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Dyslexic Letter Rotation

Dyslexic Letter Rotation

Dyslexic Letter Rotation is the key element in understanding Dyslexia. Dyslexia Letters rotate.

Adopting the reality that Letter Rotations of d , b , p and q is critical to improve reading. Reading takes the ability to concentrate. However, when a Dyslexia Reader achieves reading their successful reading experience looks different than linear readers.

When Linear Readers read they only see one variation of each word.
With Dyslexic Reading each word has more than one variation.

a Non Dyslexia word is test = each letter can rotate and remains unique
Dyslexic Example = best , best = dest , pest , and qest.
best becomes pest , one word into another word.
plus, there are two other Dyslexic Variations of: dest + qest.

What is the Importance of Dyslexic Reading

Dyslexic Reading creates Dyslexia Variations!

Each Dyslexic word has at least one variation. In order to study Dyslexia you would need to know and learn the Dyslexic Variations for each Linear word. This is why the book by Simon Blake Exact Dyslexia is so critical for helping Dyslexia Illiteracy.

Placing Discipline in wrong area is common

Placing Discipline to stop the rotation occurring in reading is the biggest mistake with Dyslexia. Instead of trying to change the fact Dyslexic Letters Rotate work with the Rotation of Letters.

When the Discipline of reading is trying to control a focused reader who reads differently than linear readers it can borderline abuse from the educator. Controlling how someone see’s is not achievable. Being frustrated won’t be an outcome that will bring positive results.

The ONLY Discipline that can achieve results with Dyslexic Letter Rotation is learning to see each letter as clearly as possible.
Understanding that a Dyslexia Reader see’s rotated Dyslexia Letters as a normal reading process.

Do Dyslexia b Fonts work?

When you differ the type face of Difficult Dyslexia Letter b so it becomes square Letter b it is incredible.
Square b makes lower case letter b distinct!

Distinct Letters Create Literacy!
Distinct Letters Increases Literacy!

It is a vital thing to enable yourself to be able to read with a b NOT rotating into a d , p , or q!

You can get the Square b Font at

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