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Welcome to the first Dyslexia Translation website on the Internet. Check out the new pages called Dyslexia Keywords. Breaking down Key Dyslexia Reading Keyword difficulties.

Improve Dyslexia is Located in the state of Virginia


I am working on a square, circle and box Dyslexia Font and should release it within the next few months. It will help the image perceptions of the brain to read the symbolism rather than be caught up with the words. The d will have a circle, the b will have a box, and the p will have an oblong egg shape to make reading easier.

Often these fonts will also assist faster reading. If you have a lot of reports to read and work for an agency it can also help to retain information faster and more efficiently because the brain can intake the symbolism with non repeating frequency even in reflecting on a paragraph.

If you have feedback on the fonts please let us know. We are thinking of adding new options as time is available.

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Background History

My roommate decided to purchase the very expensive font programs needed as I had plans for Dyslexia website and Dyslexia Font for more than a decade on note paper. Soon the initial two or more fonts turned into over 8 different variations that are still being worked on to release.

There are some exciting additional Fonts yet to come out on the market. Once doing some original Dyslexia Fonts copious notes on Dyslexia Translations is leading forward with an upcoming book and this website that offers tools that help to show others what it is like to read with Dyslexia.

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