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Grade Five Dyslexia Spelling

Grade Five Dyslexia Spelling Samples

Grade Five Dyslexia Spelling examples are in attached links and product links. Download handouts through store or study on website. Are you aware of the challenges faced by children with ADHD Grade Five Dyslexia Spelling? It can be a difficult and frustrating experience when a child struggles to spell correctly and reads words upside down.

Fortunately, there are Dyslexia alternatives that can be used to help improve a child’s reading comprehension. At, we offer the Blake Dyslexia Reading System, which teaches alternative spelling methods that can help children with Dyslexia.

In the Blake Dyslexia Reading System, children learn the spelling alternatives for Dyslexia variations. When a child learns the alternative spelling systems, it can help to improve their reading comprehension. This can be a great way to help children to read more accurately, understand words better and spell words correctly. Another great way to help children with Dyslexia is to use tinted lenses or color tinted glasses.

The n/u Dyslexia Factor

vulture = vulnre, vnlnre, vnlture
rescue = rescne
canary = cauary
flutter = flntter
increase = iucrease
non = uou, nou, uon
veteran = veterau

Letter b Grade Five Dyslexia Spelling Samples
Letter b

Grade 5 Dyslexia Words Variations

pigeon = pi6eon, pi9eon, pigeou, pi6eou, pi9eou
perch = berch, derch, qerch
pelican = pelicau, belican, belicau, delican, delicau, qelican, qelicau
eagle = ea6le, ea9le
flamingo = flamiugo, flamin6o, flamin9o, flamiu6o, flamiu9o, flawingo, flawiugo, flawin6o, flawin9o, flamiu6o, flawiu9o
navigate = uavigate, uavi6ate, uavi9ate, navi6ate, navi9ate
migration = migratiou, mi6ation, mi9ration, wigration, wigratiou wi6ration, wi9ration, wi6ratiou, wi9ratiou, mi6ratiou, mi9ratiou
hedges = hebges, hepges, heqges, hed6es, heb6es, hep6es, heq6es, hed9es, heb9es, hep9es, heq9es
billion = dillion, pillion, qillion, billiou, dilliou, pilliou, qilliou
double = bouble, pouble, qouble, donble, bonble, ponble, qonble, doudle, boudle, poudle, qoudle, dondle, bondle, pondle, qondle, douple, bouple, pouple, qouple, donple, bonple, ponple, qonple, douqle, bouqle, pouqle, qouqle, donqle, bonqle, ponqle, qonqle
battle = dattle, pattle, qattle
died = dieb, diep, dieq, bied, bieb, biep, bieq, pied, pieb, piep, pieq, qied, qieb, qiep, qieq
dozen = pozen, bozen, qozen, dozeu, pozeu, bozeu, qozeu
chord = chorb, chorp, chorq
exhibit = exhidit, exhipit, exhiqit
duplicate = dublicate, dudlicate, duqlicate, dnplicate, dnblicate, dndlicate, dnqlicate
buplicate, bublicate, budlicate, buqlicate, bnplicate, bnblicate bndlicate, bnqlicate
puplicate, publicate, pudlicate, puqlicate, pnplicate, pnblicate, pndlicate, pnqlicate
quplicate, qublicate, qudlicate, quqlicate, qnplicate, qnblicate, qndlicate, qnqlicate
compose = combose, comdose, comqose (cowpose, cowbose, cowdose, cowqose)
drum = brum, prum, qrum (druw, bruw, pruw, qruw)

Color tints are used to increase the contrast of text and make it easier for the child to read. By using tinted lenses or glasses, a child can improve their concentration and comprehension levels. The video series below is linked to training that helps Dyslexia Readers achieve reading. Please pass on to others if you could help share. Helping others to read better most would appreciate. There are many Dyslexia Translations and Comparison sentences on this website to see exactly how a Dyslexic Reader Reads.

There are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Dyslexia fonts that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section
6. Practice Reading upside down for fun and improvements!

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Improve Dyslexia Love Dyslexic Reading
Improve Dyslexia Love Dyslexic Reading

The Dyslexia Fonts are also listed on site and below Grade Five Dyslexia Spelling videos.

At, we provide the tools and resources needed to help children with ADHD Grade Five Dyslexia Spelling. We offer a variety of products, such as the Blake Dyslexia Reading System and tinted lenses. We also provide resources, such as tips and strategies, to help parents and teachers to better understand and support children with Dyslexia. If you are looking for ways to help a child with Dyslexia, is an excellent resource. Our products and resources can help to improve reading comprehension, increase focus, and make spelling easier. Visit us today to learn more about our products and services.
Are you feeling frustrated as a parent or teacher of a child with ADHD Grade Five Dyslexia? Dyslexia can be difficult to manage, and it can be challenging to help children with dyslexia improve their reading and spelling skills. Fortunately, there are some innovative solutions available for Dyslexia readers. Simon Blake’s Blake Dyslexia Reading System and Improve Dyslexia’s Tinted Lenses are two great options to help you manage your child’s dyslexia. The Blake Dyslexia Reading System is an educational program designed to help Dyslexia readers improve their reading comprehension. It works by teaching the Dyslexia reader alternative spellings of words.
killed = killeb, killep, killeq
positive = bositive, dositive, qositive
museum = musenm, mnsenm, mnseum, wuseum, wusenm, wnsenm, wnseum, wuseuw, wusenw, wnsenw, wnseuw, museuw, musenw, mnsenw, mnseuw
settled = settleb, settlep, settleq
soldiers = solbiers, solpiers, solqiers
triple = trible, tridle, triqle
single = siugle, sin6le, siu6le, sin9le, siu9le
This helps the reader see the letters in the words correctly, instead of upside down like they do with traditional Dyslexia.
aloud = aloub, aloup, alouq, alond, alonb, alonp, alonq
audio = aubio, aupio, auqio, andio, anbio, anpio, anqio
deaf = beaf, peaf, qeaf
mute = mnte, (wute, wnte)
quiet = buiet, duiet, quiet, qniet, bniet, dniet, qniet
shouted = shouteb, shoutep, shouteq, shonted, shonteb, shontep, shonteq
volume = volnme, (voluwe, volnwe)
pattern = battern, dattern, qattern, patteru, batteru, datteru, qatteru
numerical = unmerical, uumerical, nnmerical, (nuwerical, unwerical, uuwerical, nnwerical)
milligram = milli6ram, milli9ram, willigram, willi6ram, willi9ram, willigraw, willi6raw, willi9raw, milligraw, milli6ram, milli9raw
kilogram = kilo6ram, kilo9ram, (kilograw, kilo6raw, kilo9raw)
graph = graqh, grabh, gradh, 6raph, 9raph, 6rabh, 9rabh, 6radh, 9radh, 6raqh, 9raqh
gram = 6ram, 9ram, (graw, 6raw, 9raw)
gallon = gallou, 6allon, 6allou, 9allon, 9allou
eighth = ei6hth, ei9hth
depth = debth, dedth, deqth, bepth, bebth, bedth, beqth, pepth, pebth, pedth, peqth, qepth, qebth, qedth, qeqth
gloves = 6loves, 9loves
iceberg = icederg, iceperg, iceqerg, iceber6, iceder6, iceper6, iceqer6, iceber9, iceder9, iceper9, iceqer9
igloo = i6loo, i9loo
mitten = mitteu, (witten, witteu)
skiing = skiiug, skiin6, skiiu6, skiin9, skiiu9
snowflake = snowflake, (snomflake, snomflake)
snowsuit = suowsuit, snowsnit, suowsnit, (snomsuit, suomsuit, snomsnit, suomsnit)
bracelet = dracelet, pracelet, qracelet
The program is designed to be used in classrooms, but can be easily adapted to a home setting. Improve Dyslexia’s Tinted Lenses provide a great way to help Dyslexia readers read with more clarity. The lenses come in various shades, including yellow, rose, and blue, and are designed to reduce glare and increase contrast. This makes reading easier and more comfortable for Dyslexia readers.
These two Dyslexia solutions are great tools for helping children with Dyslexia learn, and both can be found at With the help of the Blake Dyslexia Reading System and Improve Dyslexia’s Tinted Lenses, you can make sure your child with ADHD Grade Five Dyslexia is able to keep up with their peers in the classroom.
battery = dattery, pattery, qattery
copper = cobber, codder, coqqer, cobder, cobper, cobqer, codber, codper, codqer, copber, copder, copqer, coqber, coqder, coqper
formula = formnla, (forwula, forwnla)
observe = odserve, opserve, oqserve
solid = solib, solip, soliq
wonder = wonber, wonper, wonqer, wouder, wouber, wouper, wouqer (monder, monber, monper, monqer, mouder, mouber, mouper, mouqer)
accident = accibent, accipent, acciqent, accideut, accibeut, accipeut, acciqeut
collision = collisiou
engine = engiue, eugiue, eugine, en6ine, en6iue, eu6iue, eu6ine, en9ine, en9iue, eu9iue, eu9ine
highway = hi6hway, hi9hway, (highmay, hi6hmay, hi9hway)
insurance = insurauce, iusurance, iusurauce, insnrance, insnrauce, iusnrance, iusnrauce
speed = speeb, speep, speeq, sbeed, sbeeb, sbeep, sbeeq, sdeed, sdeeb, sdeep, sdeeq, sqeed, sqeeb, sqeep, sqeeq
subway = sudway, supway, suqway, snbway, sndway, snpway, snpway, snqway, (submay, sudmay, supmay, suqmay, snbmay, sndmay, snpmay, snpmay, snqmay)
wagon = wagou, wa6on, wa6ou, wa9on, wa9ou, (magon, magou, ma6on ma6ou, ma9on, ma9ou)
Antarctica = Autarctica
Australia = Anstralia
Canada = Cauada, Canaba, Cauaba, Canapa, Cauapa, Canaqa, Cauaqa
equator = ebuator, eduator, epuator, eqnator, ebnator, ednator, epnator
globe = glode, glope, gloqe, 6lobe, 6lode, 6lope, 6loqe, 9lobe, 9lode, 9lope, 9loqe
Grade Five Dyslexia Spelling Samples Improve Dyslexia dot com Letter rotating
hemisphere = hemisbhere, hemisdhere, hemisqhere (hewisphere, hewisbhere, hewisdhere, hewisqhere)
Japanese = Jabanese, Jadanese, Jaqanese, Japauese, Jabauese, Jadauese, Jaquese
region regiou, re6ion, re6ion, re9ion, re9iou
United States = Uniteb States, Unitep States, Uniteq States Uuited States, Uuiteb States, Uuitep States, Uuiteq States (The Capital U, can turn upsideto-down to U)
Washington = Washingtou, Washin6ton, Washin6ton, Washin9ton, Washiu9ton, Washiugton, Washiugtou, Washiu6ton, Washiu6ton, Washiu9ton, Washiu9ton (Capital W, could look like M)
average = avera6e, avera9e
dividend = divibend, divipend, diviqend, divideud, divibeud, divipeud, diviqeud, bividend, bivibend, bivipend, biviqend, bivideud, bivibeud, bivipeud, biviqeud, pividend, pivibend, pivipend, piviqend, pivideud, pivibeud, pivipeud, piviqeud, qividend
divisible = divisidle, divisiple, divisiqle, bivisible, bivisidle, bivisiple, bivisiqle, pivisible, pivisidle, pivisiple, pivisiqle, qivisible, qivisidle, qivisiple, qivisiqle
divisor = bivisor, pivisor, qivisor
Do you have a child with ADHD Grade Five Dyslexia? Does your child struggle to spell words and read letters upside down? If so, you know the struggle of trying to help your child improve their reading comprehension. That’s why it’s so important to understand the spelling alternatives and dyslexia variations that can help them improve their reading comprehension. One such program that could help is the Blake Dyslexia Reading System created by Simon Blake. This system helps to teach and improve dyslexic reading habits and skills. Another tool that can be used is color tinted glasses.
guest = gnest, 6uest, 9uest, 6nest, 9nest
groom = 6room, 9room, (groow, 6roow, 9roow)
couple = couble, coudle, couqle, conple, conble, condle, conqle
ceremony = ceremouy, (cerewony, cerewouy)
bride = pride, bribe, bripe, briqe, dride, dribe, dripe, driqe, pribe, pripe, priqe, qride, qribe, qripe, qriqe
attend = attenb, attenp, attenq, atteud, atteub, atteup, atteup
transportation = transbortation, transdortation, transqortation, transportatiou, transbortatiou, transdortatiou, transqortatiou, trausportation, trausbortation, trausdortation, trauqortation, trausportatiou, trausbortatiou, trausdortatiou, transqortatiou
runoff = ruuoff, rnnoff, rnuoff
moisture = moistnre, (woisture, woistnre)
irrigation = irrigatiou, irri6ation, irri6atiou, irri9ation, irri9atiou
evaporation = evaboration, evadoration, evaqoration, evaporatiou, evaboratiou, evadoratiou, evaqoratiou
evaporate = evaborate, evadorate, evaqorate
dissolve = bissolve, pissolve, qissolve
desalination = besalination, pesalination, qesalination, desalinatiou, besalinatiou, pesalinatiou, qesalinatiou, desaliuation, besaliuation, pesaliuation, qesaliuation, desaliuatiou, besaliuatiou, pesalinatiou, qesaliuatiou
triangular = triangnlar, trian6ular, trian6nlar, trian9ular, trian9nlar, triaugular, triaugnlar, triu6ular, triau6nlar, triau9ular, triau9nlar
trapezoid = trabezoid, tradezoid, traqezoid, trapezoib, trabezoib, tradezoib, traqezoib, trapezoip, trabezoip, tradezoip, traqezoip, trapezoiq, trabezoiq, tradezoiq, traqezoiq
scalene = scaleue
rhombus =rhomdus, rhompus, rhomqus, rhombns, rhomdns, rhompns, rhomqns, (rhowbus, rhowdus, rhowpus, rhowqus, rhowbns, rhowdns, rhowpns, rhowqns)
rectangular = rectangnlar, rectan6ular, rectan6nlar, rectan9ular, rectan9nlar, rectaugular, rectaugnlar, rectau6ular, rectau6nlar, rectau9ular, rectau9nlar
prism = brism, drism, qrism, (prisw, brisw, drisw, qrisw)
polygon = bolygon, dolygon, qolygon, polygou, bolygou, dolygou, qolygou, poly6on, boly6on, doly6on, qoly6on, poly6ou, boly6ou, doly6ou, qoly6ou, poly9on, boly9on, doly9on, qoly9on, poly9ou, boly9ou, doly9ou, qoly9ou
octagon = octagou, octa6on, octa6ou, octa9on, octa9ou
hexagon = hexagou, hexa6on, hexa6ou, hexa9on, hexa9ou
geometry = 6eometry, 9eometry, (geowetry, 6eometry, 9eometry)
These glasses add contrast to the text which can make reading easier for those with dyslexia. This added contrast can help to reduce the difficulty of reading and improve comprehension. At, we understand the struggle of having a child with dyslexia and want to help. We offer a variety of resources and tools to help you and your child learn and improve dyslexia and reading comprehension.
The n/u Dyslexia Factor
juice = jnice
citrus = citrns
suitcase = snitcase
leisure = leisnre
cruise = crnise
turtle = tnrtle
raccoon = raccoou
extinct = extiuct
skunk = skuuk, sknuk, sknnk
inventor = inveutor, iuveutor, iuventor
nectarine = nectariue, uctarine, uectariue
construction =constructiou, coustruction, coustructiou, constrnction, constrnctiou, coustrnction, coustrnctiou
At, we are dedicated to helping parents and teachers of children with ADHD Grade Five Dyslexia. We want to provide the tools and resources to help them improve their reading comprehension and spelling abilities. Our goal is to help children with dyslexia become successful readers. We understand the struggles of ADHD Grade Five Dyslexia and are here to help. Visit today to learn more about the Blake Dyslexia Reading System, color tinted glasses, and other dyslexia resources.
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