoueut, opdoneut, opqonent, opqouent, opqoueut, opqoneut, oqbonent, oqbouent, oqboueut, oqboneut, oqdonent, oqdouent, oqdoueut, oqdoneut, oqqonent, oqqouent, oqqoueut, oqqoneut, oqponent, oqpouent, oqpoueut, oqponeut

Grade 6 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #9:

surgeon, success, prevent, prescription, physician, pharmacy, operation, necessary, medicine, infection, headache, faint, especially, contagious, antiseptic, antibiotic, support, similar, rumor, memories, heard, friendship, forgiveness, encouragement, disagreement, different, cooperation, conversation, confide, compromise, companion, apology, wonderful, view, towel, sprinkler, puzzle, popsicle, mosquito, mountains, meadow, lemonade, crowd, canoeing, campsite, campfire, bicycle, barbecue, tenant, shower, shelf, owner, modern, mansion, furniture, furnace, faucet, downstairs, cushion, curtain couch, balcony attic, appliance

Non-Dyslexia Words

shelf, attic

Dyslexia Words

surgeon, prevent, prescription, physician, pharmacy, operation, medicine, infection, headache, especially, contagious, antiseptic, antibiotic, support, rumor, heard, friendship, forgiveness, encouragement, disagreement, different, cooperation, conversation, confide, compromise, companion, apology, wonderful, sprinkler, puzzle, popsicle, mosquito, mountains, meadow, lemonade, crowd, canoeing, campsite, campfire, bicycle, barbecue, owner, modern, mansion, downstairs, balcony, appliance

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)
similar = siwilar
memories = mewories, wemories, wewories
view = viem
towel = tomel
shower = shomer

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
(words with only n or u Dyslexia)
success = snccess
necessary = uecessary
faint = faiut
tenant = tenaut, teuant, teuaut
furniture = furnitnre, fnrniture, fnrnitnre, furuiture, furuitnre, fnruiture, fnruitnre
furnace = furuace, fnruace, fnrnace
faucet = fancet
cushion = cushiou, cnshion, cnshiou
curtain = cnrtain, curtaiu, cnrtain
couch = conch

Grade 6 Dyslexia Variations – Month 9

surgeon = sngeon, surgeou, snrgeon, sur6eon, sn6eon, sur6eou, snr6eon, sur9eon, sn9eon, sur9eou, snr9eon
prevent =preveut, brevent, breveut, drevent, dreveut, qrevent, qreveut
prescription = prescribtion, prescridtion, prescriqtion, prescriptiou, prescribtiou, prescridtiou, prescriqtiou, brescription, brescribtion, brescridtion, brescriqtion, brescriptiou, brescribtiou, brescridtiou, brescriqtiou, drescription, drescribtion, drescridtion, drescriqtion, drescriptiou, drescribtiou, drescridtiou, drescriqtiou, qrescription, qrescribtion, qrescridtion, qrescriqtion, qrescriptiou, qrescribtiou, qrescridtiou, qrescriqtiou
physician = bysician, physician, qhysician, physiciau, bhysiciau, physiciau, qhysiciau
pharmacy = dharmacy, bharmacy, qharmacy, (pharwacy, dharwacy, bharwacy, qharwacy)
operation = oderation, oberation, oqeration, operatiou, oderatiou, oberatiou, oqeratiou
medicine = mebicine, mepicine, meqicine, mediciue, mebiciue, mepiciue, meqiciue, (wedicine, webicine, wepicine, weqicine, wediciue, webiciue, wepiciue, weqiciue)
infection = iufection, iufectiou, infectiou
headache = heabache, heapache, heaqache
especially = esbecially, esdecially, esqecially
contagious = contagions, coutagious, coutagions, conta6ious, conta6ions, conta6ious, couta6ions, conta9ious, conta9ions, conta9ious, couta9ions
antiseptic = antisebtic, antisedtic, antiseqtic, autiseptic, autisebtic, autisdtic, autiseqtic
antibiotic = antidiotic, antipiotic, antiqiotic, autibiotic, autidiotic, autipiotic, autiqiotic
support = subbort, suddort, suqqort, subdort, subport, subqort, sudbort, sudport, sudqort, suqbort, suqport, suqdort
rumor = rnmor, (ruwor, rnwor)
heard = hearb, hearp, hearq
friendship = frienbship, frienpship, frienqship, frieudship, frieubship, frieupship, frieuqship, friendshib, frienbshib, frienpshib, frienqshib, frieudshib, frieubshib, frieupshib, frieuqshib, friendshid, frienbshid, frienpshid, frienqshid, frieudshid, frieubshid, frieupshid, frieuqshid, friendshiq, friendshiq, frienpshiq, frienqshiq, frieudshiq, frieubshiq, frieupshiq, frieuqshiq
forgiveness = forgiveuess, for6iveness, for6iveuess, for9iveness, for9iveuess
disagreement = bisagreement, pisagreement, qisagreement, disagreemeut, bisagreemeut, pisagreemeut, qisagreemeut, disa6reement, bisa6reement, pisa6reement, qisa6reement, disa6reemeut, bisa6reemeut, pisa6reemeut, qisa6reemeut, disa9reement, bisa9reement, pisa9reement, qisa9reement, disa9reemeut, bisa9reemeut, pisa9reemeut, qisa9reemeut
different = bifferent, pifferent, qifferent, differeut, biffereut, piffereut, qiffereut
cooperation = cooderation, cooberation, cooqeration, cooperatiou, cooderatiou, cooberatiou, cooqeratoiu
conversation = conversatiou, couversation, couversatiou
confide = confibe, confipe, confiqe, coufide, coufibe, coufipe, coufiqe
compromise = combromise, comdromise, comqromise, (cowprowise, cowbrowise, cowdrowise, cowqrowise, comprowise, combrowise, comdrowise, comqrowise, cowpromise, cowbromise, cowdromise, cowqromise)
companion = combanion, comdanion, comqanion, companiou, combaniou, comdaniou, comqaniou, compauion, combauion, comdauion, comqauion, compauiou, cambauiou, comdauiou, comqauiou, (cowpanion, cowbanion, cowdanion, cowqanion, cowpaniou, cowbaniou, cowdaniou, cowqaniou, cowpauion, cowbauion, cowdauion, cowqauion, cowpauiou, cowbauiou, cowdauiou, cowqauiou)
apology = abology, adology, aqology, apolo6y, abolo6y, adolo6y, aqolo6y, apolo9y, abolo9y, adolo9y, aqolo9y
wonderful = wonberful, wonperful, wonqerful, wouderful, wouberful, wouperful, wouqerful, wonderfnl, wonberfnl, wonperfnl, wonqerfnl, wouderfnl, wouberfnl, wouperfnl, wouqerfnl
sprinkler = sbrinkler, sdrinkler, sqrinkler, spriukler, sbriukler, sdriukler, sqriukler
puzzle = buzzle, duzzle, quzzle, pnzzle, bnzzle, dnzzle, qnzzle
popsicle = podsicle, pobsicle, poqsicle
mosquito = mosbuito, mosduito, mospuito, mosqnito, mosbnito, mosdnito, mospnito, (wosquito, wosbuito, wosduito, wospuito, wosqnito, wosbnito, wosdnito, wospnito)
mountains = mountaius, monutains, monutaius, mouutains, mouutaius, monntains, monntaius, (wountains, wountaius, wonutains, wonutaius, wouutains, wouutaius, wonntains, wonntaius)
meadow = meabow, meapow, meaqow, (meadom, meabom, meapom, meaqom, weadow, weabow, weapow, weaqow, weadom weabom, weapow, weaqom)
lemonade = lemonabe, lemonape, lemonaqe, lemouade, lemouabe, lemouape, lemouqe, (lewonade, lewonabe, lewonape, lewonaqe, lewouade, lewouabe, lewouape, lewouqe)
crowd = crowb, crowp, crowq, (cromd, cromb, cromp, cromq)
canoeing = canoeiug, cauoeing, cauoeiug, canoein6, canoeiu6, cauoein6, cauoeiu6, canoein9, canoeiu9, cauoein9, cauoeiu9
campsite = cambsite, camdsite, camqsite, (cawpsite, cawbsite, cawdsite, cawqsite)
campfire = cambfire, camdfire, camqfire, (cawpfire, cawbfire, cawdfire, cawqfire)
bicycle = dicycle, picycle, qicycle
barbecue = bardecue, barpecue, barqecue, barbecne, bardecne, barpecne, barqecne, dardecue, dardecue, darpecue, darqecue, darbecne, dardecne, darpecne, darqecne, pardecue, pardecue, parpecue, parqecue, pardecne, pardecne, parpecne, parqecne, qardecue, qardecue, qarpecue, qarqecue, qardecne, qardecne, qarpecne, qarqecne
owner = owuer, (omner, omuer)
modern = mobern, mopern, moqern, moderu, moberu, moperu, moqeru, (wodern, wobern, wopern, woqern, woderu, woberu, woperu, woqeru)
mansion = mausion, mansiou, mausiou, (wansion, wausion, wansiou, wausiou)
downstairs = bownstairs, pownstairs, qownstairs, dowustairs, bowustairs, powustairs, qowustairs, (domnstairs, bomnstairs, pomnstairs, qomnstairs, domustairs, bomustairs, pomustairs, qomustairs)
balcony =dalcony, palcony, qalcony, balcouy, dalcouy, palcouy, qalcouy
appliance = appliauce, abbliance, abbliauce, abdliance, abdliauce, abpliance, abpliauce, abqliance, abqliauce, adbliance, adbliauce, addliance, addliauce, adpliance, adpliauce, adqliance, adqliauce, apbliance, apbliauce, apdliance, apdliauce, apqliance, apqliauce, aqbliance, aqbliauce, aqdliance, aqbliauce, aqpliance, aqpliauce, aqqliance, aqqliauce
encouragement = enconragement, encouragemeut, enconragemeut, eucouragement, euconragement, eucouragemeut, euconragemeut, encoura6ement = enconra6ement, encoura6emeut, enconra6emeut, eucoura6ement, euconra6ement, eucoura6emeut, euconra6emeut, encoura9ement = enconra9ement, encoura9emeut, enconra9emeut, eucoura9ement, euconra9ement, eucoura9emeut, euconra9emeut, (encouragewent = enconragewent, encourageweut, enconrageweut, eucouragewent, euconragewent, eucourageweut, euconrageweut, encoura6ewent = enconra6ewent, encoura6eweut, enconra6eweut, eucoura6ewent, euconra6ewent, eucoura6eweut, euconra6eweut, encoura9ewent, enconra9ewent, encoura9eweut, enconra9eweut, eucoura9ewent, euconra9ewent, eucoura9eweut, euconra9eweut)

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Improve Dyslexia Love Dyslexic Reading


Improve Dyslexia Love Dyslexic Reading

The Dyslexia Fonts are also listed on site and below Grade Six Dyslexia Spelling videos.

More will come soon for Grade Six Dyslexia Spelling. It is a lot of work to get done. Thanks for your patience.

Grade Six Dyslexia Spelling

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Simon Blake runs and operates the website which teaches Actors how to add Emotion to their acting.   Using improved acting techniques for Actors and Music.

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