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Grade 3 Dyslexia Words

Grade 3 Dyslexia Words Examples

Grade 3 Dyslexia is a real situation that can make spelling very difficult, especially in the third grade. Many people with dyslexia have difficulty reading, which can make it hard to keep up with classmates and achieve grade-level goals. If you suspect that your child has dyslexia, it’s important to get them evaluated by a specialist.

Are you struggling to help your child with Grade 3 Dyslexia Words? You are not alone. Dyslexia can be a challenging condition for both children and parents, but with the right tools and strategies, it is possible to make a difference. At we understand the importance of understanding the Dyslexia alternatives to spelling words.

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That’s why we are proud to offer the Blake Dyslexia Reading System, a comprehensive program designed to help children with Dyslexia improve their reading comprehension. The Blake Dyslexia Reading System is a multi-faceted program that utilizes strategies to help improve reading comprehension for children with Dyslexia. It includes exercises to help children identify key Dyslexia words and to practice using them correctly. It also includes tools to help children practice their letter and sound recognition skills.

There are many Dyslexia Translations and Comparison sentences on this website to see exactly how a Dyslexic Reader Reads.

Each sentence is broken down with two examples Dyslexia versions of Linear sentence.

NOTE: In the Blake Dyslexia Variation Course, BOTH Dyslexia and Non-Dyslexia words are sorted. Non-Dyslexia words have no Dyslexia Letters within those words. Words that are ‘Dyslexic’ have actual Dyslexia Letters that rotate to become other letters.

Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Dyslexia fonts that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section
6. Practice Reading Upside Down for fun and improvements!

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #1:

Non-Dyslexic words

key, heavy, easy, class, carry, teacher

Grade 3 Dyslexia Words

copy, taught, fight, third, knew, energy, grade, knife, lamb, funny, lesson, listen, happy, passed, might, right, jury, exam, sign, myself, pencil, tight, ready, paper, wrap, tiny, quiz, wrong, type, army, woman, women, boxes, person, party, country, match, guess, knives

The w/m Factor
calm, mark, exam, match, army
calm = calw
mark = wark
exam = exaw
match = watch
army = arwy
myself = wyself

The n/u Factor
listen, lesson, knife, jury, tiny, knives, country
listen = listeu
lesson = lessou
knife = kuife
jury = jnry
tiny = tiuy
knives = kuives
country =conntry, couutry, conutry

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #1

copy, taught, fight, third, knew, energy, grade, lamb, funny, happy, passed, might, right, exam, sign, myself, pencil, tight, ready, paper, wrap, quiz, wrong, type, army, woman, women, boxes, person, party, match, guess

right = ri6ht, ri9ht
tight = ti6ht, ti9ht
sign = si6n, si6u
fight = fi6ht, fi9ht

copy = coby, cody, coqy
taught = tanght, tan6ht, tan9ht, tau6ht, tau9ht
third = thirb, thirp, thirq
knew = kuem, knem, (kuew)
party = barty, darty, qarty
might = mi6ht, wight, wi6ht
type = tybe, tyde, tyqe
boxes = doxes, poxes, qoxes

energy = euergy, euer6y, euer9y, ener6y, ener9y (9 is optional approach)
grade = 6rade, 6rabe, 6rape, 6raqe, (9rabe, 9rape, 9raqe, 9rade) we dont do moving letters
lamb = lamd, lamp, lamq, (lawb, lawd, lawp, lawq)
funny = fnnny, fnuny, fnuuy, funny, fuuny, fuuuy

pencil = peucil, beucil, deucil, qeucil, bencil, dencil, qencil
ready = reaby, reapy, reaqy
wrap = mrab, mrad, mrap, mraq, (wrab, wrad, wraq)
guess = gness, 6ness, 6uess, 9uess, 9ness

quiz = qniz, buiz, bniz, duiz, dniz, puiz, pniz
wrong = wroug, wrou6, (mrong, mroug, mrou6)

woman = wowan, womau, wowau, (moman, mowan, momau, mowau)
women = wowen, womeu, woweu, (momen, mowen, momeu, moweu)
person = persou, bersou, berson, dersou, derson, qersou, qerson
paper = baper, daper, qaper, paber, pader, paqer, baber, dader, qaqer
happy = habby, haddy, haqqy, habdy, habpy, habqy, hadby, hadpy, hadqy, hapby, hapdy, hapqy, haqby, haqdy, haqqy, haqpy
passed = bassed, basseb, bassep, basseq, dassed, dasseb, dassep, dasseq, passeb, passep, passeq, qassed, qasseb, qassep, qasseq

Explanation: There are a couple examples of g is put both as a 6 and added variation of a 9. This is an additional consideration only to be aware of. By the 3rd grade g tends to be started more in the English Language and thus starts some students into Dysgraphia.

The thing to remember about Dysgraphia is the rotation of letters vs. the movement of letters is key. If the student is not able to keep a letter straight on a line with g turning to 9 it is suggested that this is not Dyslexia.

DySLeXiA ACTORS use Colored Lenses to read scripts longer
Using Dyslexia Fonts and Color Therapy!
AND, LooK Cool Doing IT! 🙂
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grade three spelling can be difficult for many students. However, for students with dyslexia, it can be a real challenge. Dyslexia is a neurological disorder that affects reading skills. It can make it difficult to read accurately and fluently. It can also make it hard to spell words correctly.

Most people with dyslexia are not diagnosed until they are in grade school. By third grade, many students with dyslexia are struggling with reading and spelling. If you think your child might have dyslexia, it is important to get them evaluated by a qualified professional.

Early intervention is key to helping children with dyslexia succeed in school. There is no one “right” way to treat dyslexia. However, there are many effective interventions that can help children with dyslexia improve their reading and spelling skills.

Early intervention is key to helping children with dyslexia succeed in school and in life. If your child is diagnosed with dyslexia, there are many things you can do to help them. You can find resources and support from organizations like Love Dyslexia. You can also advocate for your child’s needs at school. With the right support, children with dyslexia can succeed in school and in life.

Grade 3 Dyslexia Words and Dyslexia Keywords Examples are broken down word by word. Learn as a Third Grade Dyslexic Reader reads. See and study the examples of Dyslexia.

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #2:

Non-Dyslexic Keywords

story, foxes, horse, school, kitty, zoo, vet, they’re, trick, there’s, collar, tail, that’s, it’s, she’s, he’s

Dyslexia Words

tramp, lady, we’re, what’s, doghouse, where’s, walk, barking, who’s, growl, you’re, puppy, I’m, canine, animal, brave, deer, great, geese, mouse, goose, detective, dwarf, kitten, sleep, rabbit, beauty, beast, toad, musical, high

The w/m Dyslexia Factor

we’re = me’re
what’s = mhat’s
where’s = mhere’s
walk = malk
who’s = mho’s 
I’m = I’w

The u/n Dyslexia Factor

you’re = yon’re
canine = cauiue, cauine, caniue

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #2

tramp = tramb, tramq, tramd, (trawp, trawb, trawq, trawd)
lady = laby, lapy, laqy
doghouse = boghouse, poghouse, qoghouse, doghonse, boghonse, poghonse, qoghonse, do6house, bo6house, po6house, qo6house, do6honse, bo6honse, po6onse, qo6honse, do9house, bo9house, po9house, qo9house, do9honse, bo9honse, po9honse, qo9honse
barking = darking, parking, qarking, barkiug, darkiug, parkiug, qarkiug
growl = 6rowl, 9rowl, groml, 6roml, 9roml
puppy = buppy, duppy, quppy, pnppy, bnppy, dnppy, pnppy, qnppy, pubby, bubby, dubby, qubby, pnbby, bnbby, dnbby, pnbby, qnbby, puddy, buddy, duddy, quddy, pnddy, bnddy, dnddy, pnddy, qnddy, puqqy, buqqy, duqqy, quqqy, pnqqy, bnqqy, dnqqy, pnqqy, qnqqy, pupby, bunpby, dupby, qupby, pnpby, bnpby, dnpby, pnpby, qnpby, pubpy, bunbpy, dubpy, qubpy, pnbpy, bnbpy, dnbpy, pnbpy, qnbpy
animal = auimal, (aniwal, auiwal)
brave = drave, prave, qrave
deer = beer, peer, qeer
great = 6reat, 9reat
geese = 6eese, 9eese
mouse = monse, (wouse, wonse)
goose = 6oose, 9oose
detective = betective, petective, qetective
dwarf = bwarf, pwarf, qwarf, dmarf, bmarf, pmarf, qmarf
kitten = kitteu
sleep = sleeb, sleed, sleeq
rabbit = raddit, rappit, raqqit, rabdit, rabpit, rabqit, radbit, radpit, radqit, raqbit, raqdit, raqpit
beauty = deauty, peauty, qeauty, beanty, deanty, peanty, qeanty
beast = deast, peast, qeast
toad = toab, toap, toaq
musical = mnsical
high = hi6h, hi9h
puppy = buppy, duppy, quppy, pnppy, bnppy, dnppy, pnppy, qnppy, pubby, bubby, dubby, qubby, pnbby, bnbby, dnbby, pnbby, qnbby, puddy, buddy, duddy, quddy, pnddy, bnddy, dnddy, pnddy, qnddy, puqqy, buqqy, duqqy, quqqy, pnqqy, bnqqy, dnqqy, pnqqy, qnqqy, pupby, bunpby, dupby, qupby, pnpby, bnpby, dnpby, pnpby, qnpby, pubpy, bunbpy, dubpy, qubpy, pnbpy, bnbpy, dnbpy, pnbpy, qnbpy – 53 Dyslexia Variations!!

In addition to the exercises, the Blake Dyslexia Reading System also provides strategies that can help children increase the contrast of their reading material. Color Tinted Glasses can help improve reading comprehension for children with Dyslexia by making words stand out better against a page. These strategies are important for parents and teachers to understand in order to help children with Dyslexia.

With the right tools and strategies, children can improve their reading comprehension and make the most of their Dyslexia reading habits. Visit to learn more about the Blake Dyslexia Reading System and other strategies to help improve reading comprehension for children with Dyslexia. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have and provide the support you need to make a difference in your child’s life.

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #3:

Non Dyslexic words

forest, elf, royal, fairy, those, off, also, fair, sale

The w/m Factor:

witch = mitch
whole = mhole
worth = morth
twelve = tmelve

The n/u Dyslexia Factor:

nineteen = ninteeu, niuteen, niuteeu, uiueteen, uiuetteu, uinetteu, niutteu
once = ouce
think = thiuk
eleven = eleveu

Dyslexia Words

round, both, raised, ogre, pennies, twenty, penny, price, giant, eighteen, seventeen, sixteen, being, puppet, magic, fifteen, fourteen, crown, thirteen, doll, mean, upon, found, does, loud, himself, around

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #3

both = doth, poth, qoth
raised = raiseb, raisep, raiseq
ogre = o6re, o9re
pennies = bennies, dennies, qennies, penuies, benuies, denuies, qeniues, peuuies, beuuies, deuuies, qeuuies, peunies, beunies, deunies, qeunies
twenty = tweuty, (tmenty, tmeuty)
penny = benny, denny, qenny, penuy, benuy, denuy, qenuy, peuny, beuny, deuny, qeuny
price = brice, drice, qrice
giant = giaut, 6iant, 6iaut, 9iant, 9iaut
eighteen – eighteeu, ei6hteen, ei6hteeu, ei9hteen, ei9teeu 
seventeen = seventeeu, seveuteen, seveuteeu
sixteen = sixteeu
being = deing, peing, qeing, beiug, deiug, peiug, qeiug, bein6, deiu6, peiu6, qeiu6, bein9, deiu9, peiu9, qeiu9
puppet = buppet, duppet, quppet, pnppet, bnppet, dnppet, qnppet, pubbet, bnbbet, dnbbet, qnbbet, puddet, bnddet, dnddet, qnddet, pupbet, bupbet, dnpbet, qupbet, pupdet, bupdet, dnpdet, qupdet, pupqet, bupqet, dnpqet, qupqet, pubpet, bubpet, dnbpet, qubpet, pudpet, budpet, dndpet, qudpet, puqpet, buqpet, dndqet, qudqet – 39 Dyslexia Variations!!
magic = ma6ic, ma9ic, wagic, wa6ic, wa9ic
fifteen = fifteeu
fourteen = fourteeu, fonrteen, fonrteeu
crown = crowu, cromn, cromu
thirteen = thirteeu
doll = boll, poll, qoll
mean = meau, wean, weau
upon = upou, npou, npon, ubon, ubou, nbon, nbou, udon, ubou, ndon, ndou, upon, npou, upon, upou, uqon nqou, uqou, uqon 
found = founb, founp, founq, fouud, fouub, fouup, fouuq, fonud, fonub, fonup, fonuq, fonnd, fonnb, fonnp, fonnq
does = boes, poes, qoes
loud = loub, loup, louq, lond, lonb, lonp, lonq
himself = hiwself
around = arounb, arounp, arounq, aronud, aronub, aronup, aronuq, aronnd, aronnb, aronnp, aronnq, arouud, arouub, arouup, arouuq

Each sentence is broken down with two examples Dyslexia versions of Linear sentence.

NOTE: In the Blake Dyslexia Variation Course, BOTH Dyslexia and Non-Dyslexia words are sorted. Non-Dyslexia words have no Dyslexia Letters within those words. Words that are ‘Dyslexic’ have actual Dyslexia Letters that rotate to become other letters.

When it comes to helping children with Dyslexia, teachers and parents need to understand how to best help their student. With the right guidance and support, students can learn to read, write and spell with confidence. The best way to help children with Dyslexia is to understand the Dyslexia Variations in Grade 3 Dyslexia Words. Dyslexia Variations are the alternative spelling of words that can be used to help a child with Dyslexia.

By learning the spelling alternatives with Dyslexia Variations, you can improve your children’s reading comprehension. The Blake Dyslexia Reading System by Simon Blake is the perfect resource to help children with Dyslexia learn to read, write, and spell correctly. The Blake Dyslexia Reading System contains a collection of activities that help children to apply the Dyslexia Variations they have learned. It is designed to help children become more independent readers and spellers.

Grade 3 Dyslexia Words Examples by Improve Dyslexia dot com

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #4:

Non-Dyslexic Key words

icy, ice, feet, foot, late, trio, chest, solo, voice, coat, late, early, freeze, skates, ski

The w/m Dyslexia Factor:
arms = arws
tomorrow = toworrow, toworrom, tomorrom

The n/u Dyslexia Factor:
skin = skiu
next = uext
violin = violiu
sunset = snuset, snnset, suuset
tune = tnue, tnne, tuue
afternoon = afternoou, afteruoou, afteruoon
neck = ueck
tone = toue

Grade 3 Dyslexia Words

sound, daytime, bones, duet, slip, legs, boot, dawn, winter, back, thumb, fingers, skating, singer, music, today, snowman, snowball, hand, singing, yesterday, tomorrow,  morning

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #4

sound = sounb, sounp, sounq, sonud, sonub, sonup, sonuq, sonnd, sonnb, sonnp, sonnq, souud, souub, souup, souuq
daytime = baytime, paytime, qaytime, (daytiwe, baytiwe, paytiwe, qaytiwe)
bones = dones, pones, qones, boues, doues, poues qoues
duet = buet, puet, quet, dnet, bnet, pnet, qnet
slip = slib, slid, sliq
legs = le6s, le9s
boot = doot, poot, qoot
dawn = bawn, pawn, qawn, dawu, bawu, pawu, qawu, damn, bamn, pamn, qamn, damu, bamu, pawu, qamu
winter = wiuter, (minter, miuter)
back = dack, pack, qack
thumb = thumd, thump, thumq, thnmb, thnmd, thnmp, thnmq, (thuwb, thuwd, thuwp, thuwq, thnwb, thnwd, thnwp, thnwq)
fingers = fiugers, fin6ers, fin9ers, fiu6ers, fiu9ers
skating = skatiug, skatin6, skatin9, skatiu6, skatiu9
singer = siuger, sin6er, siu6er, sin9er, siu9er
music = mnsic, (wusic, wnsic)
today = tobay, topay, toqay
snowman = snowmau, suowman, suowmau, (snowwan, snowwau, suowwan, suowwau, snomman, snommau, suomman, suommau, snomwan, snomwau, suomwau, suomwau)
snowball = snowdall, snowpall, snowqall, suowball, suowdall, suowpall, suowqall, (snomball, suomdall, suompall, suomqall, snomball, snomdall, snompall, snoomqall)
hand = hanb, hanp, hanq, haud, haub, haup, hauq
singing = siuging, singiug, sin6ing, siu6ing, sin6iug, singin6, siugin6, singiu6, sin9ing, siu9ing, sin9iug, singin9, siugin9, singiu9
yesterday = yesterbay, yesterpay, yesterqay
morning = moruing, moruiug, morniug, mornin6, moruin6, moruiu6, morniu6, mornin9, moruin9, moruiu9, morniu9

DySLeXiA ACTORS use Colored Lenses to read scripts longer
Using Dyslexia Fonts and Color Therapy!
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In addition to the Blake Dyslexia Reading System, offers a number of resources for teachers and parents to help their students with Dyslexia. Color Tinted Glasses are a great way to add contrast to reading material. This helps to make text easier to read and less tiring for students who have Dyslexia.

At, you can find a variety of resources to help you understand and learn about Dyslexia Variations in Grade 3 Dyslexia Words. With the right guidance and support, your student can learn to read, write, and spell with confidence. Learning about Dyslexia Variations in Grade 3 Dyslexia Words is an important part of helping your student succeed in school.

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #5:

Non Dyslexic Key words

rest, fever, sick, check, cast, catch, A.M., P.M., I’ll, clock, he’ll, she’ll, half, they’ll, o’clock, I’ve, they’ve

The w/m Factor:
watch = match
home = howe

The n/u Dyslexia Factor

you’ve = yon’ve
hours = honrs
you’ll = yon’ll
isn’t = isu’t
aren’t = areu’t
nurse =uurse, unrse, nnrse
can’t = cau’t
haven’t = haveu’t

Grade 3 Dyslexia Words

you’ve, sundial, we’d, she’d, precise, I’d, past, hours, you’ll, minutes, second, doctor, isn’t, aren’t, wasn’t, nurse, won’t, wouldn’t, pain, doesn’t, don’t, home, weren’t, couldn’t, can’t, cough, haven’t, caught, don’t

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #5

sundial = sunbial, sunpial, sunqial, suudial, suubial, suupial, suuqial, snndial, snnbial, snnpial, snnqial, snudial, snubial, snupial, snuqial
we’d = we’b, we’p, we’q
she’d = she’b, she’p, she’q
precise = brecise, drecise, qrecise
I’d = I’b, I’p, I’q
past = bast, dast, qast
minutes = miuntes, miuutes, minntes, (winutes, wiuntes, wiuutes, winntes)
second = seconb, seconp, seconq, secoud, secoub, secoup, secouq
doctor = boctor, poctor, qoctor
wasn’t = wasu’t, (masn’t masu’t)
won’t = wou’t, (mon’t, mou’t)
pain = bain, dain, qain, paiu, baiu, daiu qaiu
doesn’t = boesn’t poesn’t, qoesn’t, doesu’t boesu’t poesu’t qoesu’t
don’t = bon’t, pon’t qon’t, dou’t, bou’t, pou’t qou’t
weren’t = wereu’t, (meren’t, mereu’t)
couldn’t = coulbn’t, coulpn’t, coulqn’t, conldn’t, conlbn’t, conlpn’t, conlqn’t, couldu’t, coulbu’t, coulpu’t, coulqu’t 
cough = congh, cou6h, con6h, cou9h, con9h
caught = canght, cau6ht, can6ht, can9ht, can9ht
don’t = bon’t, pon’t, qon’t, dou’t, bou’t pou’t qou’t
wouldn’t = woulbn’t, woulpn’t, woulqn’t ,wonldn’t, wonlbn’t, wonlpn’t, wonlqn’t, wonldu’t, wonlbu’t, wonlpu’t, wonlqu’t, wouldu’t, woulbu’t, woulpu’t, woulqu’t, (mouldn’t, moulbn’t, moulpn’t, mooulqn’t, monldn’t, monlbn’t, monlpn’t, monlqn’t, monldu’t, moulbu’t, monlpu’t, monlqu’t, mouldu’t, moulbu’t, woulpu’t, woulqu’t)

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #6:

Non-Dyslexic Key words

relax, chart, hotel, clear, floor, chair, skirt, socks, shoes, ticket, stairs, travel, jacket, shirt, tie

The w/m Dyslexia Factor:
hallway = hallmay
motel = wotel
move = wove
room = roow
family = fawily

The n/u Dyslexia Factor

aunt =auut, annt, anut
suit = snit
uncle = nucle, nncle, uucle
clean = cleau
vacation = vacatiou
front = frout

Grade 3 Dyslexia Words

pants, belt, family, children, bedroom, bath, airport, airplane, passport, aunt, parent, suit, uncle, clean, dining, flight, vacation, step, thing, table, own, sweep, yard, holiday, window, front

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #6

pants = bants, dants, qants, pauts, bauts, dauts, qauts
belt = delt, pelt, qelt
children = chilbren, chilpren, chilqren, childreu, chilbreu, chilpreu, chiqreu
bedroom = bebroom, beproom, beqroom, dedroom, debroom, deproom, deqroom
bath = dath, path, qath
airport = airbort, airdort, airqort
airplane = airblane, airdlane, airqlane, airplaue, airblaue, airdlaue, airqlaue
parent = barent, darent, qarent, pareut, bareut, dareut, qareut
flight = fli6ht, fli9ht
step = steb, sted, steq
thing = thiug, thin6, thiu6, thin9, thiu9
table = tadle, taple, taqle
own = owu, (omn, omu)
sweep = sweeb, sweed, sweeq, (smeep, smeeb, smeed, smeeq)
yard = yarb, yarp, yarq
holiday = holibay, holipay, holiqay
passport = bassport, dassport, qassport, passbort, bassbort, dassbort, qassbort, passdort, bassdort, dassdort, qassdort, passqort, bassqort, dassqort, qassqort
window = winbow, winpow, winqow, wiudow, wiubow, wiupow, wiuqow, (mindow, minbow, minpow, minqow, minqow, miudow, miubow, miupow, miuqow, windom, winbom, winpow, winqom, qiudom, wiubom, wiuqom, mindom, minbom, minpom, minqom, miudom, miubom, miupom, miuqom)
dining = bining, pining, qining, diuing, biuing, piuing, qiuing, diuiug, biuiug, piuiug, qiuiug, diniug, biniug, piniug, qiuing, (dinin6, binin6, pinin6, qinin6, dinuin6, biuin6, piuin6, qiuin6, diuiu6, biniu6, piuiu6, qiuiu6, diniu6, biniu6, piniu6, qiuin6, dinin9, binin9, pinin9, qinin9, dinuin9, biuin9, piuin9, qiuin9, diuiu9, biniu9, piuiu9, qiuiu9, diniu9, biniu9, piniu9, qiuin9)

If you are the parent of a child with dyslexia, you are not alone. There are many resources available to help you support your child. The Love Dyslexia website is a great place to start. We offer information and support for parents of children with dyslexia.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about dyslexia. We hope you will find the information and support you need on our website.  Dyslexia Variations are incredibly supportive of the Dyslexic Reading Experience. 

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #7:

Non-Dyslexic Key words

strike, hello, steal, safe, oval, ask, solar, mitt, sorry, circle, left, catcher, heart

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
welcome = welcowe, melcowe, melcome
system = systew

The n/u Dyslexia Factor

corona = corona
cone = coue
lunar = luuar, lnnar, lnuar
outer = onter
thank = thauk
center = ceuter
excuse = excnse

Grade 3 Dyslexia Words

help, corona, cylinder, pyramid, discover, good-bye, cone, sphere, phase, orbit, plate, polite, rude, pitcher, lunar, telescope, triangle, cube, shape, outer, base, please, thank, baseball, space, square, rectangle, center, pardon, excuse, field, eclipse

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #7

help = helb, held, helq
cylinder = cylinber, cylinper, cylinqer, cyliuder, cyliuber, cyliuper, cyliuqer
pyramid = byramid, dyramid, qyramid, pyramib, byramib, dyramib, qyramib, (pyrawid, byrawid, dyrawid, qyrawid, pyrawib, byrawib, dyrawib, qyrawib)
discover = biscover, piscover, qiscover
sphere = sbhere, sdhere, sqhere
phase = bhase, dhase, qhase
orbit = ordit, orpit, orqit
plate = blate, dlate, qlate
polite = bolite, dolite, qolite
rude = rube, rupe, ruqe, rnde, rnbe, rnpe, rnqe
pitcher = bitcher, ditcher, qitcher
telescope = telescobe, telescode, telescoqe
triangle = triaugle, trian6le, triau6le, trian9le, triau9le
cube = cude, cupe, cuqe, cnbe, cnde cnpe, cnqe
shape = shabe, shade, shaqe
base = dase, pase, qase
please = blease, dlease, qlease
space = sbace, sdace, sqace
square = sbuare, sduare, spuare, sqnare, sbnare, sdnare, spnare
rectangle = rectaugle, rectan6le, rectau6le, rectan9le, rectau9le
field = fielb, fielp, fielq
eclipse = eclibse, eclidse, ecliqse
baseball = basedall, basepall, baseqall, daseball, dasedall, dasedall, dasedall, paseball, pasedall, pasedall, pasedall, qaseball, qasedall, qasedall, qasedall
pardon = bardon, dardon, qardon, parbon, barbon, darbon, qarbon, parpon, barpon, darpon, qarpon, parqon, barqon, darqon, qarqon, pardou, bardou, dardou, qardou, parbou, barbou, darbou, qarbou, parpou, barpou, darpou, qarpou, parqou, barqou, darqou, qarqou
good-bye = good-dye, good-pye, good-qye, goob-bye, goob-dye, goob-pye, goob-qye, goop-bye, goop-dye, goop-pye, goop-qye, gooq-bye, gooq-dye, gooq-pye, gooq-qye, (6ood-bye, 6oob-dye, 6ood-pye, 6ood-qye, 6oob-bye, 6oob-dye, 6oob-pye, 6oop-qye, 6oop-bye, 6ooq-dye, 6ooq-pye, 6oop-qye, 6ooq-bye, 6ooq-dye, 6ooq-pye, 6ooq-qye, 9ood-bye, 9oob-dye, 9ood-pye, 9ood-qye, 9oob-bye, 9oob-dye, 9oob-pye, 9oop-qye, 9oop-bye, 9oob-dye, 9ooq-pye, 9oop-qye, 9ooq-bye, 9ooq-dye, 9ooq-pye, 9ooq-qye)

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Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #8:

Non-Dyslexic Key words

violet, soil, favorite, silver, hoe, rose, root, leaf, scarlet, thick, oak, valley, greater, area, tallest, rock, inches

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
willow = willom, millow, millom
wilt = milt

The n/u Dyslexia Factor

stone = stoue
thin = thiu
navy = uavy

Grade 3 Dyslexia Words

group, divide, equal, stump, stone, pine, perimeter, thin, palm, measure, branches, maple, length, width, mountain, garden, orange, plant, pastel, gold, purple, bushes, colorful, dead, navy, dirt, gray, bright, grow

Grade 3 Dyslexia Words Examples by Improve Dyslexia dot com

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #8

group = groub, groud, grouq, gronp, gronb, grond, gronq, 6roup, 6roub, 6roud, 6rouq, 6ronp, 6ronb, 6rond, 6ronq, 9roup, 9roub, 9roud, 9rouq, 9ronp, 9ronb, 9rond, 9ronq
divide = divibe, divipe, diviqe, bivide, bivibe, bivipe, beviqe
equal = ebual, edual, epual, eqnal, ebnal, ednal, epnal
stump = stumb, stumd, stumq, stnmp, stnmb, stnmd, stnmq, (stuwp, stuwp, stuwd, stuwq, stnwp, stnwb, stnwd, stnwq)
pine = bine, dine, qine, piue, biue, diue, qiue
perimeter = berimeter, derimeter, qerimeter (periweter, beriweter, deriweter, qeriweter)
palm = balm, dalm, qalm, (palw, balw, dalw, qalw)
measure = measnre, (weasure, weasnre)
branches = dranches, pranches, qranches, brauches, drauches, prauches, qrauches
maple = mable, madle, maqle
length = leugth, len6th, leu6th, len9th, leu9th
width = wibth, wipth, wiqth, (midth, mibth, mipth, miqth)
mountain = mountaiu, monntain, monntaiu, mouutain, monntain, monutain, monutain (wountain, wountaiu, wonntaiu, wonntaiu, wouutain, wonntain, wonutain, wonutain)
garden = garben, garden, garpen, gardeu, garbeu, gardeu, garpeu, (6arden, 6arben, 6arden, 6arpen, 6ardeu, 6arbeu, 6ardeu, 6arpeu, 9arden, 9arben, 9arden, 9arpen, 9ardeu, 9arbeu, 9ardeu, 9arpeu)
orange = orauge, oran6e, orau6e, oran9e, orau9e
plant = blant, dlant, qlant, plaut, blaut, dlaut, qlaut
pastel = bastel, dastel, pastel
gold = golb, golp, golq, 6old, 6olb, 6olp, 6olq, 9old, 9olb, 9olp, 9olq
purple = burple, durple, qurple, pnrple, bnrple, dnrple, qnrple, purble, burble, durble, qurble
bushes = dushes, pushes, qushes, bnshes, dnshes, pnshes, qnshes
colorful = colorfnl
dead = bead, pead, qead, deab, beab, peab, qeab, deap, beap, peap, qeap, deaq, beaq, peaq, qeaq
dirt = birt, pirt, qirt
gray =6ray, 9ray
bright = dright, pright, qright, bri6ht, dri6ht, pri6ht, qri6ht, bri9ht, dri9ht, pri9ht, qri9ht
grow = 6row, 9row, (grom, 6row, 9row)

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #9:

Non-Dyslexic Keywords

here, hear, fresh, soft, cherry, sea, t-shirt, kite, shorts

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
meet = weet
meat =weat
sweet = smeet
weak = meak
firm = firw
flower = flomer
swim = swiw, smim, smiw
ice cream = ice creaw
warm = warw, marm, marw

The n/u Dyslexia Factor

knot = kuot
sour = sonr
rotten = rotteu
flour = flonr
juicy = jnicy
sunny = snuuy, snuny, snnny, suuuy, snuuy, snuny, sunuy
crunchy = cruuchy, crnnchy, crnuchy
fruit = frnit

Grade 3 Dyslexia Words – Month #9

bikini, swimming, knot, sour, rotten, pair, diving, flour, flower, ripe, juicy, pail, strawberry, pineapple, grape, plum, hard, bare, peaches, banana, cabin, sunny, melon, grapefruit, dried, crunchy, lemon, firm, berries, bear, fruit, pear

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #9

bikini = pikini, dikini, qikini, bikiui, pikiui, dikiui, qikiui
pair = bair, dair, qair
ripe = ribe, ride, riqe
pail = bail, dail, qail
strawberry = strawderry, strawperry, strawqerry, (stramberry, stramderry, stramperry, strawqerry)
grape = grabe, grade, graqe, 6rape, 6rabe, 6rade, 6raqe, 9rape, 9rabe, 9rade, 9raqe
plum = plnm, blum, blnm, dlum, dlnm, qlum, qlnm, (pluw, plnw, bluw, blnw, dluw, dlnw, qluw, qlnw)
hard = harb, hard, harq
bare = dare, pare, qare
peaches = beaches, deaches, qeaches
banana = bauana, banaua, bauaua
cabin = cabiu, cadin, cadiu, capin, capiu, caqin, caqiu
melon = melou, (welon, welou)
dried = bried, pried, qried, drieb, brieb, prieb, qrieb
lemon = lemou, (lewon, lewou)
berries = derries, perries, qerries
bear = pear, dear, qear
pear = bear, dear, qear
diving = biving, piving, qiving, diviug, biviug, piviug, qiviug, divin6, bivin6, pivin6, qivin6, diviu6, biviu6, piviu6, qiviu6, divin9, bivin9, pivin9, qivin9, diviu9, biviu9, piviu9, qiviu9
grapefruit = grabefruit, gradefruit, graqefruit, grapefrnit, grabefrnit, gradefrnit, graqefrnit, 6rapefruit, 6rabefruit, 6radefruit, 6raqefruit, 6rapefrnit, 6rabefrnit, 6radefrnit, 6raqefrnit, 9rapefruit, 9rabefruit, 9radefruit, 9raqefruit, 9rapefrnit, 9rabefrnit, 9radefrnit, 9raqefrnit
swimming = swimmiug, swimmin6, swimmiu6, swimmin9, swimmiu9, smimming, smimmiug, smimmin6, smimmiu6, smimmin9, smimmiu9, smimwing, smimwiug, smimwin6, smimwiu6, smimwin9, smimwiu9, swimwing, swimwiug, swimwin6, swimwiu6, swimwin9, swimwiu9, smiwwing, smiwwiug, smiwwin6, smiwwiu6, smiwwin9, smiwwiu9, swiwwing, swiwwiug, swiwwin6, swiwwiu6, swiwwin9, swiwwiu9, smiwming, smiwmiug, smiwmin6, smiwmiu6, smiwmin9, smiwmiu9, swiwming, swiwmiug, swiwmin6, swiwmiu6, swiwmin9, swiwmiu9

pineapple = binapple, dinapple, qinapple, piueapple, biuapple, diuapple, qiuapple, pineabble, binabble, dinabble, qinabble, piueabble, biuabble, diuabble, qiuabble, pineaddle, binaddle, dinaddle, qinaddle, piueaddle, biuaddle, diuaddle, qiuaddle, pineaqqle, binaqqle, dinaqqle, qinaqqle, piueaqqle, biuaqqle, diuaqqle, qiuaqqle, pineabdle, binabdle, dinabdle, qinabdle, piueabdle, biuabdle, diuabdle, qiuabdle, pineadble, binadble, dinadble, qinadble, piueadble, biuadble, diuadble, qiuadble, pineabple, pinabple, pinabple, qinabple, piueable, biuabple, diuabple, qiuabple, pineapble, pinapble, pinapble, qinapble, piueapble, biuapble, diuapble, qiuapble, pineabqle, pinabqle, pinabqle, qinabqle, piueqbqle, biuabqle, diuabqle, qiuabqle, pinedble, pinadble

Blake Dyslexia Variations Course Translations
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