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Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling

Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Words

Grade Four Spelling and Dyslexia is a real situation that adds difficulty to spelling. For many people, Grade Four is when they first realize they have Dyslexia. It can be a confusing and frustrating time, as reading becomes more difficult. However, it is important to remember that you are not alone.

If you are a parent or teacher of a student with dyslexia, Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling is an essential part of their education. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects one’s ability to read, spell, and understand text. Dyslexic students often struggle with spellings and can be easily confused by the English language.

Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Letter p

Fortunately, there are resources and tools available to help dyslexic students improve their reading and spelling skills. The Blake Dyslexia Reading System, developed by Simon Blake, is an excellent resource for those struggling with dyslexia. This system provides alternative spelling options as well as strategies to increase reading comprehension. Using color-tinted lenses can also be beneficial for dyslexic students.

These lenses can increase contrast and make reading easier for those with dyslexia. Wearing tinted lenses can help the student focus on the text and reduce the confusion caused by the dyslexic disorder. At, we provide a variety of resources to help dyslexic students improve their reading and spelling skills. Our online platform provides a variety of dyslexia-friendly tools, including the Blake Dyslexia Reading System, as well as access to helpful articles, videos, and other resources.

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Some Main Quotes about this Dyslexia Article:
What makes a word Dyslexic is if the letters rotate to create another letter.
“Tuesday = Tuesbay, Tuespay, Tuesqay, Tnesday, Tnesbay, Tnespay, Tnesqay.” – 7 Dyslexia Variations!

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3-10 min Read! Peruse!

Study the Grade 4 Dyslexia Words to achieve reading with Dyslexia.

Each word is broken down for Grade Four Dyslexia.

NOTE: BOTH Dyslexia and Non-Dyslexia words are sorted. Non-Dyslexia words have no Dyslexia Letters within those words. Words that are ‘Dyslexic’ have actual Dyslexia Letters that rotate to become other letters.

Dyslexia Variation Training Letter Map

A b turns into multiple possibilities, such as a p, d, or a q.
An n turns into a u, a u turns into an n.
A g turns to a 6 or a 9
the w turns to an m, m can turn to a w.
the Number 2 can turn to become N or the letter Z

This is why Dyslexia Fonts are so important to prevent Dyslexia.

NOTE: Only some Dyslexics get w confused with m, mostly with handwriting.


What makes a word Dyslexic is if the letters rotate to create another letter.

Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #1:

Non-Dyslexia Words

start, shall, classroom, recess, yolk

Dyslexia Words

however, Monday, Tuesday, autumn, backpack, binder, ballet, Wednesday, Thursday, brought, Friday, since, subject, pushed, present, written, studying, studied, whistle, moment, goes, daily, weigh, project, tomb, alarm, again, though, notebook, pulled, death, learning, science, Sunday, Saturday, known, homework, cause, finished, island, climb, educate, classroom, mile, jumped, such, something

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)

however = homever
homework = homework, howemork, howework
whistle = mhistle
alarm = alarw
classroom = classroow
mile = wile

The Sneaky n/u Dyslexia Factor
since = siuce
science = scieuce
cause = canse
such = snch

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Grade 4 Dyslexia Variations – Month 1

however = homever
Monday = Mouday, Moubay, Moupay, Mouqay, Monbay, Monpay, Monqay
Tuesday = Tuesbay, Tuespay, Tuesqay, Tnesday, Tnesbay, Tnespay, Tnesqay
autumn = antumn, antumu, antnmu, antnmn, autumu, (antuwn, antuwu, antnwu, autuwn, autumu, autnwu)
backpack = backback, backqack, backdack, dackback, dackqack, dackpack packback, packqack, packdack, qackqack, qackback, qackpack, qackdack
binder = dinder, pinder, qinder, biuder, diuder, piuder, qiuder, binber, pinper, dinqer, binqer, qinder, qinper, qinqer
ballet = dallet, pallet, qallet
Thursday = Thursbay, Thurspay, Thursqay, Thnrsday, Thnrsbay, Thnrspay, Thnrsqay
Friday = Fribay, Fripay, Friqay
subject = snbject, sndject, snpject, snqject, sudject, supject, suqject
pushed = pnshed, bnshed, bnshed, dushed, dnshed, qushed, qnshed
present = bresent, dresent, qresent, preseut, breseut, dreseut, qreseut
written = writteu, (mritteu, mritten)
studied = studieb, studiep, studieq, stndied, stndieb, stndiep, stndieq, stubied, stubieb, stubiep, stubieq, stnbied, stnbieb, stnbiep, stnbieq
moment = momeut, (woment, womeut, wowent, woweut)
goes = 6oes, 9oes
daily = baily, paily, qailyweigh = wei6h, wei9h
project = broject, droject, qroject
tomb = tomd, tomp, tomq, (towb, towd, towp, towq)
again = agaiu, a6ain, a6ain, a9ain, a9aiu
though = thongh, thou6h, thon6h, thou9h, thon9h
notebook = notedook, notepook, noteqook, uotebook, uotedook, uoteqook, uoteqook
death = beath, peath, qeath
learning = learniug, learuing, learuiug, learnin6, learniu6, learuin6, learuiu6, learnin9, learniu9, learuin9, learuiu9
Sunday = Sunbay, Sunpay, Sunqay, Suuday, Suubay, Suupay, Suuqay, Snuday, Snubay, Snupay, Snuqay, Snnday, Snnbay, Snnpay, Snnqay

Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling by Improve Dyslexia dot com Letter e
Saturday = Saturbay, Saturpay, Saturqay, Satnrday, Satnrbay, Satnrpay, Satnrqay
known = knowu, kuown, kuowu, (knomn, knomu, kuomn, kuomu)
finished = finisheb, finishep, finisheq, fiuished, fiuisheb, fiuishep, finisheq
island = islanb, islanp, islanq, islaud, islaub, islanp, islanq
climb = climd, climp, climq, (cliwb, cliwd, cliwp, cliwq)
educate = ebucate, epucate, equcate, edncate, ebncate, epncate, eqncate
something = somethiug, somethin6, somethiu6, somethin9, somethiu9, (sowething, sowethiug, sowethin6, sowethiu6, sowethin9, sowethiu9)
pulled = pulleb, pullep, pulleq, pnlled, pnlleb, pnllep, pnlleq, bulled, bulleb, bullep, bulleq, bnlled, bnlleb, bnllep, bnlleq, dnlled, dulleb, dullep, dulleq, dnlled, dnlleb, dnllep, dnlleq, qnlled, qulleb, qullep, qulleq, qnlled, qnlleb, qnllep, qnlleq
brought = drought, prought, qrought, bronght, dronght, pronght, qronght, brou6ht, drou6ht, prou6ht, qrou6ht, bron6ht, dron6ht, pron6ht, qron6ht, brou9ht, drou9ht, prou9ht, qrou9ht, bron9ht, dron9ht, pron9ht, qron9ht
jumped = jumbed, jumded, jumqed, jnmped, jnmbed, jnmqed, jnmped, jumpeb, jumbeb, jumbeb, jumqeb, jnmpeb, jnmbeb, jnmqeb, jnmpeb, jumpeq, jumbeq, jumbeq, jumqeq, jnmpeq, jnmbeq, jnmqeq, jnmpeq, jumpep, jumbep, jumbep, jumqep, jnmpep, jnmbep, jnmqep, jnmpep, (juwped, juwbed, juwded, juwqed, jnwped, jnwbed, jnwqed, jnwped, juwpeb, juwbeb, juwbeb, juwqeb, jnwpeb, jnwbeb, jnwqeb, jnwpeb, juwpeq, juwbeq, juwbeq, juwqeq, jnwpeq, jnwbeq, jnwqeq, jnmpeq, juwpep, juwbep, juwbep, juwqep, jnwpep, jnwbep, jnwqep, jnwpep)
studying = stubying, stupying, stuqying, stndying, stnbying, stnpying, stnqying, studyiug, stubyiug, stupyiug, stuqyiug, stndyiug, stnbyiug, stnpyiug, stnqyiug, studyin6, stubyin6, stupyin6, stuqyin6, stndyin6, stnbyin6, stnpyin6, stnqyin6, studyiu6, stubyiu6, stupyiu6, stuqyiu6, stndyiu6, stnbyiu6, stnpyiu6, stnqyiu6, studyin9, stubyin9, stupyin9, stuqyin9, stndyin9, stnbyin9, stnpyin9, stnqyin9, studyiu9, stubyiu9, stupyiu9, stuqyiu9, stndyiu9, stnbyiu9, stnpyiu9, stnqyiu9
Wednesday = Webnesday, Wepnesday, Weqnesday, Weduesday, Webuesday, Wepuesday, Wequesday, Wednesbay, Webnesbay, Wepnesbay, Weqnesbay, Weduesbay, Webuesbay, Wepuesbay, Wequesbay, Wednespay, Webnespay, Wepnespay, Weqnespay, Weduespay, Webuespay, Wepuespay, Wequespay, Wednesqay, Webnesqay, Wepnesqay, Weqnesqay, Weduesqay, Webuesqay, Wepuesqay, Wequesqay 

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Dyslexia is a very real condition that affects many people. With the right support, you can overcome the challenges of Dyslexia and succeed in school and in life. At Improve Dyslexia, we understand the challenges of Dyslexia. We offer a range of resources and support to help you overcome the obstacles of Dyslexia. We also provide information and support for parents, teachers, and others who want to learn more about Dyslexia.

If you or someone you know is struggling with Dyslexia, we encourage you to reach out to us. We can provide the support and resources you need to succeed. By studying Dyslexia Variations you can support how a Dyslexia Reader see’s and reads.

Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Words list linear and nonlinear Dyslexia variations. The original spelling words are linear spelling, and the variations are all the way Dyslexia Readers see the linear words. The Non-Linear Dyslexia variations are beside the linear words for comparison.

*there are more combinations, but doing translations is exhausting. Will catch up on that word later.

Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month

There are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Dyslexia fonts that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section
6. Practice Reading Upside Down for fun and improvements!

Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #2:

Non Dyslexia Words

forever, loyal, sixty, fifty, secret, forty, thirty, carefully, zero

Dyslexia Words

yourself, quantity, integer, digit, million, laughed, kindness, thousands, hundred, include, ninety, giving, alone, along, eight, seventy, friends, caring, became, best, deliver, always, diary, during, envelope, frequent, express, mail, never, often, mailbox, miss, permanent, while, wrote, stamp, usually, until, sincerely, temporary, return, post office, postage, sometimes slowly, quickly, package

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)

always = almays
mail = wail
mailbox = wailbox
slowly = slomly
miss = wiss
wrote = mrote
while = mhile
sometimes = sometiwes, sowetimes, sowetiwes

The Sneaky n/u Dyslexia Factor
yourself = yonself
ninety = uiuety, uinety, niuety 
alone = aloue
never = uever
often = ofteu
usually = nsually, usnally, nsnally
until = nutil, uutil, nntil
sincerely = siucerely
return = retnrn, retnru, returu

Copyright 2021, 2022 Simon Blake

Grade 4 Dyslexia Variations – Month 2

quantity = quautity, puautity, buautity, duautity, qnautity, pnautity, dnautity, qnautity *
integer = iuteger, inte6er, iute6er, inte9er, iute9er
digit = bigit, pigit, qigit, di6it, bi6it, pi6it, qi6it, di9it, bi9it, pi9it, qi9it
million = milliou, willion, williou
laughed = laugheb, laughep, laugheq, langhed, langheb, langhep, langeq, lau6ed, lau6eb, lau6ep, lau6heq, lan6ed, lan6eb, lan6hep, lan6eq, lau9ed, lau9ed, lau9ep, lau9eq, lan9ed, lan9eb, lan9ep, lan9eq
kindness = kinbness, kinpness, kinqness, kiudness, kiubness, kiupness, kiuqness, kinduess, kinbuess, kinpuess, kinquess, kiuduess, kiubuess, kiupuess, kiuquess
thousands = thousanbs, thousanps, thousanqs, thonsands, thonsanbs, thonsanps, thonsanqs, thousauds, thousaubs, thousaups, thousauqs, thonsauds, thonsaubs, thonsaups, thonsauqs 

hundred = huudred, hnudred, hnndred, hunbred, huubred, hnubred, hnnbred, hunpred, huupred, hnupred, hnnpred, hunqred, huuqred, hnuqred, hnnqred, hundreb, huudreb, hnudreb, hnndreb, hunbreb, huubreb, hnubreb, hnnbreb, hunpreb, huupreb, hnupreb, hnnpreb, hunqreb, huuqreb, hnuqreb, hnnqreb, hundrep, huudrep, hnudrep, hnndrep, hunbrep, huubrep, hnubrep, hnnbrep, hunprep, huuprep, hnuprep, hnnprep, hunqrep, huuqrep, hnuqrep, hnnqrep, hundreq, huudred, hnudreq, hnndreq, hunbreq, huubreq, hnubreq, hnnbreq, hunpreq, huupreq, hnupreq, hnnpreq, hunqreq, huuqred, hnuqreq, hnnqreq

include = incnde, iuclude, iuclnde, inclube, incnbe, iuclube, iuclnbe, inclupe, incnpe, iuclupe, iuclnpe, incluqe, incnqe, iucluqe, iuclnqe
giving = giviug, 6iving, 6iviug, 9iving, 9iviug, givin6, giviu6, 6ivin6, 6iviu6, 9ivin6, 9iviu6, givin9, giviu9, 6ivin9, 6iviu9, 9ivin9, 9ivu9
along = aloug, alon6, alou6, alon9, alou9
eight = ei6ht, ei9ht
seventy = seveuty
friends = frienbs, frienps, frienqs, frieuds, frieubs, frienps, frieuqs
caring = cariug, carin6, carin9, cariu6, cariu9
became = decame, pecame, qecame, becawe, decawe, pecawe, qecawe
best = dest, pest, qest
deliver = beliver, peliver, qeliver
diary = biary, piary, qiary

during = duriug, dnriug, dnring, durin6, duriu6, dnriu6, dnrin6, durin9, duriu9, dnriu9, dnrin9, buring, buriug, bnriug, bnring, burin6, buriu6, bnriu6, bnrin6, burin9, buriu9, bnriu9, bnrin9, puring, puriug, pnriu9, pnring, purin9, puriu9, pnriu9, pnrin9, purin9, puriu9, pnriu9, pnrin9, quring, quriug, qnriu9, qnring, qurin9, quriu9, qnriu9, qnrin9, qurin9, quriu9, qnriu9, qnrin9

envelope = envelobe, envelode, enveloqe, euvelope, euvelobe, euvelode, euveloqe
frequent = freqnent, frequeut, frequeut, frebuent, frebnent, frebueut, frebueut, freduent, frednent, fredueut, fredueut, frepuent, frepnent, frepueut, frepueut
express = exbress, exdress, exqress
mailbox = maildox, mailpox, mailqox, wailbox, waildox, wailpox, wailqox
permanent = permauent, permaneut, permaueut, bermanent, bermauent, bermaneut, bermaueut, dermanent, dermauent, dermaneut, dermaueut, qermanent, qermauent, qermaneut, qermaueut
stamp = stamb, stamd, stamq, stawp, stawb, stawd, stawq
temporary = temborary, temdorary, temqorary, tewporary, tewborary, tewdorary, tewqorary
post office = bost office, dost office, qost office
postage = bostage, dostage, qostage, posta6ge, bosta6e, dosta6e, qosta6e, posta9e, bosta9e, dosta9e, qosta9e
quickly =buickly, duickly, puickly, qnickly, bnckly, dnickly, pnickly
package = backage, dackage, qackage, packa6e, backa6e, dacka6e, qacka6e, packa9e, backa9e, dacka9e, qacka9e

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*there are more combinations, but doing translations is exhausting. Will catch up on that word later.

Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling is an essential part of a dyslexic student’s education. With the right resources and tools, dyslexic students can improve their reading and spelling skills. We at are committed to helping dyslexic students get the tools they need to succeed. Visit our site today to learn more and get started on the path to better grades.

Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #3:

Non Dyslexia Words

soccer, score, oh, felt, score, lose, fear, kick, hockey, coach, craft, art, creative, village, east, coast, sketch, trace

Dyslexia Words

canvas, America, afraid, against, angry, capital, cheerful, football, fourth, cried, desert, draw, drew, goal, depression, emotion, located, nation, north, enjoy, frame, marker, outline, paint, feeling, northern, plains, southern happiness, sports, paste, picture, team, west, tied, worried, tennis, shame, western,

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)

America = Awerica
marker = warker
team = teaw
frame = frawe
west = mest
shame = shawe

The Sneaky n/u Dyslexia Factor
canvas = cauvas
fourth = fonrth
nation = uation, uatiou, natiou
north = uorth
enjoy = eujoy
outline = ontline, ontliue, outliue
northern = northeru, uortheru, northern
southern = southeru, sontheru, sonthern
tennis = teuuis, tenuis, teunis

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The importance of Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling should not be underestimated. If you’re a teacher or a parent, it’s important to understand dyslexia and the different options for spelling words. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for dyslexia, but learning the spelling alternatives with dyslexia variations can help improve your child’s reading comprehension and focus.

Letter mGrade 4 Dyslexia Spelling by Improve Dyslexia dot com

Introducing the Blake Dyslexia Reading System from is a great way to start. This system helps children with dyslexia understand and use different strategies to read and spell words. It’s based on the “Reading and Writing with Dyslexia” book by Simon Blake and offers an easy-to-follow approach to learning. One of the main components of the Blake Dyslexia Reading System is learning about dyslexia reading habits.

This includes factors like color tinted glasses, which are designed to add contrast to the text while reading. These tinted lenses can help make reading easier and more enjoyable for a dyslexic child. The Blake Dyslexia Reading System also includes activities and exercises that help children learn the basic rules of grammar and other aspects of the English language. This helps children with dyslexia to better understand and use language in everyday situations.

Grade 4 Dyslexia Variations – Month 3

afraid = afraib, afraip, afraiq
against = agaiust, a6ainst, a6aiust, a9ainst, a9aiust
angry = augry, an6ry, au6ry, an9ry, au9ry
capital = cabial, cadital, caqital
cheerful = cheerfnl
football = footdall, footpall, footqall
cried = crieb, criep, crieq
desert = besert, pesert, qesert
draw = braw, praw, qraw, dram, bram, pram, qram
drew = brew, prew, qrew, drem, brem, prem, qrem
goal = 6oal, 9oal
depression = debression, dedression, deqression, depressiou, debressiou, dedressiou, deqressiou, bepression, bebression, bedression, beqression, bepressiou, bebressiou, bedressiou, beqressiou, pepression, pebression, pedression, peqression, pepressiou, pebressiou, pedressiou, peqressiou, qepression, qebression, qedression, qeqression, qepressiou, qebressiou, qedressiou, qeqressiou
emotion = emotoiu, ewotiou, ewotion
located = locateb, locatep, locateq
frame = frawe
marker = warker
paint = baint, daint, qaint, paiut, baiut, daiut, qaiut
feeling = feeliug, feelin6, feeliu6, feelin9, feelin9
plains = blains, dlains, qlains, plaius, blaius, dlaius, qlaius

happiness = happiuess, habbiness, habbiuess, haddiness, haddiuess, haqqiness, haqqiuess, habdiness, habdiuess, habdiness, habdiuess, habdiness, habdiuess, habdiness, habdiuess, habpiness, habpiuess, habpiness, habpiuess, habpiness, habpiuess, habpiness, habpiuess, habqiness, habqiuess, habqiness, habqiuess, habqiness, habqiuess, habqiness, habqiuess, hadbiness, hadbiuess, hadbiness, hadbiuess, hadbiness, hadbiuess, hadbiness, hadqiuess, hadpiness, hadpiuess, hadpiness, hadpiuess, hadpiness, hadpiuess, hadpiness, hadpiuess, hadqiness, hadqiuess, hadqiness, hadqiuess, hadqiness, hadqiuess, hadqiness, hadqiuess, hapbiness, hapbiuess, hapbiness, hapbiuess, hapbiness, hapbiuess, hapbiness, hapbiuess, hapdiness, hapdiuess, hapdiness, hapdiuess, hapdiness, hapdiuess, hapbiness, hapbiuess, hapqiness, hapqiuess, hapqiness, hapqiuess, haqqiness, hapqiuess, hapqiness, hapqiuess, haqbiness, haqbiuess, haqbiness, haqbiuess, haqbiness, haqbiuess, haqbiness, haqbiuess, haqdiness, haqdiuess, haqdiness, haqdiuess, haqdiness, haqdiuess, haqdiness, haqdiuess, haqpiness, haqpiuess, haqpiness, haqpiuess, haqpiness, haqpiuess, haqpiness, haqdiuess

sports = sborts, sdorts, sqorts
paste = baste, daste, qaste
picture = bicture, dicture, qicture, pictnre, bictnre, dictnre, qictnre
tied = tieb, tiep, tieq
worried = worrieb, worriep, worrieq, morried, morrieb, morriep, morrieq
western = westeru, mestern, mesteru

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Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #4:

wife, visit, sister-in-law, siblings, niece, nephew, husband, grandson, grandparents, grandmother, grandfather, families, daughter, cousin, style, yeast, sugar, soda, sift, salt, rolled, recipe, powder, oil, milk, melt, icing, cupcake, baking, mermaid, tangled, chicken, shrunk, honey, frozen, dinosaur, incredible, gadget, inspector, jungle, university, monster, inside, shampoo, reflection, pretty, mirror, handsome, gorgeous, gloss, dye, describe, comb, brush, beautiful, appearance

Non Dyslexia Words – Month 4

visit, style, yeast, sift, salt, oil

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
wife, families, milk, melt, mirror

wife = mife
families = families
milk = wilk
melt = welt
mirror = wirror

The Sneaky n/u Dyslexia Factor
niece, cousin, chicken, shrunk, honey, frozen, university, reflection, 

niece = uiece
cousin = consin, cousiu, consiu
chicken = chickeu
shrunk = shrnuk, shruuk, shrnnk
honey = houey
frozen = frozeu
university = nuiversity, uuiversity, nniversity
reflection = reflectiou

Copyright 2021, 2022 Simon Blake

Grade 4 Dyslexia Variations – Month 4

sister-in-law, siblings, nephew, husband, grandson, grandparents, grandmother, grandfather, daughter, sugar, soda, rolled, recipe, powder, icing, cupcake, baking, mermaid, tangled, dinosaur, incredible, gadget, inspector, jungle, monster, inside, shampoo, pretty, handsome, gorgeous, gloss, dye, describe, comb, brush, beautiful, appearance

sister-in-law = sister-iu-law, (sister-in-lam, sister-iu-lam)
siblings = sibliugs, siblings, sibliugs, siplings, sipliugs, siqlings, siqliugs, siblin6s, sibliu6s, siblin6s, sibliu6s, siplin6s, sipliu6s, siqlin6s, siqliu6s, siblin9s, sibliu9s, siblin9s, sibliu9s, siplin9s, sipliu9s, siqlin9s, siqliu9s
nephew = nebhew, nedhew, neqhew, (nephem, nebhem, nedhem, heqhem)

= husbaud, hnsband, hnsbaud, husdand, husdaud, hnsdand, hnsdaud, huspand, huspaud, hnspand, hnspaud, husqand, husqaud, hnsqand, hnsqaud, husbanb, husbaub, hnsbanb, hnsbaub, husdanb, husdaub, hnsdanb, hnsdaub, huspanb, huspaub, hnspanb, hnspaub, husqanb, husqaub, hnsqanb, hnsqaub, husbanp, husbaup, hnsbanp, hnsbaup, husdanp, husdaup, hnsdanp, hnsdaup, huspanp, huspaup, hnspanp, hnspaup, husqanp, husqaup, hnsqanp, hnsqaup

grandson = graudson, grandsou, graudsou, granbson, graubson, granbsou, graubsou, granpson, graupson, granpsou, graupsou, granqson, grauqson, granqsou, grauqsou, 6randson, 6raudson, 6randsou, 6raudsou, 6ranbson, 6raubson, 6ranbsou, 6raubsou, 6ranpson, 6raupson, 6ranpsou, 6raupsou, 6ranqson, 6rauqson, 6ranqsou, 6rauqsou, 9randson, 9raudson, 9randsou, 9raudsou, 9ranbson, 9raubson, 9ranbsou, 9raubsou, 9ranpson, 9raupson, 9ranpsou, 9raupsou, 9ranqson, 9rauqson, 9ranqsou, 9rauqsou

In addition to the activities and exercises, offers a variety of resources for teachers and parents. This includes books, worksheets, websites, and other materials related to dyslexia. Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling is an important step in helping children with dyslexia learn how to read and write. With the Blake Dyslexia Reading System from, teachers and parents can help their children with dyslexia gain the necessary skills to become successful readers and writers.

grandmother = graudmother, granbmother, graubmother, granpmother, graupmother, granqmother, grauqmother, 6randmother, 6raudmother, 6ranbmother, 6raubmother, 6ranpmother, 6raupmother, 6ranqmother, 6rauqmother, 9randmother, 9raudmother, 9ranbmother, 9raubmother, 9ranpmother, 9raupmother, 9ranqmother, 9rauqmother, (grandwother, graudwother, granbwother, graubwother, granpwother, graupwother, granqwother, grauqwother, 6randwother, 6raudwother, 6ranbwother, 6raubwother, 6ranpwother, 6raupwother, 6ranqwother, 6rauqwother, 9randwother, 9raudwother, 9ranbwother, 9raubwother, 9ranpwother, 9raupwother, 9ranqwother, 9rauqwother)

grandfather = graudfather, granbfather, graubfather, granpfather, graupfather, granqfather, grauqfather, 6randfather, 6raudfather, 6ranbfather, 6raubfather, 6ranpfather, 6raupfather, 6ranqfather, 6rauqfather, 9randfather, 9raudfather, 9ranbfather, 9raubfather, 9ranpfather, 9raupfather, 9ranqfather, 9rauqfather

daughter = danghter, baughter, banghter, paughter, panghter, qaughter, qanghter, dau6hter, dan6hter, bau6hter, ban6hter, pau6hter, pan6hter, qau6hter, qan6hter, dau9hter, dan9hter, bau9hter, ban9hter, pau9hter, pan9hter, pau9hter, qan9hter

sugar = sngar, su6ar, sn6ar, su9ar, sn9ar
soda = soba, sopa, soqa
rolled = rolleb, rollep, rolleq
recipe = recibe, recide, reciqe
powder = powber, powper, powqer, bowder, bowber, bowper, bowqer, dowder, dowber, dowper, dowqer, qowder, qowber, qowper, qowqer, (pomder, pomber, pomper, pomqer, bomder, bomber, bomper, bomqer, domder, domber, domper, domqer, qomder, qomber, qomper, qomqer)

icing = iciug, icin6, iciu6, icin9, iciu9
cupcake = cnpcake, cubcake, cnbcake, cudcake, cndcake, cuqcake, cnqcake
baking = bakiug, bakin6, bakiu6, bakin9, bakiu9
mermaid = mermaib, mermaip, mermaiq, (merwaid, merwaib, merwaiq, merwaiq, wermaid, wermaib, wermaip, wermaiq, werwaid, werwaib, werwaiq, werwaiq)
tangled = taugled, tangleb, taugleb, tanglep, tauglep, tangleq, taugleq, tan6led, tau6led, tan6leb, tau6leb, tan6lep, tau6lep, tan6leq, tau6leq, tan9led, tau9led, tan9leb, tau9leb, tan9lep, tau9lep, tan9leq, tau9leq
dinosaur = diuosaur, dinosanr, diuosaur, binosaur, biuosaur, binosanr, biuosaur, pinosaur, piuosaur, pinosanr, piuosaur, qinosaur, qiuosaur, qinosanr, qiuosaur
incredible = iucredible, incredible, iucrebible, increpible, iucrepible, increqible, iucreqible
incredidle, iucredidle, incredi
gadget = gabget, gapget, gaqget, 6adget, 6abget, 6apget, 6aqget, gad6et, gab6et, gap6et, gaq6et, 6ad6et, 6ab6et, 6ap6et, 6aq6et, gadget, gabget, gapget, gaqget, 9adget, 9abget, 9apget, 9aqget, gadet, gab9et, gap9et, gaq9et, 9ad9et, 9ab9et, 9ap9et, 9aq9et

inspector = iuspector, insbector, iusbector, insdector, iusdector, insqector, iusqector
jungle = jnugle, juugle, jnngle, jun6le, jnu6le, juu6le, jnn6le
monster = mouster, (wonster, wouster)
inside = iuside, insibe, iusibe, insipe, iusipe, insiqe, iusiqe
shampoo = shamboo, shamdoo, shamqoo, (shawpoo, shawboo, shawdoo, shawqoo)
pretty = bretty, dretty, qretty
handsome = haudsome, hanbsome, haubsome, hanpsome, haupsome, hanqsome, hauqsome, (handsowe, haudsowe, hanbsowe, haubsowe, hanpsowe, haupsowe, hanqsowe, hauqsowe)
gorgeous = gorgeons, gor6eous, gor6eons, gor9eous, gor9eons, 6orgeous, 6orgeons, 6or6eous, 6or6eons, 6or9eous, 6or9eons, 9orgeous, 9orgeons, 9or6eous, 9or6eons, 9or9eous, 9or9eons
gloss = 6loss, 9loss
dye = bye, pye, qye
describe = descride, descripe, descriqe, bescribe, bescride, bescripe, bescriqe, pescribe, pescride, pescripe, pescriqe, qescribe, qescride, qescripe, qescriqe
comb = comd, comp, comq, (cowb, cowd, cowp, cowq)
brush = brnsh, drush, drnsh, prush, prnsh, qrush, qrnsh
beautiful = beantiful, beautifnl, beantifnl, deautiful, deantiful, deautifnl, deantifnl, peautiful, peantiful, peautifnl, peantifnl, qeautiful, qeantiful, qeautifnl, qeantifnl
appearance = appearauce, abbearance, abbearauce, abdearance, abdearauce, abpearance, abpearauce, abqearance, abqearauce, adbearance, adbearauce, addearance, addearauce, adpearance, adpearauce, adqearance, adqearauce, apbearance, apbearauce, apdearance, apdearauce, apqearance, apqearauce, aqbearance, aqbearauce, aqdearance, aqdearauce, aqpearance, aqpearauce, aqqearance, aqqearauce

grandparents = graudparents, grandpareuts, graudpareuts, granbdarents, graubdarents, granbdareuts, graubdareuts, granbbarents, graubbarents, granbbareuts, graubbareuts, granbparents, granbparents, granbpareuts, graubpareuts, granbqarents, granbqarents, granbqareuts, graubqareuts, grandbarents, grandbarents, grandbareuts, graudbareuts, granddarents, granddarents, granddareuts, grauddareuts, grandqarents, grandqarents, grandqareuts, graudqareuts, granpbarents, granpbarents, granpbareuts, graupbareuts, granpdarents, granpdarents, granpdareuts, graupdareuts, granpparents, granpparents, granppareuts, grauppareuts, granpqarents, granpqarents, granpqareuts, graupqareuts, granqbarents, granqbarents, granqbareuts, grauqbareuts, granqdarents, granqdarents, granqdareuts, grauqdareuts, granqparents, granqparents, granqpareuts, grauqpareuts, granqqarents, granqqarents, granqqareuts, grauqqareuts, 6randparents, 6raudparents, 6randpareuts, 6raudpareuts, 6ranbdarents, 6raubdarents, 6ranbdareuts, 6raubdareut, 6ranbbarents, 6raubbarents, 6ranbbareuts, 6raubbareuts, 6ranbparents, 6ranbparents, 6ranbpareuts, 6raubpareuts, 6ranbqarents, 6ranbqarents, 6ranbqareuts, 6raubqareuts, 6randbarents, 6randbarents, 6randbareuts, 6raudbareuts, 6randdarents, 6randdarents, 6randdareuts, 6rauddareuts, 6randqarents, 6randqarents, 6randqareuts, 6raudqareuts, 6ranpbarents, 6ranpbarents, 6ranpbareuts, 6raupbareuts, 6ranpdarents, 6ranpdarents, 6ranpdareuts, 6raupdareuts, 6ranpparents, 6ranpparents, 6ranppareuts, 6rauppareuts, 6ranpqarents, 6ranpqarents, 6ranpqareuts, 6raupqareuts, 6ranqbarents, 6ranqbarents, 6ranqbareuts, 6rauqbareuts, 6ranqdarents, 6ranqdarents, 6ranqdareuts, 6rauqdareuts, 6ranqparents, 6ranqparents, 6ranqpareuts, 6rauqpareuts, 6ranqqarents, 6ranqqarents, 6ranqqareuts, 6rauqqareuts, 9randparents, 9raudparents, 9randpareuts, 9raudpareuts, 9ranbdarents, 9raubdarents, 9ranbdareuts, 9raubdareuts, 9ranbbarents, 9raubbarents, 9ranbbareuts, 9raubbareuts, 9ranbparents, 9ranbparents, 9ranbpareuts, 9raubpareuts, 9ranbqarents, 9ranbqarents, 9ranbqareuts, 9raubqareuts, 9randbarents, 9randbarents, 9randbareuts, 9raudbareuts, 9randdarents, 9randdarents, 9randdareuts, 9rauddareuts, 9randqarents, 9randqarents, 9randqareuts, 9raudqareuts, 9ranpbarents, 9ranpbarents, 9ranpbareuts, 9raupbareuts, 9ranpdarents, 9ranpdarents, 9ranpdareuts, 9raupdareuts, 9ranpparents, 9ranpparents, 9ranppareuts, 9rauppareuts, 9ranpqarents, 9ranpqarents, 9ranpqareuts, 9raupqareuts, 9ranqbarents, 9ranqbarents, 9ranqbareuts, 9rauqbareuts, 9ranqdarents, 9ranqdarents, 9ranqdareuts, 9rauqdareuts, 9ranqparents, 9ranqparents, 9ranqpareuts, 9rauqpareuts, 9ranqqarents, 9ranqqarents, 9ranqqareuts, 9rauqqareuts

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As a parent, you may be wondering why your child is having so much trouble spelling words correctly. If your child is in grade four, it’s likely because the spelling demands at this level are much higher than in previous years. And if your child has dyslexia, that can make spelling even more difficult.

Dyslexia is a neurological disorder that affects reading skills. It’s estimated that dyslexia occurs in 5-17% of the population, and it’s thought to be genetic. Dyslexia can make it difficult to read accurately and fluently, and it can also impact spelling ability. If your child is struggling with spelling, it’s important to get help.

There are a number of ways to help a child with dyslexia learn to spell better. One is to use a multisensory approach, which involves using a combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (tactile) cues. Another is to use a specialized spelling program that is designed specifically for dyslexia.

If you think your child might have dyslexia, the first step is to talk to your child’s teacher. He or she can give you more information about what to look for and can also refer you to a specialist for further testing.

Once dyslexia is diagnosed, there are a number of strategies that can help your child succeed in school. With the right support, your child can overcome the challenges of dyslexia and succeed in spelling and reading.

Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #5:

villian, publish, novel, mystery, library, heroes, entire, cover, comic, choose, character, chapter, bookcase, author, unit, subtraction, problem, multiplication, millimeter, meter, measurement, kilometer, division, distance, difference, centimeter, calculate, addition, zebra, south, safari, monkey, hyena, hippopotamus, gorilla, giraffe, elephant, Egypt, continent, cheetah, camel, Africa, vision, touch, taste, smell, sight, shoulder, sense, salty, human, hearing, germ, cells, body, bitter

Non-Dyslexia Words Month 5

heroes, cover, choose, character, safari, taste, salty, cells, cheetah, Africa, 

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)
mystery, comic, millimeter, meter, kilometer, camel, smell

mystery = wystery
comic = cowic
meter = weter
kilometer kiloweter
camel = cawel
smell = swell
millimeter = milliweter, willimeter, williweter

The Sneaky n/u Dyslexia Factor
villian, novel, entire, author, unit, calculate, hyena, continent, vision, touch, sense, south

villian = villiau
novel = uovel
entire = utire
author = author
unit = nuit, uuit, nnit
calculate = calcnlate
hyena = hyeua
continent = coutinent, coutiuent, contiuent, contineut, coutineut, coutiueut, contiueut
vision = visiou
touch = touch
sense = seuse
south = sonth

Copyright 2021, 2022 Simon Blake

As a teacher or parent, it’s important to understand the alternative spelling strategies for students with dyslexia. Poor spelling can lead to difficulties in reading comprehension, but with the right strategies, students can improve their skills. At, we understand the importance of Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling and have developed an innovative program.

Simon has developed the Blake Dyslexia Reading System, which is designed to help teachers and parents learn the spelling alternatives for dyslexic students. Our program will teach you exactly what strategies to use when it comes to dyslexia reading and spelling. We understand that poor spelling is just one of the many problems faced by dyslexic students, so we designed our program to provide comprehensive support. We cover everything from colored lenses and tinted glasses to assistive technology and other helpful techniques.

Grade 4 Dyslexia Variations – Month 5

publish, library, chapter, bookcase, subtraction, problem, multiplication, measurement, division, distance, difference, centimeter, addition, zebra, monkey, hyena, hippopotamus, gorilla, giraffe, elephant, Egypt, sight, shoulder, human, hearing, germ, body, bitter

publish = pnblish, pudlish, pndlish, puplish, pnplish, puqlish, pnqlish, bublish, bnblish, budlish, bndlish, buplish, bnplish, buqlish, bnqlish, dudlish, dnblish, dudlish, dndlish, duplish, dnplish, duqlish, dnqlish, qublish, qnblish, qudlish, qndlish, quplish, qnplish, quqlish, qnqlish
library = lidrary, liprary, liqrary
chapter = chabter, chadter, chaqter
bookcase = dookcase, pookcase, qookcase
subtraction = snbtraction, snbtractiou, subtractiou, sudtraction, sndtraction, sndtractiou, sudtractiou, suptraction, snptraction, snptraciou, snptractiou, suqtraction, snqtraction, snqtraciou, snqtractiou

problem = prodlem, proplem, proqlem, broblem, brodlem, broplem, broqlem, droblem, drodlem, droplem, droqlem, qroblem, qrodlem, qroplem, qroqlem, problew, prodlew, proplew, proqlew, broblew, brodlew, broplew, broqlew, droblew, drodlew, droplew, droqlew, qroblew, qrodlew, qroplew, qroqlew

multiplication = mnltiplication, multiplicatiou, mnltiplicatiou, multiblication, mnltiblication, multiblicatiou, mnltiblicatiou, multidlication, mnltidlication, multidlicatiou, mnltidlicatiou, multiqlication, mnltiqlication, multiqlicatiou, mnltiqlicatiou, (wultiplication, wnltiplication, wultiplicatiou, wnltiplicatiou, wultiblication, wnltiblication, wultiblicatiou, wnltiblicatiou, wultidlication, wnltidlication, wultidlicatiou, wnltidlicatiou, wultiqlication, wnltiqlication, wultiqlicatiou, wnltiqlicatiou)

measurement = measnrement, measuremeut, measnrement, (weasurement, weasnrement, weasuremeut, weasnerment, measurewent, measnrewent, measureweut, measnrewent, weasurewent, weasnrewent, weasureweut, weasnrewent)

division = divisiou, bivision, bivisiou, pivision, pivisiou, qivision, qivisiou
distance = distauce, bistance, bistauce, pistance, pistauce, qistance, qistauce
difference = differeuce, bifference, biffereuce, pifference, piffereuce, qifference, qiffereuce
centimeter = ceutimeter, (centiweter, ceutiweter)

addition = additiou, abbition, abbitiou, abdition, abditiou, abpition, abpitiou, abqition, abqitiou, adbition, adbitou, adpition, adpitiou, adqition, adqitiou, apbition, apbitiou, apdition, apditiou, appition, appitiou, apqition, apqitiou, aqbition, aqbitiou, aqdition, aqditiou, aqpition, aqpitiou, aqqition, aqqitiou

zebra = zedra, zepra, zeqra
monkey = moukey, (wonkey, woukey)
gorilla = 6orilla, 9orilla
giraffe = 6iraffe, 9iraffe
elephant = elephaut, elebhant, elebhaut, eledhant, eledhaut, eleqhant, eleqhaut
Egypt = Egybt, Egydt, Egyqt, E6ypt, E6ybt, E6ydt, E6yqt, E9ypt, E9ybt, E9ydt, E9yqt
sight = si6ht, si9ht
shoulder = shonlder, shoulber, shonber, shoulper, shonlper, shoulqer, shonlqer
human = hnman, humau, hnmau, (huwan, hnwan, huwau, hnwau)
hearing = heariug, hearin6, heariu6, hearin9, heariu9
germ = 6erm, 9erm, (gerw, 6erw, 9erw)
body = boby, bopy, boqy, dody, doby, dopy, doqy, pody, poby, popy, poqy, qody, qoby, qopy, qoqy
bitter = ditter, pitter, qitter

hippopotamus = hippopotamns, hippobotamus, hippobotamns, hippodotamus, hippodotamns, hippoqotamus, hippoqotamns, hibbopotamus, hibbopotamns, hibbobotamus, hibbobotamns, hibbodotamus, hibbodotamns, hibboqotamus, hibboqotamns, hibdopotamus, hibdopotamns, hibdobotamus, hibdobotamns, hibdodotamus, hibdodotamns, hibdoqotamus, hibdoqotamns, hibpopotamus, hibpopotamns, hibpobotamus, hipobotamns, hibpodotamus, hibpodotamns, hibpoqotamus, hibpoqotamns, hibqopotamus, hibqopotamns, hibqobotamus, hibqobotamns, hibqodotamus, hibqodotamns, hipbqoqotamus, hibqoqotamns, hidbopotamus, hidbopotamns, hidbobotamus, hidbobotamns, hidbodotamus, hidbodotamns, hidboqotamus, hidboqotamns, hiddopotamus, hiddopotamns, hiddobotamus, hiddobotamns, hiddodotamus, hiddodotamns, hiddoqotamus, hiddoqotamns, hidpopotamus, hidpopotamns, hidpobotamus, hidpobotamns, hidpodotamus, hidpodotamns, hidpoqotamus, hidpoqotamns, hidqopotamus, hidqopotamns, hidqobotamus, hidqobotamns, hidqodotamus, hidqodotamns, hidbqoqotamus, hidqoqotamns, hipbopotamus, hipbopotamns, hipbobotamus, hipbobotamns, hipbodotamus, hipbodotamns, hipboqotamus, hipboqotamns, hipdopotamus, hipdopotamns, hipdobotamus, hipdobotamns, hipdodotamus, hipdodotamns, hipdoqotamus, hipdoqotamns, hipqopotamus, hipqopotamns, hipqobotamus, hipqobotamns, hipqodotamus, hipqodotamns, hipbqoqotamus, hipqoqotamns, hiqbopotamus, hiqbopotamns, hiqbobotamus, hiqbobotamns, hiqbodotamus, hiqbodotamns, hiqboqotamus, hiqboqotamns, hiqdopotamus, hiqdopotamns, hiqdobotamus, hiqdobotamns, hiqdodotamus, hiqdodotamns, hiqdoqotamus, hiqdoqotamns, hiqpopotamus, hiqpopotamns, hiqpobotamus, hiqpobotamns, hiqpodotamus, hiqpodotamns, hiqpoqotamus, hiqpoqotamns, hiqqopotamus, hiqqopotamns, hiqqobotamus, hiqqobotamns, hiqqodotamus, hiqqodotamns, hiqbqoqotamus, hiqqoqotamns

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Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #6:

video, rewind, producer, pause, movie, forward, famous, drama, directed, comedy, actress, actor, action, act, rule, queen, princess, prince, lived, knight, kingdom, happily, follow, evil, elves, dragon, charming, castle, vowel, verb, terms, syllables, suffix, spelling, prefix, paragraph, noun, means, dictionary, consonant, alphabet, adjective, tomato, sauce, pizza, pepper, order, onion, olives, mushrooms, let’s, garlic, fries, delivery, cheese, bacon

Non-Dyslexia Words

actress, actor, act, castle, evil, elves, let’s, cheese, fries, olives

Dyslexia Words

video, rewind, producer, pause, movie, forward, famous, drama, directed, comedy, action, rule, queen, princess, prince, lived, knight, kingdom, happily, follow, dragon, charming, castle, vowel, verb, terms, syllables, suffix, spelling, prefix, paragraph, noun, means, dictionary, consonant, alphabet, adjective, tomato, sauce, pizza, pepper, order, onion, olives, mushrooms, garlic, fries, delivery, bacon

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)
movie, follow, vowel, terms, tomato, olives

movie = wovie
follow = follom
vowel = vomel
terms = terws
tomato = towato

The Sneaky n/u Dyslexia Factor
action, rule, suffix, noun, consonant, sauce, onion

action = actiou
rule = rnle
suffix = snffix
noun = uoun, uonn, uoun, uouu, uonu, nonn, nouu, nonu
consonant = consouant, cousonant, cousouant, consonaut, consouaut, cousonaut, cousaouaut
sauce = sance
onion = ouion, ouiou, oniou

Copyright 2021, 2022 Simon Blake

Grade 4 Dyslexia Variations – Month 6

video = vibeo, vipeo, viqeo
rewind =rewiud, rewinb, rewiub, rewinp, rewiup, rewinq, rewiuq, (remind, remiud, reminb, remiub, reminp, remiup, reminq, remiuq)
producer = prodncer, probucer, probncer, propucer, propncer, proqucer, preoqncer, broducer, brodncer, brobucer, brobncer, bropucer, bropncer, broqucer broqncer, droducer, drodncer, drobucer, drobncer, dropucer, dropncer, droqucer, droqncer, qroducer, qrodncer, qrobucer, qrobncer, qropucer, qropncer, qroqcer, qroqncer
pause = panse, bause, banse, dause, danse, qause, qanse
forward = forwarb, forwarp, forwarq, (formard, formarb, formarp, formarq)
famous = famons, (fawous, fawons)
drama = brama, prama, qrama, (drawa, brawa, prawa, qrawa)
directed = directeb, directep, directeq, birected, birecteb, birectep, birecteq, pirected, pirecteb, pirectep, pirecteq, qirected, qirecteb, qirectep, qirecteq
comedy = comeby, comepy, comeqy, (cowedy, coweby, cowepy, coweqy)
queen = qneen, bueen, bneen, dueen, dneen, pueen, pneen
princess = priucess, brincess, briucess, drincess, driucess, qrincess, qriucess
prince = priuce, brince, briuce, drince, driuce, qrince, qriuce
lived = liveb, livep, liveq
knight = kuight, kni6ht, kui6ht, kni9ht, kui9ht

kingdom = kiugdom, kingbom, kiugbom, kingpom, kiugpom, kingqom, kiugqom, kin6dom, kiu6dom, kin6bom, kiu6bom, kin6pom, kiu6pom, kin6qom, kiu6qom, kin9dom, kiu9dom, kin9bom, kiu9bom, kin9pom, kiu9pom, kin9qom, kiu9qom, (kingdow, kiugdow, kingbow, kiugbow, kingpow, kiugpow, kingqow, kiugqow, kin6dow, kiu6dow, kin6bow, kiu6bow, kin6pow, kiu6pow, kin6qow, kiu6qow, kin9dow, kiu9dow, kin9bow, kiu9bow, kin9pow, kiu9pow, kin9qow, kiu9qow)

happily = habbily, haddily, haqqily, habdily, habdily, habdily, habdily, habpily, habpily, habpily, habpily, habqily, habqily, habqily, habqily, hadbily, hadbily, hadbily, hadbily, hadpily, hadpily, hadpily, hadpily, hadqily, hadqily, hadqily, hadqily, hapbily, hapbily, hapbily, hapbily, hapdily, hapdily, hapdily, hapdily, hapqily, hapqily, hapqily, hapqily, haqbily, haqbily, haqbily, haqbily, haqpily, haqpily, haqpily, haqpily, haqdily, haqdily, haqdily, haqdily

dragon = dragou, bragon, bragou, pragon, pragou, qragon, qragou, dra6on, dra6ou, bra6on, bra6ou, pra6on, pra6ou, qra6on, qra6ou, dra9on, dra9ou, bra9on, bra9ou, pra9on, pra9ou, qra9on, qra9ou
charming = charmiug, charmin6, charmiu6, charmin9, charmiu9, (charwing, charwiug, charwin6, charwiu6, charwin9, charmiu9)
verb = verd, verp, verq
syllables = sylladles, syllaples, syllaqles
spelling = spelliug, sbelling, sbelliug, sdelling, sdelliug, sqelling sqelliug, spellin6, spelliu6, sbellin6, sbelliu6, sdellin6, sdelliu6, sqellin6, sqelliu6, spellin9, spelliu9, sbellin9, sbelliu9, sdellin9, sdelliu9, sqellin9, sqelliu9
prefix = brefix, drefix, qrefix

paragraph = paragrabh, paragradh, paragraqh, baragraph, baragrabh, baragradh, baragraqh, daragraph, daragrabh, daragradh, daragraqh, qaragraph, qaragrah, qaragradh, qaragraqh, para6raph, para6rabh, para6radh, para6raqh, bara6raph, bara6rabh, bara6radh, bara6raqh, dara6raph, dara6rabh, dara6radh, dara6raqh, qara6raph, qara6rah, qara6radh, qara6raqh, para9raph, para9rabh, para9radh, para9raqh, bara9raph, bara9rabh, bara9radh, bara9raqh, dara9raph, dara9rabh, dara9radh, dara9raqh, qara9raph, qara9rah, qara9radh, qara9raqh

means = meaus, (weans, weaus)
dictionary = pictionary, dictiouary, bictionary, bictiouary, pictiouary, qictionary, qictiouary
alphabet = alphadet, alphapet, alphaqet, albhabet, albhadet, albhapet, albhaqet, aldhabet, aldhadet, aldhapet, aldhaqet, alqhabet, alqhadet, alqhapet, alqhaqet
adjective = abjective, apjective, aqjective
pizza = bizza, dizza, qizza
pepper = bepper, depper, qepper, pebder, bebder, debder, qebder, pebper, bebper, pebper, qebper, pebqer, bebqer, pebqer, qebqer, pedber, bedber, dedber, qedber, pedper, bedper, pedper, qedper, pedqer, bedqer, pedqer, qedqer, peqber, beqber, deqber, qeqber, peqper, beqper, peqper, qeqper, peqder, beqder, peqder, qeqder

order =orber, orper, orqer
mushrooms = mnshrooms, (wushrooms, wnshrooms, mushroows, mnshroows, wushroows, wnshroows)
garlic = 6arlic, 9arlic
delivery = belivery, pelivery, qelivery
bacon = bacou, dacon, dacou, pacon, pacou, qacon, qacou

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Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #7:

waitress, suggested, serve, separate, sandwich, lunch, hungry, except, everything, drink, dinner, breakfast, ate, anything, simplify, point, percent, object, numerator, improper, halves, fraction, denominator, decimal, convert, compare, common, cancel, whose, through, threw, tale, steel, site, piece, peace, male, hare, fright, freight, bored, board, young, talk, stoller, held, diaper, cries, crawl, certificate, cannot, bottle, blanket, birthday, began, able

Non-Dyslexia Words

serve, ate, halves, tale, steel, site, hare, talk, stoller, cries, certificate,

Dyslexia Words

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)
waitress, whose, threw, male, crawl

waitress = maitress
whose = mhose
threw = threm
male = wale
crawl = craml

The Sneaky n/u Dyslexia Factor
lunch, fraction, convert, cancel, cannot

lunch =lnuch, luuch, lnnch
fraction = fractiou
convert = couvert
cancel = caucel
cannot = cauuot, caunot, canuot

Copyright 2021, 2022 Simon Blake

Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Reading by Improve Dyslexia dot com

Grade 4 Dyslexia Variations – Month 7

suggested, separate, sandwich, hungry, except, everything, drink, dinner, breakfast, anything, simplify, point, percent, object, numerator, improper, denominator, decimal, compare, common, through, piece, peace, fright, freight, bored, board, young, held, diaper, bottle, blanket, birthday, began, able

suggested = snggested, suggesteb, snggesteb, suggestep, snggestep, suggesteq, snggesteq, su6gested, sn6gested, su6gesteb, sn6gesteb, su6gestep, sn6gestep, su6gesteq, sn6gesteq, sug6ested, sng6ested, sug6esteb, sng6esteb, sug6estep, sng6estep, sug6esteq, sng6esteq, su66ested, sn66ested, su66esteb, sn66esteb, su66estep, sn66estep, su66esteq, sn66esteq, su9gested, sn9gested, su9gesteb, sn9gesteb, su9gestep, sn9gestep, su9gesteq, sn9gesteq, sug9ested, sng9ested, sug9esteb, sng9esteb, sug9estep, sng9estep, sug9esteq, sng9esteq, su99ested, sn99ested, su99esteb, sn99esteb, su99estep, sn99estep, su99esteq, sn99esteq

separate = sebarate, sedarate, seqarate
sandwich = saudwich, sanbwich, saubwich, sanpwich, saupwich, sanqwich, sauqwich, (sandmich, saudmich, sanbmich, saubmich, sanpmich, saupmich, sanqmich, sauqmich)
hungry = hnugry, huugry, hnngry, hun6ry, hnu6ry, huu6ry, hnn6ry, hun9ry, hnu9ry, huu9ry, hnn9ry
except = excebt, excedt, exceqt
everything = everythiug, everythin6, everythiu6, everythin9, everythiu9
drink = driuk, brink, briuk, prink, priuk, qrink, qriuk
dinner = binner, pinner, qinner, diuner, biuner, piuner, qiuner, dinuer, binuer, pinuer, qinuer, diuuer, biuuer, piuuer, qiuuer
breakfast = dreakfast, preakfast, qreakfast
anything = auything, anythiug, auythiug, anythin6, auythin6, anythiu6, auythiu6, anythin9, auythin9, anythiu9, auythiu9
simplify = simblify, simdlify, simqlify, (siwplify, siwblify, siwdlify, siwqlify)
point = poiut, boint, boiut, doint, doiut, qoint, qoiut
percent = perceut, dercent, derceut, bercent, berceut, qercent, qerceut
object = odject, opject, oqject
numerator = unmerator, uumerator, nnmerator, (nuwerator, unwerator, uuwerator, nnwerator)

improper = imbroper, imdroper, imqroper, improber, imbrober, imbrober, imbrober, improder, improder, improder, improder, imqroder, imqroder, imqroder, imqroder, (iwproper, iwbroper, iwdroper, iwqroper, iwprober, iwbrober, iwbrober, iwbrober, iwproder, iwproder, iwproder, iwproder, iwqroder, iwqroder, iwqroder, iwqroder)

denominator = deuominator, denomiuator, deuomiuator, benominator, beuominator, benomiuator, beuomiuator, penominator, peuominator, penomiuator, peuomiuator, qenominator, qeuominator, qenomiuator, qeuomiuator, (denowinator, deuowinator, denowiuator, deuowiuator, benowinator, beuowinator, benowiuator, beuowiuator, penowinator, peuowinator, penowiuator, peuowiuator, qenowinator, qeuowinator, qenowiuator, qeuowiuator)

decimal = becimal, pecimal, qecimal, (deciwal, beciwal, peciwal, qeciwal
compare = combare, comdare, comqare, (cowpare, cowbare, cowdare, cowqare)
common = commou, cowmon, cowmou, comwon, comwou, cowwon, cowwou
through = throngh, throu6h, thron6h, throu9h, thron9h
piece = biece, diece, qiece
peace = beace, deace, qeace
fright – fri6ht, fri9ht
freight = frei6ht, frei9ht
bored = boreb, borep, boreq, dored, doreb, dorep, doreq, pored, poreb, porep, doreq, qored, qoreb, qorep, qoreq
board = boarb, boarp, boarq, doard, doarb, doarp, doarq, poard, poarb, poarp poarq, qoard, qoarb, qoarp, qoarq
young = yonug, youug, yonng, youn6, yonu6, youu6, yonn6, youn9, yonu9, youu9, yonn9
held = help, helb, helq
diaper = diaber, diader, diaqer, biaper, biaber, biader, biaqer, piaper, piaber, piader, piaqer, qiaper, qiaber, qiader, qiaqer
bottle = dottle, pottle, qottle
blanket = blauket, dlanket, dlauket, planket, plauket, qlanket, qlauket
birthday = birthbay, birthpay, birthqay, dirthday, dirthbay, dirthpay, dirthqay, pirthday, pirthbay, pirthpay, pirthqay, qirthday, qirthbay, qirthpay, qirthqay
began = begau, degan, degau, pegan, pegau, qegan, qegau qegan, qegau, be6an, be6au, de6an, de6au, pe6an, pe6au, qe6an, qe6au, qe6an, qe6au, be9an, be9au, de9an, de9au, pe9an, pe9au, qe9an, qe9au, qe9an, qe9au
able = adle, aple, aqle

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Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Words Month #8:

wore, wear, underwear, trying, size, ribbon, pajamas, model, hoodie, cotton, clothing, clothes, button, brand, statement, quarter, nickel, machine, interest, deposit, debit, credit, coin, broke, bank, balance, amount, account, wrench, tools, scre, safety, repair, power, nail, measuring, level, hammer, glasses, equipment, drill, build, wound, vomit, virus, spread, sneeze, scratch, pressure, painful, fracture, burning, broken, better, bearable, bandage

Non-Dyslexia Words

size, clothes, level, tools, safety, scratch

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
wore, wear, screw, hammer, vomit, virus, sneeze, fracture, 

wore = more
wear = mear
screw = screm
vomit = vowit
hammer = hawwer, hamwer, hawmer

The Sneaky n/u Dyslexia Factor
cotton, button, fracture, nickel, interest, coin, account, sneeze, nail, virus

cotton = cottou
quttou, qntton
fracture = fractnre
nickel = uickel
interest = iuterest
coin = coiu
sneeze = sueeze
nail = uail
virus = virns
account = acconut, accouut, acconnt
button = bntton, buttou, bntton, dutton, dntton, duttou, dntton, putton, pntton, puttou, pntton, qutton, qntton,

Copyright 2021, 2022 Simon Blake

Grade 4 Dyslexia Variations Words Month 8

underwear, trying, ribbon, pajamas, model, hoodie, clothing, brand, statement, quarter, machine, deposit, debit, credit, broke, bank, balance, amount, wrench, repair, power, measuring, glasses, equipment, drill, build, wound, spread,  pressure, painful, burning, broken, better, bearable, bandage

trying = tryiug, tryin6, tryiu6, tryin9, tryiu9
ribbon = ribbou, riddon, riddou, rippon, rippou, riqqon, riqqou, ribdon, ribdou, ribpon, ribpou, ribqon, ribqou, ridbon, ridbou, ridpon, ridpou, ridqon, ridqou, ripbon, ripbou, ripdon, ripdou, riqpon, riqpou, , riqbon, riqbou, riqdon, riqdou, riqpon, riqpou

pajamas = dajamas, bajamas, qajamas, (pajawas, dajawas, bajawas, qajawas)
model = mobel, mopel, moqel, (wodel, wobel, wopel, woqel)
hoodie = hoobie, hoopie, hooqie
clothing = clothiug, clothin6, clothiu6, clothin9, clothiu9
brand = braud, drand, draud, prand, praud, qrand, qraud, branb, braub, dranb, draub, pranb, praub, qranb, qraub, branp, braup, dranp, draup, pranp, praup, qranp, qraup, branq, brauq, dranq, drauq, pranq, prauq, qranq, qrauq
statement = statemeut, (statewent, stateweut)
quarter = qnarter, buarter, bnarter, duarter, dnarter, puarter, pnarter
machine = machiue, (wachine, wachine)
deposit = beposit, peposit, qeposit, debosit, bebosit, pebosit, beposit, dedosit, debosit, pedosit, bedosit, deqosit, deqosit, peqosit, beqosit
debit = dedit, depit, deqit, bebit, bedit, bepit, beqit, pebit, pedit, pepit, peqit, qebit, qedit, qepit, qeqit
credit = crebit, crepit, creqit
broke = droke, proke, qroke
bank = bauk, dank, dauk, pank, pauk, qank, qauk
balance = balauce, dalance, dalauce, palance, palauce, qalance, qalauce
amount = amonut, amouut, amonnt, (awount, awonut, awouut, awouut)
wrench = wreuch, (mrench, mreuch)
repair = rebair, redair, reqair
power = bower, dower, qower, (pomer, bomer, domer, qomer)
measuring = measnring, meansuriug, measnriug, (weasuring, weasnring, weansuriug, weasnriug)
glasses = 6lasses, 9lasses

drill = brill, prill, qrill
build =bnild, builb, bnilb, builp, bnilp, builq, bnilq, duild, dnild, duilb, dnilb, duilp, dnilp, duilq, dnilq, puild, pnild, puilb, pnilb, puilp, pnilp, puilq, pnilq, quild, qnild, quilb, qnilb, quilp, qnilp, quilq, qnilq
wound = wonud, wouud, wonnd, wounb, wonub, wouub, wonnd, wounp, wonup, wouup, wonnp, wounq, wonuq, wouuq, wonnp, mound, monud, mouud, monnd, mounb, monub, mouub, monnd, mounp, monup, mouup, monnp, mounq, monuq, mouuq, monnp
spread = sbread, sdreqd, sqread, spreab, sbreab, sdreab, sqreab, spreap, sbreap, sdreap, sqreap, spreaq, sbreaq, sdreaq, sqreaq
pressure = pressnre, bressure, bressnre, dressure, dressnre, qressure, qressnre
painful = paiuful, painfnl, paiuful, bainful, baiuful, bainfnl, baiuful, dainful, daiuful, dainfnl, daiuful, qainful, qaiuful, qainfnl, qaiuful

burning = buruing, buruiug, burniug, bnrning, bnruing, bnruiug, bnrniug, durning, duruing, duruiug, durniug, dnrning, dnruing, dnruiug, dnrniug, purning, puruing, puruiug, purniug, pnrning, pnruing, pnruiug, pnrniug, qurning, quruing, quruiug, qurniug, qnrnig, qnruing, qnruiug, qnrniug, burnin6, buruin6, buruiu6, burniu6, bnrnin6, bnruin6, bnruiu6, bnrniu6, durnin6, duruin6, duruiu6, durniu6, dnrnin6, dnruin6, dnruiu6, dnrniu6, purnin6, puruin6, puruiu6, purniu6, pnrnin6, pnruin6, pnruiu6, pnrniu6, qurnin6, quruin6, quruiu6, qurniu6, qnrni6, qnruin6, qnruiu6, qnrniu6, burnin9, buruin9, buruiu9, burniu9, bnrnin9, bnruin9, bnruiu9, bnrniu9, durnin9, duruin9, duruiu9, durniu9, dnrnin9, dnruin9, dnruiu9, dnrniu9, purnin9, puruin9, puruiu9, purniu9, pnrnin9, pnruin9, pnruiu9, pnrniu9, qurnin9, quruin9, quruiu9, qurniu9, qnrni9, qnruin9, qnruiu9, qnrniu9

broken = brokeu, droken, drokeu, proken, prokeu, qroken, qrokeu
better = detter, petter, qetter
bearable = bearadle, bearaple, bearaqle, dearable, dearadle, dearaple, dearaqle, pearable, pearadle, pearaple, pearaqle, qearable, qearadle, qearaple, qearaqle

bandage = baudage, banbage, baubage, banpage, baupage, banqage, bauqage, dandage, daudage, danbage, daubage, danpage, daupage, danqage, dauqage, pandage, paudage, panbage, paubage, panpage, paupage, panqage, pauqage, qandage, qaudage, qanbage, qaubage, qanpage, qaupage, qanqage, qauqage, banda6e, bauda6e, banba6e, bauba6e, banpa6e, baupa6e, banqa6e, bauqa6e, danda6e, dauda6e, danba6e, dauba6e, danpa6e, daupa6e, danqa6e, dauqa6e, panda6e, pauda6e, panba6e, pauba6e, panpa6e, paupa6e, panqa6e, pauqa6e, qanda6e, qauda6e, qanba6e, qauba6e, qanpa6e, qaupa6e, qanqa6e, qauqa6e, banda9e, bauda9e, banba9e, bauba9e, banpa9e, baupa9e, banqa9e, bauqa9e, danda9e, dauda9e, danba9e, dauba9e, danpa9e, daupa9e, danqa9e, dauqa9e, panda9e, pauda9e, panba9e, pauba9e, panpa9e, paupa9e, panqa9e, pauqa9e, qanda9e, qauda9e, qanba9e, qauba9e, qanpa9e, qaupa9e, qanqa9e, qauqa9e

underwear = nuderwear, unberwear, nuberwear, unperwear, nuperwear, unqerwear, nuqerwear, uuderwear, uuderwear, uuberwear, uuberwear, uuperwear, uuperwear, uuqerwear, uuqerwear, nnderwear, nnderwear, nnberwear, nnberwear, nnperwear, nnperwear, nnqerwear, nnqerwear, (undermear, nudermear, unbermear, nubermear, unpermear, nupermear, unqermear, nuqermear, uudermear, uudermear, uubermear, uubermear, uupermear, uupermear, uuqermear, uuqermear, nndermear, nndermear, nnbermear, nnbermear, nnpermear, nnpermear, nnqermear, nnqermear)

equipment = eqnipment, eqnipmeut, equipmeut, equibment, eqnibment, eqnibmeut, equibmeut, equidment, eqnidment, eqnidmeut, equidmeut, equiqment, eqniqment, eqniqmeut, equiqmeut, ebuipment, ebnipment, ebnipmeut, ebuipmeut, ebuibment, ebnibment, ebnibmeut, ebuibmeut, ebuidment, ebnidment, ebnidmeut, ebuidmeut, ebuiqment, ebniqment, ebniqmeut, ebuiqmeut, eduipment, ednipment, ednipmeut, eduipmeut, eduibment, ednibment, ednibmeut, eduibmeut, eduidment, ednidment, ednidmeut, eduidmeut, eduiqment, edniqment, edniqmeut, eduiqmeut, epuipment, epnipment, epnipmeut, epuipmeut, epuibment, epnibment, epnibmeut, epuibmeut, epuidment, epnidment, epnidmeut, epuidmeut, epuiqment, epniqment, epniqmeut, epuiqmeut

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Dyslexia Spelling Words Grade 4 Month #9:

wheelbarrow, tractor, rooster, provide, produce, pasture, manure, herd, harvest, crops, cattle, calves, calf, agriculture, trail, season, sandal, outside, outdoors, picnic, path, humid, hiking, footprint, fireworks, cottage, cookout, almost, whale, waves, tuna, trout, surface, shoreline, shark, sailor, salmon, sail, octopus, ocean, dolphin, captain, workers, vase, scorpion, roses, pollinator, nectar, insects, important, flowers, flies, daisy, butterfly, beetle, bees

Non-Dyslexia Words

tractor, rooster, harvest, cattle, calves, calf, trail, shark, sailor, sail, roses, flies, vase,

Dyslexia Words

wheelbarrow, provide, produce, pasture, manure, herd, crops, agriculture, season, sandal, outside, outdoors, picnic, path, humid, hiking, footprint, fireworks, cottage, cookout, almost, whale, waves, tuna, trout, surface, shoreline, salmon, octopus, ocean, dolphin, captain, workers, vase, scorpion, pollinator, nectar, insects, important, flowers, daisy, butterfly, beetle, bees

The w/m Dyslexia Factor
(words with only w or m Dyslexia)
fireworks = firemorks
almost = alwost
whale = mhale
waves = maves
workers = morkers
flowers = flomers

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
season = seasou
cookout = cookont
tuna = tnua, tuua, tnna
trout = tront
surface = snrface
shoreline = shoreliue
ocean = oceau
nectar = uectar
insects = iusects

Copyright 2021, 2022 Simon Blake

Dyslexia Word Variations

wheelbarrow, provide, produce, pasture, manure, herd, crops, agriculture, sandal, outside, outdoors, picnic, path, humid, hiking, footprint, cottage, salmon, octopus, dolphin, captain,  scorpion, pollinator, important, daisy, butterfly, beetle, bees

wheelbarrow = wheeldarrow, wheelparrow, wheelqarrow, (wheelbarrom, wheeldarrom, wheelparrom, wheelqarrom
mheelbarrw, mheeldarrow, mheelparrow, mheelqarrow, mheelbarrom, mwheeldarrom, mheelparrom, mheelqarrom)
provide = brovide, drovide, qrovide, provibe, brovibe, drovibe, qrovibe, provipe, brovipe, drovipe, qrovipe, proviqe, broviqe, droviqe, qroviqe
produce = prodnce, probuce, probnce, propuce, propnce, proquce, proqnce, broduce, brodnce, brobuce, brobnce, bropuce, bropnce, broquce, broqnce, droduce, drodnce, drobuce, drobnce, dropuce, dropnce, droquce, droqnce, qroduce, qrodnce, qrobuce, qrobnce, qropuce, qropnce, qroquce, qroqnce

pasture = pastnre, basture, bastnre, dasture, dastnre, qasture, qastnre
manure = maunre, mauure, mannre, (wanure, waunre, wauure, wannre)
herd = herb, herp, herq
crops = crobs, crods, croqs
agriculture = agricnlture, agricultnre, agricnltnre, a6riculture, a6ricnlture, a6ricultnre, a6ricnltnre, a9riculture, a9ricnlture, a9ricultnre, a9ricnltnre
sandal = saudal, sanbal, saubal, sanpal, saupal, sanqal, sauqal
outside = ontside, outsibe, ontsibe, outsipe, ontsipe, outsiqe, ontsiqe
outdoors = ontdoors, outboors, ontboors, outpoors, ontpoors, outqoors, ontqoors
picnic = picuic, bicnic, bicuic, dicnic, dicuic, qicnic, qicuic
path = bath, dath, qath
humid = hnmid, humib, hnmib, humip, hnmip, humiq, hnmiq
hiking hikiug, hikin6, hikiu6, hikin9, hikiu9
footprint = footpriut, footbrint, footbriut, footdrint, footdriut, footqrint, footqriut
cottage = cotta6e, cotta9e
salmon = salmou, (salwon, salwou)
octopus = octopns, octobus, octobns, octodus, octodns, octoqus, octoqns

dolphin = dolphiu, dolbhin, dolbhiu, doldhin, doldhiu, dolqhin, dolqhiu, bolphin, bolphiu, bolbhin, bolbhiu, boldhin, boldhiu, bolqhin, bolqhiu, polphin, polphiu, polbhin, polbhiu, poldhin, poldhiu, polqhin, polqhiu, qolphin, qolphiu, qolbhin, qolbhiu, qoldhin, qoldhiu, qolqhin, qolqhiu

captain = captaiu, cabtain, cabtaiu, cadtain, cadtaiu, caqtain, caqtaiu
scorpion = scorpiou, scorbion, scorbiou, scordion, scordiou, scorqion, scorqiou
pollinator = polliuator, bollinator, bolliuator, dollinator, dolliuator, qollinator, qolliuator
important = importaut, imbortant, imbortaut, imdortant, imdortaut, imqortant, imqortaut
daisy = baisy, paisy, qaisy
butterfly = bntterfly, dutterfly, dnterrfly, putterfly, pntterfly, qutterfly, qntterfly, 
beetle = deetle, peetle, qeetle
bees = dees, pees, qees

Copyright 2021, 2022 Simon Blake

Grade 4 Dyslexia Spelling Words

About Simon Blake

Simon Blake has studied over 30,000 – 40,000 acting exercises and studied over 8-10++ thousand acting students work in acting. Studying their Emotional Preparation to their Spoon River Work. Studying every area of Acting training work with well over 30 Teachers including himself.

Learning acting with Dyslexia makes it more difficult to work with scripted materials. Because of this Simon has incredible body of work studying, working with, and teaching Improvisational Acting Techniques.

Simon Blake runs and operates the website which teaches Actors how to add Emotion to their acting using improved acting techniques.

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