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Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words show the EXACT Dyslexia Rotations. It is important to note that the Dyslexia alphabet has 43 letters in English vs. the linear alphabet in English having only 26. Dyslexia Letters rotate to become other letters.

As a teacher or parent, it is essential to understand the Dyslexia alternatives to spelling words. The Blake Dyslexia Reading System, created by Simon Blake, is designed to improve reading comprehension and help those with Dyslexia. By learning the spelling alternatives with Dyslexia variations, you can help your student or child improve their reading skills and gain a better understanding of the English language.

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words Letter m Rotations
Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words Letter m Rotations

In addition to learning the spelling alternatives, there are other ways to help those with Dyslexia improve their reading. Color tinted glasses add contrast to help reduce the glare of the words and make reading easier. Tinted lenses can help improve reading accuracy and comprehension. At, we offer a wide variety of Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words resources to help you or your student learn. We have an extensive library of Dyslexia spelling words and activities that can help improve the reading and writing skills of those with Dyslexia.

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Some Main Quote from this Dyslexia Article and Dyslexia Lesson!
“A b turns into multiple possibilities, such as a p, d, or a q.”
“absent = adsent, apsent, aqsent, abseut, adseut, apseut, aqseut”
– 7 Dyslexia Variations!

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There are many Dyslexia Translations and Comparison sentences on this website to see exactly how a Dyslexic Reader Reads.

Each word is broken down for Grade One Dyslexia.

NOTE: BOTH Dyslexia and Non-Dyslexia words are sorted. Non-Dyslexia words have no Dyslexia Letters within those words. Words that are ‘Dyslexic’ have actual Dyslexia Letters that rotate to become other letters.

Dyslexia Variation Training Letter Map

A b turns into multiple possibilities, such as a p, d, or a q.
An n turns into a u, a u turns into an n.
A g turns to a 6 or a 9
the w turns to an m, m can turn to a w.
the Number 2 can turn to become N or the letter Z

This is why Dyslexia Fonts are so important to prevent Dyslexia.

NOTE: Only some Dyslexics get w confused with m, mostly with handwriting.


Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words, Month #1:

Non-Dyslexic Words

correct, March, cross, May, else, fact, chore, least, either, exactly, leave

Dyslexic Spelling Words Grade 5 Dyslexic Words

allowance, actually, January, February, absent, agreed, among, allow, April, education, course, dirty, complete, earn graduate, homeschooling, June, enough, August, July, public, private, errands, garbage, iron, general, fine, October, September, pupil, students, December, idea, organize, responsibility, beginning, substitute, tutor, underline, specific, calendar, lifted, various, vacuum

The w/m Dyslexia Factor

allow = allom

The n/u Dyslexia Factor

course = conrse
earn = earu
June = Jnue, Juue, Jnne
iron = irou
fine = fiue
tutor = tntor
various = varions

Grade 5 Dyslexia Variations:

allowance = allomance, allowauce, allomauce
actually = actnally
January = Jaunary, Jauuary, Jannary
February = Fedruary, Fepruary, Feqruary, Fedrnary, Feprnary, Feqrnary
absent = adsent, apsent, aqsent, abseut, adseut, apseut, aqseut
agreed = agreeb, agreep, agreeq, a6reed, a6reeb, a6reep, a6reeq
among = amoug, amon6, amou6, amon9, amou9 (awong, awoug, awon6, awou6, awon9, awou9)
April = Abril, Adril, Aqril
education = ebucation, epucation, equcation, edncation, ebncation, epncation, eqncation, educatiou, ebucatiou, epucatiou, equcatiou, edncatiou, ebncatiou, epncatiou, eqncatiou
dirty = birty, pirty, qirty
complete = comblete, comdlete, comqlete (cowplete, cowblete, cowdlete, cowqlete)
graduate = grabuate, grapuate, graquate, (6raduate, 6rabuate, 6rapuate, 6raquate, 9raduat, 9rabuate, 9rapuate, 9raquate)
homeschooling = homeschooliug, homeschoolin6, homeschooliu6, homeschoolin9, homeschooliu9, (howeschooling, howeschooliug, howeschoolin6, howeschooliu6, homeschoolin9, homeschooliu9)
enough = enongh, enou6h, enon6h, enou9h, enon9h, euough, euongh, euou6h, enon6h, enou9h, enon9h
August = Augnst, Au6ust, Au6nst, Au9ust, Au9nst, Angust, Angnst, An6ust, An6nst, An9ust Au9nst
July = Jnly
public = pudlic, puplic, puqlic, pnblic, pndlic, pnplic, pnqlic, bublic, budlic, buplic, buqlic, bnblic, bndlic, bnblic, bnqlic, dudlic, dudlic, duplic, duqlic, dndlic, dndlic, dnblic, dnqlic, qudlic, qudlic, quplic, quqlic, qndlic, qndlic, qnblic, qnqlic
private = drivate, brivate, qrivate
errands = erranbs, errauds, erraubs
garbage = gardage, garpage, garqage, 6arbage, 6ardage, 6arpage, 6arqage, 6arba6e, 6arda6e, 6arpa6e, 6arqa6e, garba6e, garda6e, garpa6e, garqa6e, 9arbage, 9ardage, 9arpage, 9arqage, 9arba9e, 9arda9e, 9arpa9e, 9arqa9e, garba9e, garda9e, garpa9e, garqa9e
general = geural, 6eneral, 6eural, 9eneral, 9eural
October = Octoder, Octoper, Octoqer
September = Septemder, Septemper, Septemqer, Sebtember, Sebtemder, Sebtemper, Sebtemqer (Septewber, Septewder, Septewper, Septewqer, Sebtewber, Sebtewder, Sebtewper, Sebtewqer)
pupil = bupil, dupil, qupil, pnpil, bnpil, dnpil, qnpil, pubil, bubil, dubil, qubil, pnbil, bnbil, dnbil, qnbil, pudil, budil, dudil, qudil, pndil, bndil, dndil, qndil, puqil, buqil, duqil, quqil, pnqil, bnqil, dnqil, qnqil
students = stubents, stupents, stuqents, studeuts, stubeuts, stupeuts, stuqeuts, stndents, stnbents, stnpents, stnqents, stndeuts, stnbeuts, stnpeuts, stnqeuts
December = Decemder, Decemper, Decemqer (Decewber, Decewder, Decewper, Decewqer)
idea = ibea, ipea, iqea
organize = orgauize, or6anize, or6auize, or9anize, or9auize
responsibility = responsidility, responsipility, responsiqility, respousibility, respousidility, respousipility, respousiqility, resbonsibility, resbonsidility, resbonsipility, resbonsiqility, resbousibility, resbousidility, resbousipility, resbousiqility, resdonsibility, resdonsidility, resdonsipility, resdonsiqility, resdousibility, resdousidility, resdousipility, resdousiqility, resqonsibility, resqonsidility, resqonsipility, resdonsiqility, resqousibility, resqousidility, resqousipility, reqousiqility
beginning = deginning, peginning, qeginning, beginniug, deginniug, peginniug, qeginniug, begiuning, degiuning, pegiuning, qegiuning, beginniug, deginniug, peginniug, qeginniug, begiuuing, degiuuing, pegiuuing, qegiuuing, begiuuiug, degiuuiug, pegiuuiug, qegiuuiug, beginuing, deginuing, peginuing, qeginuing, beginuing, deginuiug, peginuiug, qeginuiug
substitute = sudstitute, supstitute, suqstitute, snbstitute, sndstitute, snpstitute, snqstitute, snbstitnte, sndstitnte, snpstitnte, snqstitnte, substitnte, sudstitnte, supstitnte, suqstitnte
underline = unberline, unperline, unqerline, underliue, unberliue, unperliue, unqerliue, nnderline, nnberline, nnperline, nnqerline, nnderliue, nnberliue, nnperliue, nnqerliue, nuderline, nuberline, nuperline, nuqerline, nuderliue, nuberliue, nuperliue, nuqerliue
specific = sbecific, sdecific, sqecific
calendar = calenbar, calenpar, calenqar, caleudar, caleubar, caleupar, caleuqar
lifted = lifteb, liftep, lifteq
vacuum = vacnnm, vacnum, vacunm, (vacuuw, vacnnw, vacnuw, vacunw)

As letters flip or rotate during reading variations of words are created. Study the Dyslexia variations to learn about Dyslexia.  There are many Dyslexia Translations and Comparison sentences on this website to see exactly how a Dyslexic Reader Reads.

If you have dyslexia, you might see letters or words that appear to be backwards or upside down. You might have trouble reading quickly, or you might have difficulty understanding words when they’re spoken to you. Dyslexia can make it hard to sound out words, and it can be especially challenging to learn new vocabulary. One of the most frustrating things about dyslexia is that it can be very hard to diagnosis. Because it affects different people in different ways, there is no one-size-fits-all test for dyslexia.

We also offer a variety of tools and strategies to help those with Dyslexia. Our Dyslexia Reading Strategies are designed to help with reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. Our Dyslexia Writing Strategies are designed to help with writing accuracy, organization, and expression.

Letter d Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words at Improve Dyslexia dot com

At, we are dedicated to helping those with Dyslexia. By providing resources and tools to help with Dyslexia Spelling Words and other reading and writing skills, we hope to make a difference in the lives of those with Dyslexia. Visit our website today to learn more about our Dyslexia resources and how we can help you or your student.

With the right support, you can succeed in school and in life. Learning Dyslexia Variations is often the support Dyslexic Readers need to achieve reading.

We all know that spelling can be difficult, especially as we get older and the words become more complicated. But for some people, spelling is a real struggle, and it can be a sign of dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects reading. It can make it difficult to read accurately and fluently, and can also impact spelling. Dyslexia occurs in people of all intelligence levels and from all walks of life. One of the tell-tale signs of dyslexia is letter rotation.

This is when a person reads a word, but the letters appear to be rotated or reversed. So, for example, the word “dinner” might appear as “diuuer”. If you or someone you know is having difficulty with spelling, it’s worth getting checked out by a professional.

Dyslexia is a real condition that can impact reading, spelling, and even everyday life. But with the right support, people with dyslexia can lead successful lives.

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words, Month #2:

Non-Dyslexic Words

artichoke, wreck, carrot, celery, vessel, artery, 

Dyslexic Words

asparagus, chemical, climbed, column, bean, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, pumpkin, rhubarb, squash, vegetable, zuchini, crumb, design, government, height, limb, reign, rhythm, scientists, straight, thought, weight, wreck, ankle, bladder, blood, circulatory, elbow, jaw, kidney, knee, knuckle, muscle, organ, vein, wrist, volunteer, toward, sidewalk, neighborhood, middle, direction, corner, community, building,  bottom, between, beside, avenue, ahead, adjacent

The w/m Dyslexia Factor

chemical = chewical
rhythm = rhythw
wreck = mreck
jaw = jam
wrist = mrist

The n/u Dyslexia Factor

scientists = scieutists
ankle = aukle
knee = kuee
knuckle = kunckle, knnckle, kuuckle
vein = veiu
volunteer = volnuteer, voluuteer, volnnteer
corner = coruer
avenue = aveune, aveuue, avenne

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling – Month #2:

asparagus = asbaragus, asdaragus, asqaragus, aspara6us, asbara6us, asdara6us, asqara6us, aspara9us, asbara9us, asdara9us, asqara9us
climbed = climded, climped, climqed, climbeb, climdeb, climpeb, climqeb, climbep, climdep, climpep, climqep, climbeq, climdeq, climpeq, climqeq (cliwbed, cliwded, cliwped, cliwqed, cliwbeb, cliwdeb, cliwped, cliwqeb, cliwbep, cliwdep, cliwpep, cliwqep, cliwbeq, cliwdeq, cliwpeq, cliwqeq)
column = colnmn, columu, colnmu, (coluwn, colnwn, coluwu, colnwu)
bean = dean, pean, qean, beau, deau, peau, qeau
broccoli = droccoli, proccoli, qroccoli
brussel = drussel, prussel, qrussel, brnssel, drnssel, prnssel, qrnssel
sprouts = sbouts, sdouts, sqouts, spronts, sbonts, sdonts, sqonts
cabbage = cappage, caddage, caqqage, cabba6e, cappa6e, cadda6e, caqqa6e, cabba9e, cappa9e, cadda9e, caqqa9e
cabdage, cabdage, cabdage, cabdage, cabda6e, cabda6e, cabda6e, cabda6e, cabda9e, cabda9e, cabda9e, cabda9e
cadpage, cadpage, ca

cauliflower = canliflower, (califlomer, canliflomer)
potatoes =botatoes, dotatoes, qotatoes
rhubarb = rhudarb, rhuparb, rhuqarb, rhnbarb, rhndarb, rhnparb, rhnqarb, rhubard, rhudard, rhupard, rhuqard, rhnbard, rhndard, rhnpard, rhnqard, rhubarp, rhudap, rhuparp, rhuqarp, rhnbarp, rhndarp, rhnparp, rhnqarp, rhubarq, rhudaq, rhuparq, rhuqarq, rhnbarq, rhndarq, rhnparq, rhnqarq
squash = sbuash, sduash, spuash, sqnash, sbnash, sdnash, spnash
vegetable = vegetadle, vegetaple, 
zuchini = zuchiui, znchini, znchiui
crumb = crumd, crump, crumq, crnmb, crnmd, crump, crumq
design = desigu, desi6n, desi6u, desi9n, desi9u, besign, besigu, besi6n, besi6u, besi9n, besi9u, pesign, pesigu, pesi6n, pesi9u, pesi9n, pesi9u, qesign, qesigu, qesi6n, qesi9u, qesi9n, qesi9u
government = governmeut, 6overnment, 6overnmeut, 9overnment, 9overnmeut, goverument, goverumeut, 6overument, 6overumeut, 9overument, 9overumeut (governwent, governweut, 6overnwent, 6overnweut, 9overnwent, 9overnweut, goveruwent, goveruweut, 6overuwent, 6overuweut, 9overuwent, 9overuweut
height = hei6ht, hei9ht
limb = limp, limd, limq, (liwb, liwp, liwd, liwq)
reign = reigu, rei6n, rei6u, rei9n, rei9u
straight = strai6ht, strai9ht
thought = thonght, thou6ht, thon6ht, thon9ht, thou9ht
weight = wei6ht, wei9ht
blood = bloob, bloop, blooq, dlood, dloob, dloop, dlooq, plood, ploob, ploop, plooq, qlood, qloob, qloop, qlooq
circulatory = cirnlatory
elbow = eldow, elpow, elqow, (elbom, eldom, elpom, elqom)
kidney = kibney, kipney, kiqney, kiduey, kibuey, kipuey, kiquey
muscle = mnscle (wuscle, wnscle)
organ = orgau, or6an, or6au, or9an, or9au
toward = towarb, towarp, towarq, (tomard, tomarb, tomarp, tomarq)
sidewalk = sibewalk, sipewalk, siqewalk, (sidemalk, sibemalk, sipemalk, siqemalk)
direction = birection, pirection, qirection, directiou, birectiou, pirectiou, qirectiou
community = commnuity, commuuity, commnnity, (comwunity, comwnuity, comwuuity, comwnnity, cowwunity, cowwnuity, cowwuuity, cowwnnity, cowmunity, cowmnuity, cowmuuity, cowmnnity)
bottom = dottom, pottom, qottom, (bottow, dottow, pottow, qottow)
between = detween, petween, qetween, betweeu, detweeu, petweeu, qetweeu, (betmeen, detmeen, petmeen, qetmeen, betmeeu, demeeu, petmeeu, qetmeeu)
ahead = aheab, aheap, aheaq
adjacent = abjacent, apjacent, aqjacent, adjaceut, abjaceut, apjaceut, aqjaceut
beside = besibe, besipe, besiqe, deside, desibe, desipe, desiqe, peside, pesibe, pesipe, pesiqe, qeside, qesibe, qesipe, qesiqe

As a teacher or parent, you may be concerned about helping your child or student with dyslexia to successfully master grade 5 spelling words. Dyslexia is a common learning disability that can be a major barrier to successful reading comprehension, but with the right approach, you can help your student or child to read and spell more effectively.

Fortunately, there are several strategies and tools available to help improve dyslexia reading and spelling skills. One of these is the Blake Dyslexia Reading System, which is designed to help students and children with dyslexia to improve their reading comprehension.

By learning the spelling alternatives with dyslexia variations, students and children with dyslexia can learn to read and spell more effectively. In addition to the Blake Dyslexia Reading System, there are other strategies that can be used to help improve dyslexia reading and spelling skills. One of the most popular methods is to use tinted lenses, which work to add contrast during reading. This can make reading much easier for students and children with dyslexia.

middle = mibble, mipple, miqqle, mibdle, mibple, mibqle, midble, midple, midqle, mipble, mipdle, mipqle, miqble, miqdle, miqple, (widdle, wibble, wipple, wiqqle, wibdle, wibple, wibqle, widble, widple, widqle, wipble, wipdle, wipqle, wiqble, wiqdle, wiqple)
bladder = dladder, pladder, qladder, blabber, dlabber, plabber, qlabber, blapper, dlapper, plapper, qlapper, blaqqer, dlaqqer, plaqqer, qlaqqer, blabder, dlabder, plabder, qlabder, blabper, dlabper, plabper, qlabper, bladqer, dlabqer, plabqer, qlabqer, bladber, dladber, pladber, qladber, bladper, dladper, pladper, qladper, bladqer, dladqer, pladqer, qladqer, blapber, dlapber, plapber, qlapber, blapder, dlapder, plapder, qlapder, blapqer, dlapqer, plapqer, qlapqer, blaqber, dlaqber, plaqber, plaqber, blaqder, dlaqder, plaqder, plaqder, blaqper, dlaqper, plaqper, plaqper
neighborhood = neighborhoob, neighborhoop, neighborhooq, nei6hborhood, nei6hborhoob, nei6hborhoop, nei6hborhooq, nei9hborhood, nei9hborhoob, nei9hborhoop, nei9hborhooq, neighdorhood, neighdorhoob, neighdorhoop, neighdorhooq, nei6hdorhood, nei6hdorhoob, nei6hdorhoop, nei6hdorhooq, nei9hdorhoob, nei9hdorhoob, nei9hdorhoop, nei9hdorhooq, neighporhood, neighporhoob, neighporhoop, neighporhooq, nei6hporhood, nei6hporhoob, nei6hporhoop, nei6hporhooq, nei9hporhoob, nei9hporhoob, nei9hporhoop, nei9hporhooq, neighqorhood, neighqorhoob, neighqorhoop, neighqorhooq, nei6hqorhood, nei6hqorhoob, nei6hqorhoop, nei6hqorhooq, nei9hqorhoob, nei9hqorhoob, nei9hqorhoop, nei9hqorhooq
pumpkin = bumpkin, dumpkin, qumpkin, pumpkiu, bumpkiu, dumpkiu, qumpkiu, pnmpkin, bnmpkin, dnmpkin, qnmpkin, pnmpkiu, bnmpkiu, dnmpkiu, qnmpkiu, bumbkin, dumbkin, qumbkin, pumbkiu, bumbkiu, dumbkiu, qumbkiu, pnmbkin, bnmbkin, dnmbkin, qnmbkin, pnmbkiu, pnmbkiu, bnmbkiu, dnmbkiu, qnmbkiu, bumdkin, dumdkin, qumdkin, pumdkiu, bumdkiu, dumdkiu, qumdkiu, pnmdkin, bnmdkin, dnmdkin, qnmdkin, pnmdkiu, pnmdkiu, bnmdkiu, dnmdkiu, qnmdkiu, bumqkin, dumqkin, qumqkin, pumqkiu, bumqkiu, dumqkiu, qumqkiu, pnmqkin, bnmqkin, dnmqkin, qnmqkin, pnmqkiu, pnmqkiu, bnmqkiu, dnmqkiu, qnmqkiu
building = builbing, builping, builqing, buildin6, builbin6, builpin6, builqin6, buildin9, builbin9, builpin9, builqin9, bnilding, bnilbing, bnilping, bnilqing, bnildin6, bnilbin6, bnilpin6, bnilqin6, bnildin9, bnilbin9, bnilpin9, bnilqin9, duilding, duilbing, duilping, duilqing, duildin6, duilbin6, duilpin6, duilqin6, duildin9, duilbin9, duilpin9, duilqin9 , dnilding, dnilbing, dnilping, dnilqing, dnildin6, dnilbin6, dnilpin6, dnilqin6, dnildin9, dnilbin9, dnilpin9, dnilqin9, puilding, puilbing, puilping, puilqing, puildin6, puilbin6, puilpin6, puiqin6, puildin9, puilbin9, puilpin9, puilqin9, pnilding, pnilbing, pnilping, pnilqing, pnildin6, pnilbin6, pnilpin6, pnilqin6, puildin9, pnilbin9, pnilpin9, pnilqin9, quilding, quilbing, quilping, quilqing, quildin6, quilbin6, quilpin6, quiqin6, quildin9, quilbin9, quilpin9, quilqin9, qnilding, qnilbing, qnilping, qnilqing, qnildin6, qnilbin6, qnilpin6, qnilqin6, quildin9, qnilbin9, qnilpin9, qnilqin9


Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words, Month #3:

Non-Dyslexic Words

stereo, orchestra, octave, choir, cello, soar, ostrich, feather, attack, several, history

Dyslexic Spelling Words Grade 5 Dyslexic Words

vulture, rescue, pigeon, perch, pelican, canary, eagle, flamingo, flutter, navigate, migration, hedges, billion, double, battle, died, dozen, chord, exhibit, duplicate, compose, drum, increase, happened, multiple, guitar, instruments, negative, hunting, melody, non, Indian, joined, numeral, musician, killed, positive, museum, settled, soldiers, veteran, war, twice, triple, single, quadruple, trumpet, radio, percussion

The w/m Dyslexia Factor

war = mar
twice = tmice

The n/u Dyslexia Factor

vulture = vulnre, vnlnre, vnlture
rescue = rescne
canary = cauary
flutter = flntter
increase = iucrease
non = uou, nou, uon
veteran = veterau

Grade 5 Dyslexia Words Variations

pigeon = pi6eon, pi9eon, pigeou, pi6eou, pi9eou
perch = berch, derch, qerch
pelican = pelicau, belican, belicau, delican, delicau, qelican, qelicau
eagle = ea6le, ea9le
flamingo = flamiugo, flamin6o, flamin9o, flamiu6o, flamiu9o, flawingo, flawiugo, flawin6o, flawin9o, flamiu6o, flawiu9o
navigate = uavigate, uavi6ate, uavi9ate, navi6ate, navi9ate
migration = migratiou, mi6ation, mi9ration, wigration, wigratiou wi6ration, wi9ration, wi6ratiou, wi9ratiou, mi6ratiou, mi9ratiou
hedges = hebges, hepges, heqges, hed6es, heb6es, hep6es, heq6es, hed9es, heb9es, hep9es, heq9es
billion = dillion, pillion, qillion, billiou, dilliou, pilliou, qilliou
double = bouble, pouble, qouble, donble, bonble, ponble, qonble, doudle, boudle, poudle, qoudle, dondle, bondle, pondle, qondle, douple, bouple, pouple, qouple, donple, bonple, ponple, qonple, douqle, bouqle, pouqle, qouqle, donqle, bonqle, ponqle, qonqle
battle = dattle, pattle, qattle
died = dieb, diep, dieq, bied, bieb, biep, bieq, pied, pieb, piep, pieq, qied, qieb, qiep, qieq
dozen = pozen, bozen, qozen, dozeu, pozeu, bozeu, qozeu
chord = chorb, chorp, chorq
exhibit = exhidit, exhipit, exhiqit
duplicate = dublicate, dudlicate, duqlicate, dnplicate, dnblicate, dndlicate, dnqlicate
buplicate, bublicate, budlicate, buqlicate, bnplicate, bnblicate bndlicate, bnqlicate
puplicate, publicate, pudlicate, puqlicate, pnplicate, pnblicate, pndlicate, pnqlicate
quplicate, qublicate, qudlicate, quqlicate, qnplicate, qnblicate, qndlicate, qnqlicate
compose = combose, comdose, comqose (cowpose, cowbose, cowdose, cowqose)
drum = brum, prum, qrum (druw, bruw, pruw, qruw)
happened = happeneb, happenep, happeneq, happeued, happeueb, happeuep, happeueq
hapbened, hapbened, hapbenep, hapbeneq, hapbeued, hapbeueb, hapbeuep, hapbeueq
hapdened, hapdened, hapdenep, hapdeneq, hapdeued, hapdeueb, hapdeuep, hapdeueq
hapqened, hapqened, hapqenep, hapqeneq, hapqeued, hapqeueb, hapqeuep, hapqeueq
habbened, habbened, habbenep, habbeneq, habbeued, habbeueb, habbeuep, habbeueq
habdened, habdened, habdenep, habdeneq, habdeued, habdeueb, habdeuep, habdeueq
habpened, habpened, habpenep, habpeneq, habpeued, habpeued, habpeuep, habpeueq
habqened, habqened, habqenep, habqeneq, habqeued, habqeued, habqeuep, habqeueq
hadbened, hadbened, hadbenep, hadbeneq, hadbeued, hadbeued, hadbeuep, hadbeueq
haddened, haddened, haddenep, haddeneq, haddeued, haddeued, haddeuep, haddeueq
hadpened, hadpened, hadpenep, hadpened, hadpeued, hadpeued, hadpeuep, hadpeueq
hadqened, hadqened, hadqenep, hadqened, hadqeued, hadqeued, hadqeuep, hadqeueq
haqbened, haqbened, haqbenep, haqbened, haqbeued, haqbeued, haqbeuep, haqbeueq
haqdened, haqdened, haqdenep, haqdened, haqdeued, haqdeued, haqdeuep, haqdeueq
haqpened, haqpened, haqpenep, haqpened, haqpeued, haqppeued, haqpeuep, haqpeueq
haqqened, haqqened, haqqenep, haqqened, haqqeued, haqqeued, haqqeuep, haqqeueq

multiple = multible, multidle, multiqle, mnltiple, mnltible, mnltidle, mnltiple, (wultiple, wultible, wultidle, wultiqle, wnltiple, wnltible, wnltidle, wnltiple)
guitar = gnitar, 6uitar, 6nitar, 9uitar, 9nitar
instruments = instrumeuts, iustruments, iustrumeuts, instrnments, instrnmeuts, (instruwents, instruweuts, iustruwents, iustruweuts, iustrnwents, iustrnweuts)
negative = uegative, ne6ative, ue6ative, ne9ative, ue9ative
hunting = huntiug, huntin6, huntiu6, huntin9, huntiu9, hnnting, hnntiug, hnntin6, hnntiu6, hnntin9, hnntiu9, hnuting, hnutiug, hnutin6, hnutiu6, hnutin9, hnutiu9, huuting, huutiug, huutin6, huutiu6, huutin9, huutiu9
melody = meloby, melopy, meloqy, (welody, weloby, welopy, weloqy)
Indian = Inbian, Inpian, Inqian, Indiau, Inbiau, Inpiau, Inqiau, Iudian, Iubian, Iupian, luqian, ludiau, lubiau, lupiau, Iuqiau
joined = joineb, joinep, joineq, joiued, joiueb, joiuep, joiueq
numeral = unmeral, uumeral, nnmeral, (nuweral, unweral, uuweral, nnweral)
musician = musiciau, mnsician, mnsiciau, (wusican, wusiciau, wnsician, wnsiciau)
killed = killeb, killep, killeq
positive = bositive, dositive, qositive
museum = musenm, mnsenm, mnseum, wuseum, wusenm, wnsenm, wnseum, wuseuw, wusenw, wnsenw, wnseuw, museuw, musenw, mnsenw, mnseuw
settled = settleb, settlep, settleq
soldiers = solbiers, solpiers, solqiers
triple = trible, tridle, triqle
single = siugle, sin6le, siu6le, sin9le, siu9le
quadruple = quadruble, quadrudle, quadruqle, quadrnple, quadrnble, quadrndle, quadrnqle
quabruple, quabruble, quabrudle, quabruqle, quabrnple, quabrnble, quabrndle, quabrnqle
quapruple, quapruble, quaprudle, quapruqle, quaprnple, quaprnble, quaprndle, quaprnqle
quaqruple, quaqruble, quaqrudle, quaqruqle, quaprnple, quaqrnble, quaqrndle, quaqrnqle

buadruple, buardruble, buadrudle, buadruqle, buadrnple, buadrnble, buadrndle, buadrnqle,
buabruple, buabruble, buabrudle, buabruqle, buabrnple, buabrnble, buabrndle, buabrnqle
buapruple, buapruble, buaprudle, buapruqle, buaprnple, buaprnble, buaprndle, buaprnqle
buaqruple, buaqruble, buaqrudle, buaqruqle, buaprnple, buaqrnble, buaqrndle, buaqrnqle

qnadruple = qnadruble, qnadrudle, qnadruqle, qnadrnple, qnadrnble, qnadrndle, qnadrnqle
qnabruple, qnabruble, qnabrudle, qnabruqle, qnabrnple, qnabrnble, qnabrndle, qnabrnqle
qnapruple, qnapruble, qnaprudle, qnapruqle, qnaprnple, qnaprnble, qnaprndle, qnaprnqle
qnaqruple, qnaqruble, qnaqrudle, qnaqruqle, qnaprnple, qnaqrnble, qnaqrndle, qnaqrnqle

bnadruple, bnardruble, bnadrudle, bnadruqle, bnadrnple, bnadrnble, bnadrndle, bnadrnqle,
bnabruple, bnabruble, bnabrudle, bnabruqle, bnabrnple, bnabrnble, bnabrndle, bnabrnqle
bnapruple, bnapruble, bnaprudle, bnapruqle, bnaprnple, bnaprnble, bnaprndle, bnaprnqle
bnaqruple, bnaqruble, bnaqrudle, bnaqruqle, bnaprnple, bnaqrnble, bnaqrndle, bnaqrnqle

trumpet = trumbet, trumdet, trumqet, trnmpet, trnmbet, trnmdet, trnmqet , (truwpet, truwbet, truwdet, truwqet, trnwpet, trnwbet, trnwdet, trnwqet)
radio = rabio, rapio, raqio
percussion = bercussion, dercussion, qercussion, percussiou, bercussiou, dercussiou, qercussiou, percnssion, bercnssion, dercnssion, qercnssion, percnssiou, bercnssiou, dercnssiou, qercnssiou

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words, Month #4:

Non-Dyslexic Words

echoes, shriek, liter, fifth, frost, scarf, solstice, shiver, shovel, leather, sleeve, velvet

The w/m Dyslexia Factor

jewelry = jemerly
mask = wask
sweater = smeater
mathematics = wathematics, mathewatics, wathewatics

The n/u Dyslexia Factor

noise = uoise
ounce = ouuce, onuce, onnce
noisy = uoisy
silence = sileuce
silent = sileut
sonar = souar
slush = slnsh
casual = casnal
fashion = fashoiu
necklace = uecklace
satin = satiu
ninth = uinth, uiuth, niuth

Dyslexic Words

aloud, audio, deaf, mute, quiet, shouted, volume, pounds, pattern, numerical, ninth, milligram, kilogram, graph, gram, gallon, eighth, depth, gloves, iceberg, igloo, mitten, penguin, skiing, snowboard, snowflake, snowsuit, solstice, bracelet, disguise, earring, uniform, zipper

At, you can find a variety of products to help improve dyslexia reading and spelling skills. From tinted lenses to color tinted glasses, the products available have been designed to make reading and spelling easier for children and students with dyslexia. If you are looking for more information on dyslexia and strategies to help your child or student with dyslexia, you can find resources and information on the website as well.

You can also find further information on grade 5 dyslexia spelling words, which can help your child or student master their spelling words. By using the right strategies and tools, you can help your student or child with dyslexia to improve their reading and spelling skills. With the help of, you can find the right strategies and products to help your child or student to read and spell more effectively. With the right approach and support, you can help your child or student with dyslexia to master grade 5 dyslexia spelling words.

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling – Month 4

aloud = aloub, aloup, alouq, alond, alonb, alonp, alonq
audio = aubio, aupio, auqio, andio, anbio, anpio, anqio
deaf = beaf, peaf, qeaf
mute = mnte, (wute, wnte)
quiet = buiet, duiet, quiet, qniet, bniet, dniet, qniet
shouted = shouteb, shoutep, shouteq, shonted, shonteb, shontep, shonteq
volume = volnme, (voluwe, volnwe)
pattern = battern, dattern, qattern, patteru, batteru, datteru, qatteru
numerical = unmerical, uumerical, nnmerical, (nuwerical, unwerical, uuwerical, nnwerical)
milligram = milli6ram, milli9ram, willigram, willi6ram, willi9ram, willigraw, willi6raw, willi9raw, milligraw, milli6ram, milli9raw
kilogram = kilo6ram, kilo9ram, (kilograw, kilo6raw, kilo9raw)
graph = graqh, grabh, gradh, 6raph, 9raph, 6rabh, 9rabh, 6radh, 9radh, 6raqh, 9raqh
gram = 6ram, 9ram, (graw, 6raw, 9raw)
gallon = gallou, 6allon, 6allou, 9allon, 9allou
eighth = ei6hth, ei9hth
depth = debth, dedth, deqth, bepth, bebth, bedth, beqth, pepth, pebth, pedth, peqth, qepth, qebth, qedth, qeqth
gloves = 6loves, 9loves
iceberg = icederg, iceperg, iceqerg, iceber6, iceder6, iceper6, iceqer6, iceber9, iceder9, iceper9, iceqer9
igloo = i6loo, i9loo
mitten = mitteu, (witten, witteu)
skiing = skiiug, skiin6, skiiu6, skiin9, skiiu9
snowflake = snowflake, (snomflake, snomflake)
snowsuit = suowsuit, snowsnit, suowsnit, (snomsuit, suomsuit, snomsnit, suomsnit)
bracelet = dracelet, pracelet, qracelet
disguise = bisguise, pisguise, qisguise, disgnise, bisgnise, pisgnise, qisgnise, dis6uise, bis6uise, pis6uise, qis6uise, dis6nise, bis6nise, pis6nise, qis6nise, dis9uise, bis9uise, pis9uise, qis9uise, dis9nise, bis9nise, pis9nise, qis9nise
earring = earriug, earrin6, earriu6, earrin9, earriu9
uniform = nuiform, uuiform, nniform, (uniforw, nuiforw, uuiforw, nniforw)
zipper = zibber, zidder, ziqqer, zibder, zibper, zibqer, zidber, zibder, zibper, zibqer, zipber, zipder, zipqer, ziqber, ziqder, ziqper

Letter spin Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words at Improve Dyslexia dot com
disguise = bisguise, pisguise, qisguise, disgnise, bisgnise, pisgnise, qisgnise, dis6uise, bis6uise, pis6uise, qis6uise, dis6nise, bis6nise, pis6nise, qis6nise, dis9uise, bis9uise, pis9uise, qis9uise, dis9nise, bis9nise, pis9nise, qis9nise
penguin = benguin, denguin, qenguin, pen6uin, ben6uin, den6uin, pen6uin, pen9uin, ben9uin, den9uin, qen9uin, peuguin, beuguin, deuguin, qeuguin, peu6uin, beu6uin, deu6uin, peu6uin, peu9uin, beu9uin, deu9uin, qeu9uin, penguiu, benguiu, denguiu, quenguiu, pen6uiu, ben6uiu, den6uiu, pen6uiu, pen9uiu, ben9uiu, den9uiu, qen9uiu, peuguiu, beguiu, deuguiu, qeuguiu, peu6uiu, beu6uiu, deu6uiu, peu6uiu, peu9uiu, beu9uiu, deu9uiu, qeu9uiu
snowboard =snowboarb, snowboarp, snowboarq, suowboard, suowboarb, suowboarp, suowboarq, snowdoard, snowdoarb, snowdoarp, snowdoarq, suowdoard, suowdoarb, suowdoarp, suowdoarq, snowpoard, snowpoarb, snowpoarp, snowpoarq, suowpoard, suowpoarb, suowpoarp, suowpoarq, snowqoard, snowqoarb, snowqoarp, snowqoarq, suowqoard, suowqoarb, suowqoarp, suowqoarq
pounds = pounbs, pounps, pounqs, bounds, bounbs, bounps, bounqs, dounds, dounbs, dounps, dounqs, qounds, qounbs, qounps, qounqs, ponuds, ponubs, ponups, ponuqs, bonuds, bonubs, bonups, bonuqs, donuds, donubs, donups, donuqs, qonuds, qonubs, qonups, qonuqs, , pouuds, pouubs, pouups, pouuqs, bouuds, bouubs, bouups, bouuqs, douuds, douubs, douups, douuqs, qouuds, qouubs, qouups, qouuqs, ponnds, ponnds, ponnps, ponnqs, ponnds, ponnbs, ponnps, ponnqs, donnds, donnbs, donnps, donnqs, qonnds, qonnbs, qonnps, qonnqs


Rotation of letters is one of the main problems that dyslexic readers face. This can make it difficult to spell words correctly, as the dyslexic reader may not be able to remember the correct order of the letters. Grade five is generally when people first realize they have dyslexia, as the spelling becomes more difficult.

However, dyslexia can affect people of any age, and it is important to be aware of the symptoms. Dyslexia is a neurological disorder that affects reading skills. It is characterized by difficulty with letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and word decoding. People with dyslexia may also have difficulty with spelling, writing, and math.

Dyslexia occurs in people of all intelligence levels and from all walks of life. It is estimated to affect 5-17% of the population. There is no single cause of dyslexia, but it is believed to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Dyslexia is not related to intelligence or motivation.

People with dyslexia are often of above average intelligence. There is no cure for dyslexia, but with early diagnosis and intervention, most people with dyslexia can learn to read and write.

Learning Dyslexia Variations will help readers read with Dyslexia!

If you think you or someone you know may have dyslexia, it is important to get a diagnosis from a qualified professional. Early intervention is key to helping people with dyslexia succeed.

There are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Dyslexia fonts that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section
6. Practice Reading Upside Down for fun and improvements!

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words, Month #5:

Non-Dyslexic Words

electric, electricity, static, volts, crash, steer, traffic, state, factors, solve

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
matter = watter
watt = matt
wheels = mheels
estimate = estiwate

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
circuit = circnit
current = curreut, cnrreut, cnrrent

Dyslexic Words

battery, copper, formula, liquid, observe, solid,  wonder, accident, collision, engine, highway, insurance, passenger, speed, submarine, subway, transportation, wagon, Antarctica, Australia, Canada, equator, geography, globe, hemisphere, Japanese, latitude, longitude, population, region, United States, Washington, approximate, average, divided, dividend, divisible, divisor, equation, estimate, exponent, factorization, multiply, prime, quotient, 

Grade 5 Dyslexia Variations, Month #5:

battery = dattery, pattery, qattery
copper = cobber, codder, coqqer, cobder, cobper, cobqer, codber, codper, codqer, copber, copder, copqer, coqber, coqder, coqper
formula = formnla, (forwula, forwnla)
observe = odserve, opserve, oqserve
solid = solib, solip, soliq
wonder = wonber, wonper, wonqer, wouder, wouber, wouper, wouqer (monder, monber, monper, monqer, mouder, mouber, mouper, mouqer)
accident = accibent, accipent, acciqent, accideut, accibeut, accipeut, acciqeut
collision = collisiou
engine = engiue, eugiue, eugine, en6ine, en6iue, eu6iue, eu6ine, en9ine, en9iue, eu9iue, eu9ine
highway = hi6hway, hi9hway, (highmay, hi6hmay, hi9hway)
insurance = insurauce, iusurance, iusurauce, insnrance, insnrauce, iusnrance, iusnrauce
speed = speeb, speep, speeq, sbeed, sbeeb, sbeep, sbeeq, sdeed, sdeeb, sdeep, sdeeq, sqeed, sqeeb, sqeep, sqeeq
subway = sudway, supway, suqway, snbway, sndway, snpway, snpway, snqway, (submay, sudmay, supmay, suqmay, snbmay, sndmay, snpmay, snpmay, snqmay)
wagon = wagou, wa6on, wa6ou, wa9on, wa9ou, (magon, magou, ma6on ma6ou, ma9on, ma9ou)
Antarctica = Autarctica
Australia = Anstralia
Canada = Cauada, Canaba, Cauaba, Canapa, Cauapa, Canaqa, Cauaqa
equator = ebuator, eduator, epuator, eqnator, ebnator, ednator, epnator
globe = glode, glope, gloqe, 6lobe, 6lode, 6lope, 6loqe, 9lobe, 9lode, 9lope, 9loqe
hemisphere = hemisbhere, hemisdhere, hemisqhere (hewisphere, hewisbhere, hewisdhere, hewisqhere)
Japanese = Jabanese, Jadanese, Jaqanese, Japauese, Jabauese, Jadauese, Jaquese
region regiou, re6ion, re6ion, re9ion, re9iou
United States = Uniteb States, Unitep States, Uniteq States Uuited States, Uuiteb States, Uuitep States, Uuiteq States (The Capital U, can turn upsideto-down to U)
Washington = Washingtou, Washin6ton, Washin6ton, Washin9ton, Washiu9ton, Washiugton, Washiugtou, Washiu6ton, Washiu6ton, Washiu9ton, Washiu9ton (Capital W, could look like M)
average = avera6e, avera9e
dividend = divibend, divipend, diviqend, divideud, divibeud, divipeud, diviqeud, bividend, bivibend, bivipend, biviqend, bivideud, bivibeud, bivipeud, biviqeud, pividend, pivibend, pivipend, piviqend, pivideud, pivibeud, pivipeud, piviqeud, qividend
divisible = divisidle, divisiple, divisiqle, bivisible, bivisidle, bivisiple, bivisiqle, pivisible, pivisidle, pivisiple, pivisiqle, qivisible, qivisidle, qivisiple, qivisiqle
divisor = bivisor, pivisor, qivisor
equation = ebuation, eduation, epuatoin, equatiou, ebuatoiu, eduatiou, epuatiou, eqnation, ebnation, ednation, qpnation, eqnatiou, ebnatiou, ednatiou, epnatiou
exponent = exdonent, exbonent, exqonent, exponeut, exdoneut, exboneut, exqoneut, expouent, exdouent, exbouent, exqouent, expoueut, exdoueut, exboueut, exqoueut
factorization = factorizatiou
multiply = multibly, multidly, multiqly, mnlutiply, mnltibly, mnltidly, mnltiqly, (wultiple, wultibly, wultidly, wultiqly, wnlutiply, wnltibly, wnltidly, wnltiqly)
prime = brime, drime, qrime, (priwe, briwe, driwe, qriwe)
quotient = buotient, duotient, puotient, quotieut, buotieut, duotieut, puotieut, qnotient, bnotient, dnotient, pnotient, qnotieut, bnotieut, dnotieut, pnotieut
liquid = libuid, liduid, lipuid, liqnid, libnid, lidnid, lipnid, liquib, libuib, liduib, lipuib, liqnib, libnib, lidnib, lipnib, liquip, libuip, liduip, lipuip, liqnip, libnip, lidnip, lipnip, liquiq, liquiq, liduiq, lipuiq, liqniq, libniq, lidniq, lipniq
transportation = transbortation, transdortation, transqortation, trausportation, trausbortation, trausdortation, trausqortation, transportatiou, transbortatiou, transdortatiou, transqortatiou, trausportatiou, trausbortatiou, trausdortatiou, trausqortatiou
passenger = bassenger, dassenger, qassenger, passeuger, basseuger, dasseuger, qasseuger, passen6er, bassen6er, dassen6er, qassen6er, passeu6er, basseu6er, dasseu6er, qasseu6er, passen9er, bassen9er, dassen9er, qassen9er, passeu9er, basseu9er, dasseu9er, qasseu9er
submarine = sudmarine, supmarine, suqmarine, submariue, sudmariue, supmariue, suqmariue, snbmarine, sndmarine, snpmarine, snqmarine, snbmariue, sndmariue, snpmariue, snqmariue, (subwarine, sudwarine, supwarine, suqwarine, subwariue, sudwariue, supwariue, suqwariue, snbmarine, sndwarine, snpwarine, snqwarine, snbwariue, sndwariue, snpwariue, snqwariue)
geography = geograbhy, geogradhy, geograqhy, 6eography, 9eography, 6eograbhy, 9eograbhy, 6eogradhy, 9eogradhy, 6eograqhy, 9eograqhy, geo6raphy, geo6rabhy, geo6radhy, geo6raqhy, 6eo6raphy, 9eo6raphy, 6eo6grabhy, 9eo6rabhy, 6eo6radhy, 9eo6radhy, 6eo6raqhy, 9eo6raqhy, geo9raphy, geo9rabhy, geo9radhy, geo9raqhy, 6eo9raphy, 9eo9raphy, 6eo9rabhy, 9eo9rabhy, 6eo9radhy, 9eo9raphy, 6eo9raqhy, 9eo9raqhy
approximate = abbroximate, addroximate, aqqroximate, abdroximate, abproximate, abqroximate, adbroximate, adproximate, adqroximate, apbroximate, apdroximate, apqroximate, aqbroximate, aqdroximate, aqproximate, (approxiwate, abbroxiwate, addroxiwate, aqqroxiwate, abdroxiwate, abproxiwate, abqroxiwate, adbroxiwate, adproxiwate, adqroxiwate, apbroxiwate, apdroxiwate, apqroxiwate, aqbroxiwate, aqdroxiwate, aqproxiwate)
divided = divibed, diviped, diviqed, divideb, divibeb, divipeb, diviqeb, dividep, divibep, divipep, diviqep, divideq, divibeq, divipeq, diviqeq, bivided, bivibed, biviped, biviqed, bivideb, bivibeb, bivipeb, biviqeb, bividep, bivibep, bivipep, biviqep, bivideq, bivibed, bivipeb, biviqed, pivided, pivibed, piviped, piviqed, pivideb, pivibeb, pivipeb, piviqeb, pividep, pivibep, pivipeb, piviqep, pivideq, pivibed, pivipeb, piviqed, qivided, qivibed, qiviped, qiviqed, qivideb, qivibeb, qivipeb, qiviqeb, qividep, qivibep, qivipeb, qiviqe, qivideq, qivibed, qivipeb, qiviqed
latitude = latitube, latitupe, latituqe, latitnde, latitnbe, latitnpe, latitnqe, longitude = longitube, longitupe, longituqe, longitnde, longitnbe, longitnpe, longitnqe, lougitude, lougitube, lougitupe, lougituqe, lougitnde, lougitnbe, lougitnpe, lougitnqe, lon6itude, lon6itube, lon6itupe, lon6ituqe, lon6itnde, lon6itnbe, lon6itnpe, lon6itnqe, lou6itude, lou6itube, lou6itupe, lou6ituqe, lou6itnde, lou6itnbe, lou6itnpe, lou6itnqe, lon9itude, lon9itube, lon9itupe, lon9ituqe, lon9itnde, lon9itnbe, lon9itnpe, lon9itnqe, lou9itude, lou9itube, lou9itupe, lou9ituqe, lou9itnde, lou9itnbe, lou9itnpe, lou9itnqe
population = pobulation, podulation, poqulation, populatiou, pobulatiou, podulatiou, poqulatiou, bopulation, bobulation, bodulation, boqulation, bopulatiou, bobulatiou, bodulatiou, boqulatiou, dopulation, dobulation, dodulation, doqulation, dopulatiou, dobulatiou, dodulatiou, doqulatiou, qopulation, qobulation, qodulation, qoaulation, qopulatiou, qobulatiou, qodulatiou, qoqulatiou, popnlation, pobnlation, podnlation, poqnlation, popnlatiou, pobnlatiou, podnlatiou, poqnlatiou, bopnlation, bobnlation, bodnlation, boqnlation, bopnlatiou, bobnlatiou, bodnlatiou, boqnlatiou, dopnlation, dobnlation, dodnlation, doqnlation, dopnlatiou, dobnlatiou, dodnlatiou, doqnlatiou, qopnlation, qobnlation, qodnlation, qoanlation, qopnlatiou, qobnlatiou, qodnlatiou, qoqnlatiou

When it comes to teaching Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words, it’s important to not only focus on the standard words but also the Dyslexia variations. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that makes it difficult for individuals to read and write. For individuals with Dyslexia, it’s important to learn the Dyslexia alternatives to spelling words. At, we understand how difficult it is for individuals with Dyslexia to learn standard spelling words.

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Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words, Month #6:

Non-Dyslexic Words

x-ray, stretcher, street, Greek,

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
comma = cowwa, cowma, comwa

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
visual = visnal
clinic = cliuic
seizure = seiznre
injury = iujury, injnry, iujnry
fluent = flueut, flnent, flneut
accent = acceut

Dyslexic Words

symbols, represent, quotation, questions, period, parentheses, indicate, image, hyphen, gesture, exclamation, decode, apostrophe, ultrasound, treatment, strange, operate, needle, hospital, filled, bruise, appointment, ambulance, trophy, stretched, remember, rehearse, practice, position, movement, lead, flexible, dance, competition, compete, choreography, break, translation, Spanish, Spain, language, Italy, Germany, French, France, Europe, English, England, British

Grade 5 Dyslexia Variations – Month #6

symbols = symdols, sympols, symqols (sywbols, sywbols, sywpols, sywqols)
represent = rebresent, redresent, reqresent, represeut, rebreseut, redreseut, reqreseut
quotation = buotation, duotation, puotation, quotatiou, buotatiou, duotatiou, puotatiou, qnotation, bnotation, dnotation, pnotation, qnotatiou, bnotatiou, dnotatiou, pnotatiou
questions = buestions, duestions, puestions, questious, buestioius, duestious, puestious, qnestions, bnestions, dnestions, pnestions, qnestious, bnestioius, dnestious, pnestious
period = periob, periop, perioq, beriod, beriob, beriop, berioq
parentheses = barentheses, darentheses, qarentheses, pareutheses, bareuthese, dareutheses, qareutheses
indicate = inbicate, inpicate, inqicate, iudicate, iubicate, iupicate, iuqicate
image = ima6e, ima9e, iwage, iwa6e, iwa9e
hyphen = hybhen, hydhen, hyqhen, hypheu, hybheu, hydheu, hyqheu
gesture = gestnre, 6esture, 6estnre, 9esture, 9estnre 
exclamation = exclamatiou, (exclawation, exlawatiou)
decode =decobe, decope, decoqe, becode, becobe, becope, becoqe, pecode, pecobe, pecope, pecoqe, qecode, qecobe, qecope, qecoqe
apostrophe = apostrobhe, apostrodhe, apostroqhe, abostrophe, abostrobhe, abostodhe, abostroqhe, adostophe, adostrobhe, adostodhe, adostroqhe, aqostophe, aqostobhe, aqostodhe, aqostroqhe
treatment = treatmeut, (treatwent, treatmeut)
strange = strauge, stran6e, strau6e, stran9e, strau9e
operate = oberate, oderate, oqerate
needle = neeble, neeple, neeqle
hospital = hosbital, hosdital, hosqital
filled = filleb, fillep, filleq
bruise =druise, pruise, qruise, brnise, drnise, prnise, qrnise
ambulance = amdulance, ampulance, amqulance, 
ultrasound = ultrasounb, ultrasounp, ultrasounq, nltrasound, nltrasounb, nltrasounp, nltrasounq, ultrasonud, untrasonub, ultrasonup, ultrasonuq, nltrasonud, nltrasonub, nltrasonup, nltrasonuq, ultrasouud, untrasouub, ultrasouup, ultrasouuq, nltrasouud, nltrasouub, nltrasouup, nltrasouuq, ultrasonnd, untrasonnb, ultrasonnp, ultrasonnq, nltrasonnd, nltrasonnb, ntrasonnp, nltrasonnq
appointment = appointmeut, appoiutment, appoiutmeut, abdointment, abdointmeut, abdoiutment, adboiutmeut, abbointment, abbointmeut, abboiutment, abboiutmeut, abpointment, abpointmeut, abpoiutment, abpoiutmeut, abqointment abqointmeut, abqoiutment, abqoiutmeut, adboinment, adboinmeut, adboiutment, adboiutmeut, addoinment, addoinmeut, addoiutment, addoiutmeut, adpoinment, adpoinmeut, adpoiutment, adpoiutmeut, adqoinment, adqoinmeut, adqoiutment, adqoiutmeut, apboinment, apboinmeut, apboiutment, apboiutmeut, apdoinment, apdoinmeut, apdoiutment, apdoiutmeut, apqoinment, apqoiunmeut, apqoiutment, apqoiutmeut, aqboinment, aqboiunmeut, aqboiutment, aqboiutmeut, aqdoinment, aqdoiunmeut, aqdoiutment, aqdoiutmeut, aqqoinment, aqqoiunmeut, aqqoiutment, aqqoiutmeut, aqpoinment, aqpoiunmeut, aqpoiutment, aqpoiutmeut

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words, Month #7:

Non-Dyslexic Words

flyer, extract, cookies, aisle, shift, 

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
storm = storw
major = wajor
climate = cliwate
memory = mewory, wewory, wemory

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
occasion = occasiou
everyone = everyoue
event = eveut
Internet = Interuet, Iuteruet, Iuternet
invite = iuvite
connection = connectiou, conuection, conuectiou, couuection, couuectiou, counection, counectiou
another = auother
carton = cartou
scan = scau

Dyslexic Words

together, surprise, received, quite, laugh, invite, exciting, details, decorations, decided, celebration, another, without, syrup, sausage, peanut, noodle, ingredient, groceries, dairy, coupon, carton, almond, windy, umbrella, thunder, record, rainfall, predict, partly, lightning, foggy, conditions, cloudy, breeze, scan, program, printed, monitor, keyboard, delete, computer, cartridge, browser, algorithm, address

Letter n Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words at Improve Dyslexia dot com

Grade 5 Dyslexia Variations – Month #7

together = to6ether, to9ether
surprise = surbrise, surdrise, surqrise, snrprise, snrbrise, snrdrise, snqrise
received = receiveb, receivep, receiveq
quite = buite, duite, puite, qnite, bnite, dnite, pnite
laugh = langh, lau6h, lan6h, lau9h, lan9h
exciting = excitiug, excitin6, excitiu6, exctin9, excitiu9
details = betails, petails, qetails
decorations = becorations, pecorations, qecorations, decoratious, becoratious, pecoratious, qecoratious
decided = decideb, decidep, decideq, decibed, decibeb, decibep, decibeq, deciped, decipeb, decipep, decipeq, deciqed, deciqeb, deciqep, deciqeq
celebration = celedration, celepration, celeqration, celbratoiu, celedratiou, celepratiou, celeqratiou
without = withont, (mithout, mithont)
syrup = syrub, syrud, syruq, syrnp, syrnb, syrnd, syrnq
sausage = sansage, sausa6e, sansa6e, sausa9e, sansa9e
peanut = beanut, deanut, qeanut, peaunt, beaunt, deaunt, qeaunt, peauut, beauut, deauut, qeauut, peannt, beannt, deannt, qeannt
noodle = nooble, noople, nooqle, uoodle, uooble, uoople, uooqle
groceries = 6roceries, 9roceries
dairy = bairy, pairy, qairy
coupon = coubon, coudon, couqon, coupou, coubou, coudou, couqou, conpon, conbon, condon, conqon, conpou, conbou, condou, conqou
almond = almonb, almonp, almonq, almoud, almoub, almoup, almouq, (alwond, alwonb, alwonp, alwonq, alwoud, alwoub, alwoup, alwouq)
windy = winby, winpy, winqy, wiudy, wiuby, wiupy, wiuqy
umbrella = umdrella, umprella, umqrella, nmbrella, nmdrella, nmprella, nmqrella, (uwbrella, uwdrella, uwprella, uwqrella, nwbrella, nwdrella, nwprella, nwqrella)
thunder = thunber, thunper, thunqer, thuuder, thuuber, thuuper, thuuqer, thnuder, thnuber, thnuper, thnuqer, thnnder, thnnber, thnnper, thnnqer
record = recorb, recorp, recorq
rainfall = raiufall
predict = bredict, dredict, qredict, prebict, brebict, drebict, qrebict, prepict, brepict, drepict, qrepict, preqict, breqict, dreqict, qreqict
partly = barty, darty, qarty
foggy = fo66y, fo99y, fo69y, fo96y
conditions = conbitions, conpitions, conqitions, conditious, conbitious, conpitious, conqitious
couditions, coubitions, coupitions, couqitions, couditious, coubitious, coupitious, couqitious
cloudy = clouby, cloupy, clouqy, clondy, clonby, clonpy, clonqy
breeze = dreeze, preeze, qreeze
program = brogram, drogram, qrogram, pro6ram, bro6ram, dro6ram, qro6ram, pro9ram, bro9ram, dro9ram, qro9ram,(prograw, brograw, drograw, qrograw)(pro6raw, bro6raw, dro6raw, qro6raw) (pro9raw, bro9raw, dro9raw, qro9raw)
printed = printeb, printep, printeq, priuted, priuteb, priutep, priuteq, brinted, brinteb, brinteq, brinteq, briuted, briuteb, briutep, briuteq, drinted, drinteb, drinteq, drinteq, driuted, driuteb, driutep, driuteq, qrinted, qrinteb, qrintep, qrinteq, qriuted, qriuteb, qriutep, qriuteq
monitor = mouitor, (wonitor, wouitor)
keyboard = keyboarb, keyboarp, keyboarq, keydoard, keydoarb, keydoarp, keydoarq, keyqoard, keyqoarb, keyqoarp, keyqoarq, keypoard, keypoarb, keypoarp, keypoarp
delete = belete, pelete, qelete
computer = comduter, combuter, comquter, compnter, comdnter, combnter, comqnter, (cowputer, cowduter, cowbuter, cowquter, cowpnter, cowdnter, cowbnter, cowqnter)
cartridge = cartribge, cartripge, cartriqge, cartrid6e, cartrib6e, cartrip6e, cartriq6e, cartrid9e, cartrib9e, cartrip9e, cartriq9e
browser = drowser, prowser, qrowser (bromser, dromser, promser, qromser)
algorithm = al6orithm, al9orithm, (algorithw, al6ortihw, al9orithw)
address = abbress, appress, aqqress, abdress, abpress, abqress, adbress, adpress, adqress, apbress, apdress, apqress, aqbress, aqdress, aqpress
ingredient = ingrebient, ingrepient, ingreqient, ingredieut, ingrebieut, ingrepieut, ingreqieut, iugredient, iugrebient, iugrepient, iugreqient, iugredieut, iugrebieut, iugrepieut, iugreqieut, in6redient, in6rebient, in6repient, in6reqient, in6redieut, in6rebieut, in6repieut, in6reqieut, iu6redient, iu6rebient, iu6repient, iu6reqient, iu6redieut, iu6rebieut, iu6repieut, iu6reqieut, in9redient, in9rebient, in9repient, in9reqient, in9redieut, in9rebieut, in9repieut, in9reqieut, iu9redient, iu9rebient, iu9repient, iu9reqient, iu9redieut, iu9rebieut, iu9repieut, iu9reqieut

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words, Month #8:

Non-Dyslexic Words

river, cycle, isosceles, force, Earth

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
stream = streaw
osmosis = oswosis
Mars = Wars

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
honor = houor
invitation = invitatiou, iuvitatiou, iuvitation
anniversary = auuiversary, anuiversary, auniversary
collection = collectiou
Venus = Veuns, Veuus, Venns
rotation = rotatiou
revolution = revolutiou, revolntion, revolntiou

Dyslexic Words

wedding, proposal, marriage, guest, groom, engaged, diamond, couple, ceremony, bride, attend, transportation, runoff, precipitation, moisture, irrigation, evaporation, evaporate, dissolve, desalination, condensation, triangular, trapezoid, scalene, rhombus, rectangular, quadrilateral, prism, polygon, pentagon, parallelogram, octagon, hexagon, geometry, equilateral, Uranus, stratosphere, Saturn, planets, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter, gravity, galaxy

Grade 5 Dyslexia Variations – Month #8
proposal =probosal, prodosal, proqosal, broposal, brobosal, brodosal, broqosal, droposal, drobosal, drodosal, droqosal, qroposal, qrobosal, qrodosal, qroqosal
marriage = marria6e, marria9e, (warriage, warria6e, warria9e)
guest = gnest, 6uest, 9uest, 6nest, 9nest
groom = 6room, 9room, (groow, 6roow, 9roow)
couple = couble, coudle, couqle, conple, conble, condle, conqle
ceremony = ceremouy, (cerewony, cerewouy)
bride = pride, bribe, bripe, briqe, dride, dribe, dripe, driqe, pribe, pripe, priqe, qride, qribe, qripe, qriqe
attend = attenb, attenp, attenq, atteud, atteub, atteup, atteup
transportation = transbortation, transdortation, transqortation, transportatiou, transbortatiou, transdortatiou, transqortatiou, trausportation, trausbortation, trausdortation, trauqortation, trausportatiou, trausbortatiou, trausdortatiou, transqortatiou
runoff = ruuoff, rnnoff, rnuoff
moisture = moistnre, (woisture, woistnre)
irrigation = irrigatiou, irri6ation, irri6atiou, irri9ation, irri9atiou
evaporation = evaboration, evadoration, evaqoration, evaporatiou, evaboratiou, evadoratiou, evaqoratiou
evaporate = evaborate, evadorate, evaqorate
dissolve = bissolve, pissolve, qissolve
desalination = besalination, pesalination, qesalination, desalinatiou, besalinatiou, pesalinatiou, qesalinatiou, desaliuation, besaliuation, pesaliuation, qesaliuation, desaliuatiou, besaliuatiou, pesalinatiou, qesaliuatiou
triangular = triangnlar, trian6ular, trian6nlar, trian9ular, trian9nlar, triaugular, triaugnlar, triu6ular, triau6nlar, triau9ular, triau9nlar
trapezoid = trabezoid, tradezoid, traqezoid, trapezoib, trabezoib, tradezoib, traqezoib, trapezoip, trabezoip, tradezoip, traqezoip, trapezoiq, trabezoiq, tradezoiq, traqezoiq
scalene = scaleue
rhombus =rhomdus, rhompus, rhomqus, rhombns, rhomdns, rhompns, rhomqns, (rhowbus, rhowdus, rhowpus, rhowqus, rhowbns, rhowdns, rhowpns, rhowqns)
rectangular = rectangnlar, rectan6ular, rectan6nlar, rectan9ular, rectan9nlar, rectaugular, rectaugnlar, rectau6ular, rectau6nlar, rectau9ular, rectau9nlar
prism = brism, drism, qrism, (prisw, brisw, drisw, qrisw)
polygon = bolygon, dolygon, qolygon, polygou, bolygou, dolygou, qolygou, poly6on, boly6on, doly6on, qoly6on, poly6ou, boly6ou, doly6ou, qoly6ou, poly9on, boly9on, doly9on, qoly9on, poly9ou, boly9ou, doly9ou, qoly9ou
octagon = octagou, octa6on, octa6ou, octa9on, octa9ou
hexagon = hexagou, hexa6on, hexa6ou, hexa9on, hexa9ou
geometry = 6eometry, 9eometry, (geowetry, 6eometry, 9eometry)
equilateral = ebuilateral, eduilateral, epuilateral, eqnilateral, ebnilateral, ednilateral, epnilateral
Uranus =Urauns, Urauus, Uranns (Capital U is Upside-down N)
stratosphere = stratosbhere, stratosdhere, stratosqhere
Saturn = Saturu, Satnru, Satnrn
planets = blanets, dlanets, qlanets, plauets, blauets, dlauets, qlauets
Neptune = Nebtune, Nedtune, Neqtune, Neptuue, Nebtuue, Nedtuue, Neqtuue, Neptnue, Nebtnue, Nedtnue, Neqtnue, Neptnne, Nebtnne, Nedtnne, Neqtnne
Mercury = Mercnry
Jupiter = Jubiter, Juditer, Juqiter, Jnpiter, Jnbiter, Jnditer, Jnqiter
gravity = 6ravity, 9ravity
galaxy = 6alaxy, 9alaxy
parallelogram = barallelogram, darallelogram, qarallelogram, paralello6ram, barallelo6ram, darallelo6ram, qarallelo6ram, parallelo9ram, barallelo9ram, darallelo9ram, qarallelo9ram, (parallelograw, barallelograw, darallelograw, qarallelograw, paralello6raw, barallelo6raw, darallelo6raw, qarallelo6raw, parallelo9raw, barallelo9raw, daralello9raw, qarallelo9raw)
quadrilateral = quabrilateral, quaprilateral, quaqrilateral, qnadrilateral, qnabrilateral, qnaprilateral, qnaqrilateral, buadrilateral, buabrilateral, buaprilateral, buaqrilateral, bnadrilateral, bnabrilateral, bnaprilateral, bnaqrilateral, duadrilateral, duabrilateral, duaprilateral, duaqrilateral, dnadrilateral, dnabrilateral, dnaprilateral, dnaqrilateral, puadrilateral, puabrilateral, puaprilateral, puaqrilateral, pnadrilateral, pnabrilateral, pnaprilateral, pnaqrilateral
pentagon = bentagon, dentagon, qentagon, penta6on, benta6on, denta6on, qenta6on, penta9on, benta9on, denta9on, qenta9on, peutagou, beutagou, deutagou, qeutagou, peuta6ou, beuta6ou, deuta6ou, qeuta6ou, peuta9ou, beuta9ou, deuta9ou, qeuta9ou, peutagon, beutagon, deutagon, qeutagon, peuta6on, beuta6on, deuta6on, qeuta6on, peuta9on, beuta9on, deuta9on, qeuta9ou, pntagou, bentagou, dentagou, qentagou, penta6ou, benta6ou, denta6ou, qenta6ou, penta9ou, benta9ou, denta9ou, qenta9ou
condensation = conbensation, conpensation, conqensation, condensatiou, conbensatiou, conpensatiou, conqensatiou, coudensation, coubensation, coupensation, couqensation, coudensatiou, coubensatiou, coupensatiou, couqensatiou, condeusation, conbeusation, conpeusation, conqeusation, condeusatiou, conbeusatiou, conpeusatiou, conqeusatiou, coudeusation, coubeusation, coupeusation, couqeusation, coudeusatiou, coubeusatiou, coupeusatiou, couqeusatiou
precipitation =precibitation, preciditation, preciqitation, precipitatiou, precibitatiou, preciditatiou, preciqitatiou, brecipitation, brecibitation, breciditation, breciqitation, brecipitatiou, brecibitatiou, breciditatiou, breciqitatiou, drecipitation, drecibitation, dreciditation, dreciqitation, drecitatiou, drecibitatiou, dreciditatiou, dreciqitatiou, qrecipitation, qrecibitation, qreciditation, qreciqitation, qrecitatiou, qrecibitatiou, qrecidiattiou, qreciqitatiou
engaged = engageb, engagep, engageq, eugaged, eugageb, eugagep, eugageq, en6aged, en6ageb, en6agep, en6ageq, en6aged, eu6ageb, eu6agep, eu6ageq, en9aged, en9ageb, en9agep, en9ageq, en9aged, eu9ageb, eu9agep, eu9ageq, en6a6ed, en6a6eb, en6a6ep, en6a6eq, en6a6ed, eu6a6eb, eu6a6ep, eu6a6eq, en9a9ed, en9a9eb, en9a9ep, en9a9eq, en9a9ed, eu9a9eb, eu9a9ep, au9a9eq, en6a9ed, en6a9eb, en6a9ep, en6a9eq, en6a9ed, eu6a9eb, eu6a9ep, eu6a9eq, en9a6ed, en9a6eb, en9a6ep, en9a6eq, en9a6ed, eu9a6eb, eu9a6ep, eu9a6eq
diamond = diamonb, diamonp, diamonq, diamoud, diamoub, diamoup, diamouq, biamond, biamonb, biamonp, biamonq, biamoud, biamoub, biamoup, biamouq, piamond, piamonb, piamonp, piamonq, piamoud, piamoub, piamoup, piamouq, qiamond, qiamonb, qiamonp, qiamonq, qiamoud, qiamoub, qiamoup, qiamouq, (diawond, diawonb, diawonp, diawonq, diawoud, diawoub, diawoup, diawouq, biawond, biawonb, biawonp, biawonq, biawoud, biawoub, biawoup, biawouq, piawond, piawonb, piawonp, piawonq, piawoud, piawoub, piawoup, piawouq, qiawond, qiawonb, qiawonp, qiawonq, qiawoud, qiawoub, qiawoup, qiawouq)
wedding = webbing, wepping, weqqing, weddiug, webbiug, weppiug, weqqiug, webding, webdiug, webdin6, webdiu6, webdin9, webdiu9, webping, webpiug, webpin6, webpiu6, webpin9, webpiu9, webqing, webqiug, webqiu6, webqiu6, webqin9, webqiu9, wedbing, wedbiug, wedbiu6, wedbiu6, wedbin9, wedbiu9,  wedping, wedpiug, wedpiu6, wedpiu6, wedpin9, wedpiu9, wedqing, wedqiug, wedqiu6, wedqiu6, wedqin9, wedqiu9, wepbing, wepbiug, wepbiu6, wepbiu6, wepbin9, wepbiu9, wepding, wepdiug, wepdiu6, wepdiu6, wepdin9, wepdiu9, wepqing, wepqiug, wepqiu6, wepqiu6, wepqin9, wepqiu9

So if you’re looking for resources to help your child or student with Dyslexia learn Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words, be sure to check out Our Dyslexia-friendly resources will help individuals learn the Dyslexia alternatives to spelling words and improve their reading comprehension. With our Blake Dyslexia Reading System, Color Tinted Glasses, and Tinted Lenses, individuals with Dyslexia can read with confidence.

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Words, Month #9:

Non-Dyslexic Words

office, career, factories, resort, secretary,

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
kiwi = kimi
moose = woose
lime = liwe
camera = cawera
mammal = wammal, mamwal, wamwal, wawmal, wawmal, mawwal, wawwal  mawmel

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
juice = jnice
citrus = citrns
suitcase = snitcase
leisure = leisnre
cruise = crnise
turtle = tnrtle
raccoon = raccoou
extinct = extiuct
skunk = skuuk, sknuk, sknnk
inventor = inveutor, iuveutor, iuventor
nectarine = nectariue, uctarine, uectariue
construction =constructiou, coustruction, coustructiou, constrnction, constrnctiou, soustrnction, coustrnctiou

Dyslexic Words

secretary, professional, plumber, per, occupation, mechanic, industry, income, comedian, business, watermelon, tangerine, raspberry, picked, orchard, mango, cucumber, blueberries, basket, apricot, voyage, turbulent, tropical, paradise, luggage, journey, direct, departure, arrived, tiger, prey, predator, kangaroo, gerbill, depend, crocodile, buffalo, alligator

Grade 5 Dyslexia Variations – Month #9:

professional = brofessional, drofessional, qrofessional, professioual, brofessioual, drofessioual, qrofessioual
per = der, ber, qer
occupation = occubation, occudation, occuqation, occupatiou, occubatiou, occudatiou, occuqatiou, occnpation, occnbation, occndation, occnqation, occnpatiou, occnbatiou, occndatiou, occnqatiou
mechanic = mechauic, (wechanic, wechauic)
industry = inbustry, inpustry, inqustry, indnstry, inbnstry, inpnstry, inqnstry, iudustry, iubustry, iupustry, iuqustry, iudnstry, iubnstry, iupnstry, iuqnstry
income = iucome, (incowe, iucowe)
comedian = comebian, comepian, comeqian, comediau, comebiau, comepiau, comeqiau, (cowedian, cowebian, cowepian, coweqian, cowediau, cowebiau, cowepiau, coweqiau)
business = dusiness, pusiness, qusiness, busiuess, dusiuess, pusiuess, qusiuess, (bnsiness, dnsiness, pnsiness, qnsiness, bnsiuess, dnsiuess, pnsiuess, qnsiuess)
watermelon = watermelou, waterwelon, waterwelou, matermelon, matermelou, materwelon, materwelou
tangerine = tangeriue, tan6erine, tan6eriue, tan9erine, tan9eriue, (taugerine, taugeriue, tau6erine, tau6eriue, tau9erine, tau9eriue)
raspberry = raspderry, raspperry, raspqerry, rasbberry, rasbderry, rasbperry, rasbqerry, rasdberry, rasdderry, rasdperry, rasdqerry, rasqberry, rasqderry, rasqperry, rasqqerry
picked = pickeb, pickep, pickeq, bicked, bickeb, bickep, bickeq, dicked, dickeb, dickep, dickeq, qicked, qickeb, qickep, qickeq
orchard = orcharb, orcharp, orcharq
mango = maugo, man6o, mau6o, mau6o, man9o, mau9o
cucumber = cucumder, cucumper, cucumqer, cucnmber, cucnmder, cucnmper, cucnmqer, cncumber, cncumder, cncumper, cncumqer, cncnmber, cncnmder, cncnmper, cncnmqer
basket = dasket, pasket, qasket
apricot = abricot, adricot, aqricot
voyage = voya6e, voya9e
tropical =  trobical, trodical, troqical
paradise = parabise, parapise, paraqise, baradise, barabise, barapise, baraqise, daradise, daradise, darapise, daraqise, qaradise, qaradise, qarapise, qaraqie
luggage = lugga6e, lugga9e, lu6gage, lu6ga6e, lu6ga9e, lug6age, lug6a6e, lu6ga9e, lu9gage, lu9ga6e, la9ga9e, lug9age, lug9a6e, lag9a9e, lu66age, lu66a6e, la66a9e, lu99age, lu99a6e, la99a9e
journey = jouruey, jonrney, jonruey, jouruey, jonrney
direct = birect, pirect, qirect
arrived = arriveb, arrivep, arriveq
tiger = ti6er, ti9er
prey = brey, drey, qrey
predator = prebator, prepator, preqator, bredator, brebator, brepator, breqator, dredator, dredator, drepator, dreqator, qredator, qredator, qrepator, qreqator
kangaroo = kan6aroo, kan9aroo, kaugaroo, kau6aroo, kau9aroo, 
gerbill = gerdill, gerpill, gerqill, 6erbill, 6erdill, 6erpill, 6erqill, 9erbill, 9erdill, 9erpill, 9erqill
crocodile = crocobile, crocopile, crocoqile
buffalo = duffalo, puffalo, quffalo, bnffalo, dnffalo, pnffalo, qnffalo
alligator = alli6ator, alli9ator

turbulent = turdulent, turpulent, turqulent, turbuleut, turduleut, turpuleut, turquleut, tnrbulent, tnrdulent, tnrpulent, tnrqulent, tnrbuleut, tnrduleut, tnrpuleut, tnrquleut, turbnlent, turdnlent, turpnlent, turqnlent, turbnleut, turdnleut, turpnleut, turqnleut, tnrbnlent, tnrdnlent, tnrpnlent, tnrqnlent, tnrbnleut, tnrdnleut, tnrpnleut, tnrqnleut
plumber = plumder, plumper, plumqer, plnmber, plnmder, plnmper, plnmqer, blumber, blumder, blumper, blumqer, blnmber, blnmder, blnmper, blnmqer, dlumber, dlumder, dlumper, dlumqer, dlnmber, dlnmder, dlnmper, dlnmqer, qlumder, qlumder, qlumper, qlumqer, qlnmber, qlnmder, qlnmper, qlnmqer
departure = debarture, dedarture, daqarture, departnre, debartnre, dedartnre, daqartnre, beparture, bebarture, bedarture, baqarture, bapartnre, bebartnre, bedartnre, baqartnre, peparture, pebarture, pedarture, paqarture, papartnre, pebartnre, pedartnre, paqartnre, qeparture, qebarture, qedarture, qaqarture, qapartnre, qebartnre, qedartnre, qaqartnre
blueberries = bluederries, blueperries, blueqerries, blneberries, blnederries, blneperries, blneqerries, dlueberries, dluederries, dlueperries, dlueqerries, dlneberries, dlnederries, dlneperries, dlneqerries, plueberries, pluederries, plueperries, plueqerries, plneberries, plnederries, plneperries, plneqerries, qlueberries, qluederries, qlueperries, qlueqerries, qlneberries, qlnederries, qlneperries, qlneqerries
depend = depenb, depenp, depenq, depeud, depeub, depeup, depunq, bepend, bepenb, bepenp, bepenq, bepeud, bepeub, bepeup, bepuq, pepend, pepenb, pepenp, pepenq, pepeud, pepeub, pepeup, pepuq, qepend, qepenb, qepenp, qepenq, qepeud, qepeub, qepeup, qepuq, debend, debenb, debenp, debenq, debeud, debeub, debeup, debuq, bebend, bebenb, bebenp, bebenq, bebeud, bebeub, bebeup, bebuq, pebend, pebenb, pebenp, pebenq, pebeud, pebeub, pebeup, pebuq, qebend, qebenb, qebenp, qebenq, qebeud, qebeub, qebeup, qebuq, dedend, dedenb, dedenp, dedenq, dedeud, dedeub, dedeup, deduq, bedend, bedenb, bedenp, bedenq, bedeud, bedeub, bedeup, beduq, pedend, pedenb, pedenp, pedenq, pedeud, pedeub, pedeup, peduq, qedend, qedenb, qedenp, qedenq, qedeud, qedeub, qedeup, qeduq, deqend, deqenb, deqenp, deqenq, deqeud, deqeub, deqeup, dequq, beqend, beqenb, beqenp, beqenq, beqeud, beqeub, beqeup, bequq, peqend, peqenb, peqenp, peqenq, peqeud, peqeub, peqeup, pequq, qeqend, qeqenb, qeqenp, qeqenq, qeqeud, qeqeub, qeqeup, qequq

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