Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Words by Improve Dyslexia dot com Letter p

Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia

Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Words

Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Exact Translations are Fantastic! Dyslexia Letters rotate to become other letters. Dyslexia Variations are all the Dyslexia possibilities of each Linear word. By studying exact Dyslexia, you can improve your reading. Simply study the Dyslexia Variations of each word to read better!

Are you or your child struggling with Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Words? Dyslexia is a common learning challenge that can make it difficult to comprehend language and reading. As such, it is important to confront the challenge by learning the spelling alternatives with Dyslexia Variations. This is where the Blake Dyslexia Reading System, developed by Simon Blake, can be of great help.

Learn, Care and Share to Improve Dyslexia!

Some Main Quotes of this Spanish Dyslexia Article Lesson:
“narracion = narraciou, uarracion, uarracion.” – 3 Dyslexia Variations!
“accidente = accideute, accibent, accibeute, accipente, accipeute, acciqente, accideute”
– 7 Dyslexia Variations!

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake
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Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia shows the exact Dyslexia for each word. There are both Dyslexia and Non-Dyslexia words.

Non-Dyslexia Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia

cristales, cerrar, efecto, ejercicio, ejercito, esclavo, exacto, factor, favor, flora, hielo, isosceles, letrero, reserve, texto, traviesos, variale, verso, vertical, vertice, votar

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
activismo, ecosistema, majilla, semaforo, mezclar,

The w/m Spanish Dyslexia Variations
activismo = activiswo
ecosistema = ecosistewa
majilla = wajilla
semaforo = sewaforo
mezclar = wezclar

The n/u Spanish Dyslexia Factor

anotar, articulo, causa, civilizacion, conexion, consciente, contener, contrastar, escena, extension, fonetica, fotosintesis, fractura, horizontal, huella, huerfano, huerta, hueso, huevo, huir, inactivo, incluir, infraccion, instrucciones, interes, invierno, involuntario, levantar, narracion, oceano, otono, razon, revision, selva, suave, talon, textura, verano, vuelve

The n/u Spanish Dyslexia Variations

anotar = autar
articulo = articnlo
causa =cansa
civilizacion = civilazaciou
conexion = couexion, conexiou, couexion
consciente =cousciente, conscieute, couscieute
contener = coutener, conteuer, couteuer
contrastar = coutrastar
escena = escaua
extension = exteusion, extensiou, exteusiou
fonetica = fouetica
fotosintesis = fotosiutesis
fractura =fractnra
horizontal = horizoutal
huella = hnella
huerfano = hnerfano, huerfauo, hnerfauo
huerta = hnerta
hueso = hneso
huevo = hnevo
huir = hnir
inactivo = iuactivo
incluir = iucluir, inclnir, inclnir
infraccion = iufraccion, iufracciou, infracciou
instrucciones = instrncciones, iustrucciones, iustrncciones, instruccioues, instrnccioues, iustruccioues, iustrncceioues
interes = iuteres
invierno = invieruo, iuvierno, iuvieruo
involuntario = iuvoluntario, involnntario, involnutario, involuutario, iuvoluutario, involnutario, iuvolnntario
levantar = levautar
narracion = narraciou, uarracion, uarracion
oceano = oceauo
otono = otouo
razon = razou
revision = revisiou
suave = snave
talon = talou
textura = textnra
verano = verauo
vuelve = vnelve

Letter m in Dyslexia Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Words
Letter m in Dyslexia Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Words

Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Sight Word List

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake

Dyslexia Variation Training Letter Map

A b turns into multiple possiblities such as p, d, or a q
An n turns into a u, a u turns into an n
A g turns to a 6 or 9
the w turns to an m, m can turn to a w
The Number 2 can turn to become N or the letter Z

NOTE: Only Some Dyslexics get w confused with m, mostly with handwriting

Blake Dyslexia Variations Course shows the Exact Dyslexia Rotations – Please Share and Care!


This system is based on the idea that by improving your reading comprehension, you can make great strides in terms of conquering Dyslexia. In addition to the reading system, the use of Color Tinted Glasses helps to add contrast during the reading process. The tinted lenses makes it easier to read and comprehend the words on a page.

Grade Five Spelling and Dyslexia is a real situation that adds difficulty to spelling. Grade Five Spelling gets very difficult. Having Dyslexia makes reading more difficult. Grade 5 is when most people realize their is Dyslexia in Reading. Realizing Dyslexia by the Fifth Grade.

Dyslexia Letter Rotation occurs in Dyslexic Reading. Most people think that dyslexia is just a matter of reversing letters, but it’s much more than that. Dyslexia is a neurological condition that affects reading, spelling, and sometimes even speaking. It’s a real condition that can make school very difficult.

Dyslexic Words have Dyslexic Letters in them.
Dyslexic Letters rotate to become other Letters.
When Dyslexic Letters rotate they form Dyslexic Variations.
Learn that Dyslexia is Letter Rotation rather than movement of letters on a page. 

Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Sight Word List

examen = exameu
accidente = accideute, accibent, accibeute, accipente, accipeute, acciqente, accideute
amplia = amdlia, amblia, amqlia, (awplia, awdlia, awblia, awqlia)
ampliar =ambliar, amdliar, amqliar, (awpliar, awbliar, awdliar, awqliar)
angulo = angnlo, augulo, augnlo, an6ulo, an6nlo, au6ulo, au6nlo, an9ulo, an9nlo, au9ulo, au9nlo

antepenultimo = antepeuultimo, antepenntimo, antepeunltimo, autepenultimo, autepeuultimo, autepenntimo, autepeunltimo, antebenultimo, antebeuultimo, antebenntimo, antebeunltimo, autebenultimo, autebeuultimo, autebenntimo, autebeunltimo, antedenultimo, antedeuultimo, antedenntimo, antedeunltimo, autedenultimo, autedeuultimo, autedenntimo
autedeunltimo, anteqeunltimo, anteqeuultimo, anteqenntimo, anteqeunltimo, auteqenultimo, auteqeuultimo, auteqenntimo
auteqeunltimo, (antepenultiwo, antepeuultiwo, antepenntiwo, antepeunltiwo, autepenultiwo, autepeuultiwo, autepenntiwo, autepeunltiwo, antebenultiwo, antebeuultiwo, antebenntiwo, antebeunltiwo, autebenultiwo, autebeuultiwo, autebenntiwo, autebeunltiwo, antedenultiwo, antedeuultiwo, antedenntiwo, antedeunltiwo, autedenultiwo, autedeuultiwo, autedenntiwo, autedeunltiwo, anteqeunltiwo, anteqeuultiwo, anteqenntiwo, anteqeunltiwo, auteqenultiwo, auteqeuultiwo, auteqenntiwo, auteqeunltiwo)

antonimo = antouimo, autonimo, autouimo, (antoniwo, antouiwo, autoniwo, autouiwo)

aproximadamente = aproximadameute, aproximabamente, aproximabameute, aproximapamente, aproximapameute, aproximaqament, aproximaqameute, aproximaqament, aproximaqameute, aproximaqament, aproximaqameute, abroximadamente, abroximadameute, abroximabamente, abroximabameute, abroximapamente, abroximapameute, abroximaqament, abroximaqameute, abroximaqament, abroximaqameute, abroximaqament, abroximaqameute, adroximadamente, adroximadameute, adroximabamente, adroximabameute, adroximapamente, adroximapameute, adroximaqament, adroximaqameute, adroximaqament, adroximaqameute, adroximaqament, adroximaqameute, aqroximadamente, aqroximadameute, aqroximabamente, aqroximabameute, aqroximapamente, aqroximapameute, aqroximaqament, aqroximaqameute, aqroximaqament, aqroximaqameute, aqroximaqament, aqroximaqameute, (aproximadawente, aproximadaweute, aproximabawente, aproximabaweute, aproximapawente, aproximapaweute, aproximaqawent, aproximaqaweute, aproximaqawent, aproximaqaweute, aproximaqawent, aproximaqaweute, abroximadawente, abroximadaweute, abroximabawente, abroximabaweute, abroximapawente, abroximapaweute, abroximaqawent, abroximaqaweute, abroximaqawent, abroximaqaweute, abroximaqawent, abroximaqaweute, adroximadawente, adroximadaweute, adroximabawente, adroximabaweute, adroximapawente, adroximapaweute, adroximaqawent, adroximaqaweute, adroximaqawent, adroximaqaweute, adroximaqawent, adroximaqaweute, aqroximadawente, aqroximadaweute, aqroximabawente, aqroximabaweute, aqroximapawente, aqroximapaweute, aqroximaqawent, aqroximaqaweute, aqroximaqawent, aqroximaqaweute, aqroximaqawent, aqroximaqaweute)

aptitud = aptitnd, abtitud, abtitnd, adtitud, adtitnd, aqtitud, aqtitnd, aptitub, aptitnb, abtitub, abtitnb, adtitub, adtitnb, aqtitub, aqtitnb, aptitup, aptitnp, abtitup, abtitnp, adtitup, adtitnp, aqtitup, aqtitnp, aptituq, aptitnq, abtituq, abtitnq, adtituq, adtitnq, aqtituq, aqtitnq
baloncesto = balucesto, daloncesto, daoucesto, palancesto, palaucesto, qaloncesto, qalucesto
batallon = batallou, datallon, datallou, patallon, patallou, qatallon, qatallou
bellisimo = dellisimo, pellisimo, qellisimo
bibliografia = bidliografia, bipliografia, biqliografia, dibliografia, didliografia, dipliografia, diqliografia, pibliografia, pidliografia, pipliografia, piqliografia, qibliografia, qidliografia, qipliografia, qiqliografia
billon = billou, dillon, dillou, pillon, pillou, qillon, qillou
bolsillo = dolsillo, polsillo, qolsillo
boton = botou, doton, dotou, poton, potou, qoton, qotou
breve = dreve, preve, qreve
campana = campaua, cambana, cambaua, camdana, camdaua, camqana, camqaua, (cawpana, cawpaua, cawbana, cawbaua, cawdana, cawdaua, cawqana, cawqaua)

ciempies = ciembies, ciemdies, ciemqies, (ciewpies, ciewbies, ciewdies, ciewqies)
ciertamente = ciertameute, (ciertawent, ciertaweute)
codigo = cobigo, copigo, coqigo, codi6o, cobi6o, copi6o, coqi6o, codi9o, cobi9o, copi9o, coqi9o
comentario = comeutario, (cowentario, coweutario)
comentario = comeutario, (cowentario, coweutario)
competencia = competeucia, combetencia, combeteucia, comdetencia, comdeteucia, comqetencia, comqeteucia, (cowpetencia, cowpeteucia, cowbetencia, cowbeteucia, cowdetencia, cowdeteucia, cowqetencia, cowqeteucia)
complot = comblot, comdlot, comqlot, (cowplot, cowblot, cowdlot, cowqlot)
congreso = cougreso, con6reso, cou6reso, con9reso, cou9reso
credencial = credeucial, crebencial, crebencial, crepencial, crepeucial, creqencial, creqeucial
cuadrilatero = cnadrilatero, cuabrilatero, cnabrilatero, cuaprilatero, cnaprilatero, cuaqrilatero, cnaqrilatero

deducir = dedncir, debucir, debncir, depucir, depncir, dequcir, deqncir, beducir – bedncir, bebucir, bebncir, bepucir, bepncir, bequcir, beqncir, deducir, dedncir, debucir, debncir, depucir, depncir, dequcir, deqncir, peducir, pedncir, pebucir, pebncir, pepucir, pepncir, pequcir, peqncir, qeducir, qedncir, qebucir, qebncir, qepucir, qepncir, qequcir,

qeqncir = qequcir, qebncir, qebucir, qedncir, qeducir, qepncir, qepucir, beqncir, bequcir, bebncir, bebucir, bedncir, beducir, bepncir, bepucir, deqncir, dequcir, debncir, debucir, dedncir, deducir, depncir, depucir, peqncir, pequcir, pebncir, pebucir, pedncir, peducir, pepncir, pepucir, qeqncir, qequcir, qebncir, qebucir, qedncir, qeducir, qepncir, qepucir

deduzco = dednzco, debuzco, debnzco, depuzco, depnzco, dequzco, deqnzco, beduzco, bednzco, bebuzco, bebnzco, bepuzco, bepnzco, bequzco, beqnzco, peduzco, pednzco, pebuzco, pebnzco, pepuzco, pepnzco, pequzco, peqnzco, qeduzco, qednzco, qebuzco, qebnzco, qepuzco, qepnzco, qequzco, qeqnzco

demarcar = bemarcar, pemarcar, qemarcar, (dewarcar, bewarcar, pewarcar, qewarcar)
democracia = bemocracia, pemocracia, qemocracia, (dewocracia, bewocracia, pewocracia, qewocracia)

depresion = depresiou, debresion, debresiou, dedresion, dedresiou, deqresion, deqresiou, bepresion, bepresiou, bebresion, bebresiou, bedresion, bedresiou, beqresion, beqresiou, prepresion, prepresiou, prebresion, pebresiou, pedresion, pedresiou, peqresion, peqresiou, qrepresion, qrepresiou, qrebresion, qebresiou, qedresion, qedresiou, qeqresion, qeqresiou

desarrollar = besarrollar, pesarrollar, qesarrollar
desastre = besastre, pesastre, qesastre
descubrimiennto = descnbrimiennto,

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Some people use special glasses or apps that help them to read. Others might use different strategies to help them spell words. Whatever works for you, there are lots of resources out there to help you manage your dyslexia.

If you think you might have dyslexia, the best thing to do is to talk to your doctor or a dyslexia specialist. They can give you a formal diagnosis, and help you find the resources you need to succeed.


desobedecer = desodedecer, desopedecer, desoqedecer, desobebecer, desodebecer, desopebecer, desoqebecer, desobepecer, desodepecer, desopepecer, desoqepecer, desobeqecer, desodeqecer, desopeqecer, desoqeqecer, besobedecer, besodedecer, besopedecer, besoqedecer, besobebecer, besodebecer, besopebecer, besoqebecer, besobepecer, besodepecer, besopepecer, besoqepecer, besobeqecer, besodeqecer, besopeqecer, besoqeqecer, pesobedecer, pesodedecer, pesopedecer, pesoqedecer, pesobebecer, pesodebecer, pesopebecer, pesoqebecer, pesobepecer, pesodepecer, pesopepecer, pesoqepecer, pesobeqecer, pesodeqecer, pesopeqecer, pesoqeqecer, qesobedecer, qesodedecer, qesopedecer, qesoqedecer, qesobebecer, qesodebecer, qesopebecer, qesoqebecer, qesobepecer, qesodepecer, qesopepecer, qesoqepecer, qesobeqecer, qesodeqecer, qesopeqecer, qesoqeqecer

destreza = bestreza, pestreza, qestreza
diametro = biametro, piametro, qiametro, (diawetro, biawetro, peawetro, qiawetro)
dimension = dimeusion, dimensiou, dimeusiou, (diawetro, diweusion, diwensiou, diweusiou)
direccion = direcciou, bireccion, birecciou, pireccion, pirecciou, qireccion, qirecciou
discurso = discnso, biscurso, biscnrso, piscurso, piscnrso, qiscurso, qiscnrso
disfraz = bisfraz, pisfraz, qisfraz

disminuye = dismiunye, dismiuuye, dismnnye, bisminuye, bismiunye, bismiuuye, bismnnye, pisminuye, pismiunye, pismiuuye, pismnnye, qisminuye, qismiunye, qismiuuye, qismnnye, (diswinuye, diswiunye, diswiuuye, diswnnye, biswinuye, biswiunye, biswiuuye, biswnnye, piswinuye, piswiunye, piswiuuye, piswnnye, qiswinuye, qiswiunye, qiswiuuye, qiswnnye)

distancia = distaucia, bistancia, bistaucia, pistancia, pistaucia, qistancia, qistaucia
donacion = douacion, douaciou, donaciou, bonacion, bouacion, bouaciou, bonaciou, ponacion, pouacion, pouaciou, ponaciou, qonacion, qouacion, qouaciou, qonaciou

duende = dueude, duenbe, dueube, duenpe, dueupe, duenqe, dueuqe, dnende, dneude, dnenbe, dneube, dnenpe, dneupe, dnenqe, dneuqe, buende, bueude, buenbe, bueube, buenpe, bueupe, buenqe, bueuqe, bnende, bneude, bnenbe, bneube, bnenpe, bneupe, bnenqe, bneuqe, puende, pueude, puenbe, pueube, puenpe, pueupe, puenqe, pueuqe, pnende, pneude, pnenbe, pneube, pnenpe, pneupe, pnenqe, pneuqe, quende, queude, quenbe, queube, quenpe, queupe, quenqe, queuqe, qnende, qneude, qnenbe, qneube, qnenpe, qneupe, qnenqe, qneuqe

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empezo = embezo, emdezo, emqezo, (ewpezo, ewbezo, ewdezo, ewqezo)
especifico = esbecifico, esdecifico, esqecifico
exagerar = exa6erar, exa9erar
experto = exberto, exderto, exqerto
exploracion = exploraciou, exbloracion, exbloraciou, exdloracion, exdloraciou, exqloracion, exqloraciou
explorador = exblorador, exdlorador, exqlorador, explorabor, exblorabor, exdlorabor, exqlorabor, explorapor, exblorapor, exdlorapor, exqlorapor, exploraqor, exbloraqor, exdloraqor, exqloraqor
formula = formnla, (forwula, forwnla)
fotografia = foto6rafia, foto9rafia
genealogia = geuealogia, genealo6ia, geuealo6ia, genealo9io, geuealo9io, 6enealogia, 6euealogia, 6enealo6ia, 6euealo6ia, 6enealo9io, 6euealo9io, 9enealogia, 9euealogia, 9enealo6ia, 9euealo6ia, 9enealo9io, 9euealo9io
generacion = geueracion, generaciou, geueraciou, 6eneracion, 6eueracion, 6eneraciou, 6eueraciou, 9eneracion, 9eueracion, 9eneraciou, 9eueraciou
generalmente = geueralmente, generalmeute, geueralmeute, 6eneralmente, 6eueralmente, 6eneralmeute, 6eueralmeute, 9eneralmente, 9eueralmente, 9eneralmeute, 9eueralmeute
gradual = gradnal, grabual, grabnal, grapual, grapnal, graqual, graqnal
6radual, 6radnal, 6rabual 6rabnal, 6rapual, 6rapnal, 6raqual, 6raqnal, 9radual, 9radnal, 9rabual, 9rabnal, 9rapual, 9rapnal, 9raqual, 9raqnal
grave = 6rave, 9rave
guino = gnino, gniuo, guiuo, 6uino, 6nino, 6niuo, 6uiuo, 9uino, 9nino, 9niuo, 9uiuo

Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Sight Word List

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake

huesped = hnesbed, huesded, hnesdad, huesped, hnesped, huesqed, hnesqed, huespeb, hnesbeb, huesdeb, hnesdeb, huespeb, hnespeb, huesqeb, hnesqeb, huespep, hnesbep, huesdep, hnesdep, huespep, hnespep, huesqep, hnesqep, huespeq, hnesbeq, huesdeq, hnesdeq, huespeq, hnespeq, huesqeq, hnesqeq

humedo =hnmedo, humebo, hnmebo, humepo, hnmepo, humeqo, hnmeqo, (huwedo, hnwedo, huwebo, hnwebo, huwepo, hnwepo, huweqo, hnweqo)

Letter d Dyslexia Spanish Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Words by Improve Dyslexia dot com
Letter d Dyslexia Spanish Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Words

ilustrador = ilnstador, ilustabor, ilnstrabor, ilustapor, ilnstapor, ilustaqor, ilnstraqor
imperio = imberio, imderio, imqerio, (iwperio, iwberio, iwderio, iwqerio)
importar = imbortar, imdortar, imqortar, (iwportar, iwbortar, iwdortar, iwqortar)
impuestos = impnestos, imbuestos, imbnestos, imduestos, imdnestos, imquestos, imqnestos

individual = individnal, indivibual, indivibnal, indivipual, indivipnal, indiviqual, indiviqnal, iudividual, iudividnal, iudivibual, iudivibnal, iudivipual, iudivipnal, iudiviqual, iudiviqnal, inbividual, inbividnal, inbivibual, inbivibnal, inbivipual, inbivipnal, inbiviqual, inbiviqnal, iubividual, iubividnal, iubivibual, iubivibnal, iubivipual, iubivipnal, iubiviqual, iubiviqnal, inpividual, inpividnal, inpivibual, inpivibnal, inpivipual, inpivipnal, inpiviqual, inpiviqnal, iupividual, iupividnal, iupivibual, iupivibnal, iupivipual, iupivipnal, iupiviqual, iupiviqnal, inqividual, inqividnal, inqivibual, inqivibnal, inqivipual, inqivipnal, inqiviqual, inqiviqnal, iuqividual, iuqividnal, iuqivibual, iuqivibnal, iuqivipual, iuqivipnal, iuqiviqual, iuqiviqnal

inmigrante = inmigraute, iumigrante, iumigraute, inmi6rant, inmi6raute, iumi6rante, iumi6raute, inmi9rant, inmi9raute, iumi9rant, iumi9raute, (inwigrante, inwigraute, iuwigrante, iuwigraute, iuwi6rant, inwi6raute, iuwi6rante, iuwi6raute, inwi9rant, inwi9raute)

instrumento = instrnmento, instrumeuto, instrnmeuto, iustrumento, instrnmento, instrumeuto, instrnmeuto, (instuwento, instrnwento, instruweuto, instrnweuto, iustruwento, instrnwento, instruweuto, instrnweuto)

juventud = juveutud, juventub, juveutub, juventup, juveutup, juventuq, juveutuq, jnventud, jnveutud, jnventub, jnveutub, jnventup, jnveutup, juventuq, jnveutuq, juventnd, juveutnd, juventnb, juveutnb, juventnp, juveutnp, juventnq, juveutnq, jnventnd, jnveutnd, jnventnb, jnveutnb, jnventnp, jnveutnp, juventnq, jnveutnq

ligero = li6ero, li9ero

longitud = lougitud, longitnd, lougitud, longitub, lougitub, longitnb, lougitub, longitup, lougitup, longitnp, lougitup, longituq, lougituq, longitnq, lougituq, lon6itud, lou6itud, lon6itnd, lou6itud, lon6itub, lou6itub, lon6itnb, lou6itub, lon6itup, lou6itup, lon6itnp, lou6itup, lon6ituq, lou6ituq, lon6itnq, lou6ituq, lon9itud, lou9itud, lon9itnd, lou9itud, lon9itub, lou9itub, lon9itnb, lou9itub, lon9itup, lou9itup, lon9itnp, lou9itup, lon9ituq, lou9ituq, lon9itnq, lou9ituq

manifestar = mauifestar, (wanifestar, wauifestar)

maquina = maquiua, maqniua, maqnina, mabuina, mabuiua, mabniua, mabnina, mapuina, mapuiua, mapniua, mapnina, maquina, maquiua, maqniua, maqnina, (waquina, waquiua, waqniua, waqnina, wabuina, wabuiua, wabniua, wabnina, wapuina, wapuiua, wapniua, wapnina, waquina, waquiua, waqniua, waqnina)

metropolis = metrobolis, metrodolis, metroqolis, wetropolis, wetrobolis, wetrodolis, wetroqolis
miembros = miemdros, miempros, miemqros, (miewbros, miewdros, miewpros, miewqros, wiembros, wiemdros, wiempros, wiewmqros, wiewbros, wiewdros, wiewpros, wiewqros)
migratorio = mi6ratorio, mi9ratorio, (wigratorio, wi6ratorio, wi9ratorio)
minoria = miuoria, (winoria, wiuoria)
motivacion = motivaciou, (wotivacion, wotivaciou

municipal = mnuicipal, muuicipal, mnnicipal, municibal, mnuicibal, muuicibal, mnnicibal, municidal, mnuicidal, muuicidal, mnnicidal, municipal, mnuicipal, muuicipal, mnnicipal, (wunicipal, wnuicipal, wuuicipal, wnnicipal, wunicibal, wnuicibal, wuuicibal, wnnicibal, wunicidal, wnuicidal, wuuicidal, wnnicidal, wunicipal, wnuicipal, wuuicipal, wnnicipal)

As a parent or teacher of a student with Dyslexia, you know how important it is to teach them the right spelling and pronunciation of words. Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects how someone reads and spells. It’s important to understand how to aid those with Dyslexia in their studies so they can reach their full potential. One of the best ways to help someone with Dyslexia is to learn the alternatives to the conventional spelling and pronunciation of words. This is especially true when it comes to Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia words. Fortunately, there is a system specifically designed for this purpose.

The Blake Dyslexia Reading System was designed by Simon Blake to help those with Dyslexia learn the correct pronunciation and spelling of words. By learning the spelling alternatives with Dyslexia Variations, students can improve their reading comprehension. In addition to learning the spelling alternatives, it is also important to understand your Dyslexia reading habits.

There are many resources available to help you understand what works best for you. For example, Improve Dyslexia offers a comprehensive program to help you get the most out of your reading and spelling. By working with Improve Dyslexia, you can learn to use color tinted glasses to add contrast when reading. The tinted lenses can make reading easier and more enjoyable.

navegar =uavegar, nave6ar, uave6ar, nave9ar, uave9ar
objetivo = odjetivo, opjectivo, oqjetivo
objeto = odjeto, opjeto, oqjeto
obtuso = obtnso, odtuso, odtnso, optuso, optnso, oqtuso, oqtnso
oigo = oi6o, oi9o
omnivoro = omuivoro, (ownivoro, owuivoro)
optar = obtar, odtar, oqtar
paisaje = baisaje, daisaje, qaisaje
paralelo = baralelo, daralelo, qaralelo
pareja = bareja, dareja, qareja
pedazo = pebazo, pepazo, peqazo, bedazo, bebazo, bepazo, beqazo, dedazo, debazo, depazo, deqazo, qedazo, qebazo, qepazo, qeqazo

perpendicular = perpeudicular, perpendicnlar, perpeudicnlar, perpenbicular, perpeubicular, perpebicnlar, perpeubicnlar, perpenpicular, perpeupicular, perpepicnlar, perpeupicnlar, perpenqicular, perpeuqicular, perpeqicnlar, perpeuqicnlar, perbendicular, perbeudicular, perbendicnlar, perbeudicnlar, perbenbicular, perbeubicular, perbebicnlar, perbeubicnlar, perbenpicular, perbeupicular, perbepicnlar, perbeupicnlar, perbenqicular, perbeuqicular, perbeqicnlar, perbeuqicnlar, perdendicular, perdeudicular, perdendicnlar, perdeudicnlar, perdenbicular, perdeubicular, perdebicnlar, perdeubicnlar, perdenpicular, perdeupicular, perdepicnlar, perdeupicnlar, perdenqicular, perdeuqicular, perdeqicnlar, perdeuqicnlar, perqendicular, perqeudicular, perqendicnlar, perqeudicnlar, perqenbicular, perqeubicular, perqebicnlar, perqeubicnlar, perqenpicular, perqeupicular, perqepicnlar, perqeupicnlar, perqenqicular, perqeuqicular, perqeqicnlar, perqeuqicnlar, berpendicular, berpeudicular, berpendicnlar, berpeudicnlar, berpenbicular, berpeubicular, berpebicnlar, berpeubicnlar, berpenpicular, berpeupicular, berpepicnlar, berpeupicnlar, berpenqicular, berpeuqicular, berpeqicnlar, berpeuqicnlar, derbendicular, derbeudicular, derbendicnlar, derbeudicnlar, derbenbicular, derbeubicular, derbebicnlar, derbeubicnlar, derbenpicular, derbeupicular, derbepicnlar, derbeupicnlar, derbenqicular, derbeuqicular, derbeqicnlar, derbeuqicnlar, qerqendicular, qerqeudicular, qerqendicnlar, qerqeudicnlar, qerqenbicular, qerqeubicular, qerqebicnlar, qerqeubicnlar, qerqenpicular, qerqeupicular, qerqepicnlar, qerqeupicnlar, qerqenqicular, qerqeuqicular, qerqeqicnlar, qerqeuqicnlar


By Learning Dyslexia Variations you can improve reading speeds with Dyslexia.

Whether you are a parent or teacher of a student with Dyslexia, it is important to understand the challenges faced by those with Dyslexia, and to learn the correct spelling and pronunciation of Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Words. Improve Dyslexia is a great resource for parents and teachers alike to help their students with Dyslexia. With their help, students with Dyslexia can reach their full potential.


persuadir = persnadir, persuabir, persuabir, persuapir, persuapir, persuaqir, persnaqir, bersuadir, bersnadir, bersuabir, bersuabir, bersuapir, bersuapir, bersuaqir, bersnaqir, dersuadir, dersnadir, dersuabir, dersuabir, dersuapir, dersuapir, dersuaqir, dersnaqir, qersuadir, qersnadir, qersuabir, qersuabir, qersuapir, qersuapir, qersuaqir, qersnaqir

podido = pobido, popido, poqido, podibo, pobibo, popibo, poqibo, podipo, pobipo, popipo, poqipo, podiqo, pobiqo, popiqo, poqiqo, bodido, bobido, bopido, boqido, bodibo, bobibo, bopibo, boqibo, bodipo, bobipo, bopipo, boqipo, bodiqo, bobiqo, bopiqo, boqiqo , dodido, dobido, dopido, doqido, dodibo, dobibo, dopibo, doqibo, dodipo, dobipo, dopipo, doqipo, dodiqo, dobiqo, dopiqo, doqiqo , qodido, qobido, qopido, qoqido, qodibo, qobibo, qopibo, qoqibo, qodipo, qobipo, qopipo, qoqipo, qodiqo, qobiqo, qopiqo, qoqiqo

politico = bolitico, dolitico, qolitico
portatil = bortatil, dortatil, qortatil
posible = posidle, posiple, posiqle, bosible, bosidle, bosiple, bosiqle, dosible, dosidle, dosiple, dosiqle, qosible, qosidle, qosiple, qosiqle

principal = priucipal, princibal, priucibal, princidal, priucidal, princiqal, priuciqal, brincipal, briucipal, brincibal, briucibal, brincidal, briucidal, brinciqal, briuciqal, drincipal, driucipal, drincibal, driucibal, drincidal, driucidal, drinciqal, driuciqal, qrincipal, qriucipal, qrincibal, qriucibal, qrincidal, qriucidal, qrinciqal, qriuciqal

probablemente = probablemeute, probadlemente, probadlemeute, probaplemente, probaplemeute, probaqlemente, probaqlemeute, brobablemente, brobablemeute, brobadlemente, brobadlemeute, brobaplemente, brobaplemeute, brobaqlemente, brobaqlemeute, drobablemente, drobablemeute, drobadlemente, drobadlemeute, drobaplemente, drobaplemeute, drobaqlemente, drobaqlemeute, qrobablemente, qrobablemeute, qrobadlemente, qrobadlemeute, qrobaplemente, qrobaplemeute, qrobaqlemente, qrobaqlemeute

progresar = brogresar, drogresar, qrogresar, pro6resar, bro6resar, dro6resar, qro6resar, pro9resar, bro9resar, dro9resar, qro9resar
pueblo = pneblo, puedlo, pnedlo, pueplo, pneplo, pueqlo, pneqlo, bueblo, bneblo, buedlo, bnedlo, bueplo, bneplo, bueqlo, bneqlo, dueblo, dneblo, duedlo, dnedlo, dueplo, dneplo, dueqlo, dneqlo, queblo, qneblo, quedlo, qnedlo, queplo, qneplo, queqlo, qneqlo

rapidamente = rapidameute, rapibamente, rapibameute, rapipamente, rapipameute, rapiqamente, rapiqameute, rabidamente, rabidameute, rabibamente, rabibameute, rabipamente, rabipameute, rabiqamente, rabiqameute, radidamente, radidameute, radibamente, radibameute, radipamente, radipameute, radiqamente, radiqameute, raqidamente, raqidameute, raqibamente, raqibameute, raqipamente, raqipameute, raqiqamente, raqiqameute

regresar = re6resar, re9resar
republica = repnblica, repudlica, repndlica, repuplica, repnplica, repuqlica, repnqlica, rebublica, rebnblica, rebudlica, rebndlica, rebuplica, rebnplica, rebuqlica, rebnqlica, redublica, rednblica, redudlica, redndlica, reduplica, rednplica, reduqlica, rednqlica, requblica, reqnblica, requdlica, reqndlica, requplica, reqnplica, requqlica, reqnqlica

resbaladizo = resdaladizo, respaladizo, resqaladizo, resbalabizo, resdalabizo, respalabizo, resqalabizo, resbalapizo, resdalapizo, respalapizo, resqalapizo, resbalaqizo, resdalaqizo, respalaqizo, resqalaqizo

respiracion = resbiracion, resdiracion, resqiracion, respiraciou, resbiraciou, resdiraciou, resqiraciou
respirar = resbirar, resdirar, resqirar
revolucion = revolncion, revoluciou, revolnciou

segmento = segmeuto, se6mento, se6meuto, se9mento, se9meuto

siglos = si6los, si9los
simbolo = simdolo, simpolo, simqolo, (siwbolo, siwdolo, siwpolo, siwqolo)
simplificar = simblificar, simdlificar, simplificar, (siwplificar, siwblificar, siwdlificar, siwplificar)
sinfonia = siufonia, sinfouio, siufouio
sinonimo = sinouimo, siuouimo, siuonimo, (sinoniwo, sinouiwo, siuouiwo, siuoniwo)

sobrenombre = sobreuombre, sodrenombre, sodreuombre, soprenombre, sopreuombre, soqrenombre, soqreuombre, sobrenomdre, sobreuomdre, sodrenomdre, sodreuomdre, soprenomdre, sopreuomdre, soqrenomdre, soqreuomdre, sobrenompre, sobreuompre, sodrenompre, sodreuompre, soprenompre, sopreuompre, soqrenompre, soqreuompre, sobrenomqre, sobreuomqre, sodrenomqre, sodreuomqre, soprenomqre, sopreuomqre, soqrenomqre, soqreuomqre

At Improve Dyslexia, we understand the importance of Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Words for students with Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a language-based learning difference that can make it difficult for people to read, write, and spell. It can be especially challenging to learn Spanish when you have Dyslexia because the language has a unique set of spelling rules. Fortunately, there are resources available to help students with Dyslexia to improve their reading comprehension and spelling in Spanish.

The Blake Dyslexia Reading System is one such resource. This system is specifically designed to help students with Dyslexia learn how to read, write, and spell in Spanish. It focuses on teaching students how to recognize the Dyslexia variations in Spanish words, allowing them to improve their reading comprehension and spelling.

In addition to the Blake Dyslexia Reading System, other tools and techniques can be used to help students with Dyslexia learn Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Words. For example, using color-tinted glasses can help improve reading comprehension by adding contrast to the text. The tinted lenses make it easier for students to process the words, allowing them to focus on the content instead of getting lost in the spelling.

suspension = suspeusion, suspeusiou, suspensiou, snspension, snspeusion, snspeusiou, snspensiou, susbension, susbeusion, susbeusiou, susbensiou, snsbension, snsbeusion, snsbeusiou, snsbensiou, susdension, susdeusion, susdeusiou, susdensiou, snsdension, snsdeusion, snsdeusiou, snsdensiou, susqension, susqeusion, susqeusiou, susqensiou, snsqension, snsqeusion, snsqeusiou, snsqensiou

sustantivo = sustautivo, snstautivo, snstantivo
tamano = tamauo, (tawano, tawauo)
temblo = temdlo, templo, temqlo, (tewblo, tewdlo, tewplo, tewqlo)
temperatura = temperatnra, temberatura, temberatnra, temderatura, temderatnra, temqeratura, temqeratnra, (tewperatura, tewperatnra, tewberatura, tewberatnra, tewderatura, tewderatnra, tewqeratura, tewqeratnra)
templo = temblo, temdlo, temqlo, (tewplo, tewblo, tewdlo, tewqlo)
temperatura = temperatnra, temberatura, temberatnra, temderatura, temderatnra, temqeratura, temqeratnra, (tewperatura, tewperatnra, tewberatura, tewberatnra, tewderatura, tewderatnra, tewqeratura, tewqeratnra)
templo = temblo, temdlo, temqlo, (tewplo, tewblo, tewdlo, tewqlo)
termometro = termowetro, terwometro, terwowetro
transcurrido = transcnrrido, trauscurrido, trauscnrrido
tranformacion = trauformacion, trauformaciou, tranformaciou, (tranforwacion, trauforwacion, trauforwaciou, tranforwacioiu)
tremendo = tremeudo, tremenbo, tremeubo, tremenpo, tremeupo, tremenqo, tremeuqo, (trewendo, treweudo, trewenbo, treweubo, trewenpo, treweupo, trewenqo, treweuqo)
undecimo = nudecimo, nndecimo, uudecimo, unbecimo, nubecimo, nnbecimo, uubecimo, unpecimo, nupecimo, nnpecimo, uupecimo, unqecimo nuqecimo, nnqecimo, uuqecimo
usualmente = usnalmente, usualmeute, usnalmeute, nsualmente, nsnalmente, nsualmeute, nsnalmeute, (usualwente, usnalwente, usualweute, usnalweute, nsualwente, nsnalwente, nsualweute, nsnalweute)

Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia words – without exclusions

Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Sight Word List

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At Improve Dyslexia, we have a full range of resources to help students with Dyslexia learn Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Words. Our online Learning Center provides students with access to a variety of Dyslexia-specific resources, including reading and spelling strategies, instructional videos, and interactive activities. We also offer one-on-one tutoring with experienced Dyslexia educators.

If you’re looking for resources to help your student learn Grade 5 Spanish Dyslexia Words, Improve Dyslexia is here to help. Visit our website to learn more about the services we offer and the resources we provide to help students with Dyslexia succeed.